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Winters_Fury Female Next in line for the throne, yet would rather be a huntress. And the legend passed down in her family, is it really legend...or is there truth to it?

Selora Aenorean

DarkonDreams Female She-elf ranger on the hunt for adventure and her family's ancestral weapon

Alaska Indigo Hunt

bobivya Female A girl who was left broken by the world.


Romluek Cisgender Man


Lilligantintuitive1 Female Racing is cool kids


Rigby Cisgender Man Hands dirty, mind clean.


Romluek Cisgender Male


NykoNoir Transgender Female

Autumn Raine

Dawnia Cisgender Woman Such a dreamer. Dealing with Reality

Asher Harbrook

Zelphyr Male Kind. Witty. Relaxed. Might join a rebellion.

Daxton Dedric

SanityFallen Male A troll, following a path set by his ancestor

Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman Married for twenty years. There has to be more to life…


Heimdall Hermaphrodite A young academy graduate looking to test their spacefaring skills.

Daniel Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Man Been married twenty years.

Daniel Cassidy

Jabberwookie Male Be careful of the deals you make, and be careful of whose hand you shake.

Viro Serut

Jabberwookie Male The thing about horror stories is someone has to be left alive at the end of them to tell them. If you've heard of the Mississippi Mooncat, then you're either dead or back from the dead.

Tobias Crowe

Jabberwookie Male There are nights where the moon smiles a quiet, secret smile, and those are the nights when the circus comes to town...

The Doctor

Jabberwookie Gender Variant 900 years of time and space, and I've never met anyone who wasn't important.

Sharon Smith

Jabberwookie Female You know that expression, 'raised by wolves'? Well just be thankful it wasn't cats.

Rise Wolfson

Jabberwookie Male Still waters run deep, but deeper still is the sea.

Misty Knight

Jabberwookie Female Misty Knight, ex-NYPD, recently cyborged, and mad as hell.

Marilyn Hannah

Jabberwookie Female The head cook for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She once slapped Black Tom's head off with a frying pan. She also makes a mean pot of chili.

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.


Jabberwookie Male In the absence of light, darkness prevails. There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers. Make no mistake about that. And we are the ones who bump back.

Helen Wolfson

Jabberwookie Female She's all poprocks and brimstone, this one.

Grem and Casper

Jabberwookie Unknown The alien runaway and the world weary cyborg. Together they're best sort of trouble.

Ceera Bramblewalk

Jabberwookie Female She's the type of woman who will pick your pockets then treat you to dinner with your own coin.


Jabberwookie Male Death is powerless against you if you leave a legacy of good behind.