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Anonymous Female A Flirt and a Most Rebellious Daughter.

Holden Reese

Animewithin Male The bad boy with a heart of gold


bxbyGreenbeann Male Silly me

Ophelia Amaranth

TheFroppening Female A kind half-Gorgon just trying to live her best life.

Jack Fairplay

Hat_Collector Male A run away from his tribe who wanted him dead. Still running still bring chased.


LunarValravn Female A dragon goddess who hides many secrets behind a veil of storms.

Tsuki Hazumi

Anonymous Male An overtired and overworked student.

Shiori Hiriyama

DyingEmbers Female The Ultimate Hunter

Klaus Forbes

bxbyGreenbeann Male In every moment a choice exists.


bxbyGreenbeann Non-binary You should smile more, you don't look good with a frown on.

Dante Smith

Icysoul Male The demon who would much rather watch a movie then steal souls

Vladimir Boris Ivanov

Icysoul Male The vampire who would rather die then hurt the people he loves

Winter Lotus

Anonymous Male An incredibly shy young man with a mastery for magic.

Io Yamamoto

Anonymous Female "If Lady Luck were to visit me, I'd marry her."

Elizabeth Diamond

Rumiko Female She had no name, no family. All she had was the sea.

Sasori Doku

TheEntityRaptor Male "I may be small, but my venom is not."

Althaia Hawthorn

Lumaslily Female ”When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” -Maya Angelou

Rachael Kennedy

Anonymous Female


Rigby Male Hands dirty, mind clean.

Hiro Takahashi

Icysoul Male The pastel loving boy with a love for flowers and a love for chocolates

Andrew Davidson

KansasVenomoth Male The Underground King of Los Santos

Diego Pesmerga

IllustriousSpectre Male "If I didn't see it with my own eyes, good luck convincing me"

Boulder's Fitness Center

TheSeventhGhost Neither Train up to fight off your demons, literal and metaphorical


Anonymous Female A Shapeshifting Raven Trickster.

Bryn Howell

ruinedlungs Female Why do women like roofers?