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Koa Sirius

chouu Cisgender Male "I was dead. I know I was... Yet here I am, standing in front of you and begging for your love."

xie lian

Anonymous Cisgender Male A god who wanted to save everyone, but only learned of the world’s cruelty.

Eric Fletcher

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Female A girl with two souls running from a hunter and searching for others like herself or with knowledge of twin souls.


antipositive Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female Cause all of my Kindness, is taken for weakness.

Myra Marshall Ross

Anonymous Cisgender Woman When calling for a hero, no one means a florist


Holly_Whisper Cisgender Female Who Is She? Immortal She~

Imani Moorse Hayes

SpicyFire Cisgender Woman 'A Fiery Soul'

Joseph 'Sab' Nash

_Skylark_ Male "The way I see it, there ain't no use livin' for owt but yasen."


ashywolf Gender Fluid


Zelphyr Agender "What do you need me to be?"


Elysian-Wolf Male Cartographer adrift in the vastness of time and space, framed a traitor and supportive of rebellion.

Jorun de'Amarr

Elysian-Wolf Male A man struggling to balance his responsibilities and arcane gifts.


Anaoksunamoon Cisgender Female Loyalty, Strenght, Honor~

Ahvenaas Ar'ean

Elysian-Wolf Male Adolescent fighter keen on earning his place in the world. Driven, loyal, and fair.

Solomon Taylor

_Skylark_ Male "Just shut up, and leave me the hell alone."


Anonymous Female The Half Decayed Goddess

Lily Leap

Anonymous Female Oh ya, I'll ribbit til you go crazy!

April Barron

Pris_ Cisgender Woman A ex-singer for an indie rock band, who's bad temper and pyromaniac streak has kept her from staying long in any one place.


Anonymous Male ...He Sees Your Dreams...


Sueboo Female Done with fake people! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

House Aiolfi

Rigby Dogs of war. Soldiers of fortune.


Rigby Cisgender Man The first gulp from the natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but God is waiting at the bottom of the glass.