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ink_and_bones Female An adventure-yearning noblewoman turned lady's maid, a matchmaker in service.

Lord Mongán Ó Cléirigh

WinterBlackDraoi Male Knowledge is power they say, combine that with a good sword.


WinterBlackDraoi Male Born of the Banshee, yet seeks love.

Sieraiz van Moore

hexblading Gender Fluid A changeling illusion wizard, lovely just on the surface.


Anonymous Neither A nomadic wardroid, decommissioned long ago, with a hunger to be left alone.

Maxyne Maldonado

Anonymous Female Smart-assed tagline goes here.

Drovic Claddsek

Anonymous Male

Cherry Bomb

Anonymous Female


WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male Teach me how to fight. I have a grievance to settle.


Robyn Female 6 inches tall with something to prove beyond the secrets of generations before her.

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and magic.

Astride, jones,and isaac

Anonymous Unknown " we all were friends once but all come from different times... I am medival...I am modern...I'm just an smoker"


honey-and-iron Cisgender Male

Keo Soun Le

Anonymous Female Cocktail Waitress living the dream in Hawaii


13ee Male

Abdessi of Karth

Isolus Female A priestess gifted with a midas touch searches for the "Lion of Midnight", an ancient hero foretold to her in her dreams

Sergeant Markuris Vande

randomentity777 Male An Assault Sergeant of the Dark Angels

Aslog Bronzio

PunkTown Cisgender Female

Roz and Azur Bellagamba

Anonymous Male Two siblings, starkly different, but close.


Robyn Female An Infernal Princess learning all she can before Coronation, weaving inbetween adventures and assassinations alike.


Anonymous Cisgender Male Fighter and bodyguard, outcast from his own people now looking for employment.