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PhinaPhorus Other Legendary Knight of Hell may not be quite as she appears.

Seno Verti

PhinaPhorus Female Sea Dragon Slayer, born of the ocean, learning what it means to be a Wizard in Fiore.

Suki Hansen

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Rachael Kennedy

Anonymous Female

Avery Kim

onmypaige Cisgender Woman


Anonymous Androgyne

Christopher Reid

ToasterWaffle Male A loner looking to be loved


ohitsuji101 Female A simple being now destined to be a god after her world was taken from her.

Edgar Frost

Anonymous Cisgender Male A former nobleman who felt in disgrace that's seeking for revenge on those who harmed him and trying to unravel the secrets of life and death

Waki and Eita

Anonymous Male Millenium-old spirits born from the passionate songs of a pair of twins.


Ramika Female The Proud Warrior


xKGriffinx Male Curious canine willing to try new things

Summer Nicole Johnson

LakotaSiouxWarrior Female The first original California girl don't accept cheap imitators


PinkBrat Female

Vadim Zhukov

Anonymous Male Femboy dark mage


EvanlynDestiny Male A prince, who gives up his privileged life of wealth and power, to put a stop to the corruption that spreads through the land. He can't do it alone, he needs some a companion to work with.


bones Female Zombie? More like zombabe amirite?


EvanlynDestiny Male A Nephilim who goes on a quest to learn his origins (companion wanted!)

Nagomi Hangai

Anonymous Male -


Dekko Male "...I'd love to be princely like those guys in the mangas."


Vanessa Male The wandering werewolf

Charliot Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song and dance.

Yuki Chiaki

Anonymous Male "Pay close attention... to me~!"

Kai Nakamura

Dekko Male An aloof student who isn't all he seems.