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Anonymous Non-binary A rabbit-moose on the loose trying to do errands in a fancy suit.


Ozzyangel Male " no matter who pushes you down get back up."


Zrllosyn Neither A jellyfish, a (unlicensed) doctor, and a body snacher.


Zrllosyn Genderqueer A old spirit, who slept a little too long and now is in a completely unfamiliar land.


Ozzyangel Male " wanna gets some sweets?!"


Taciturn Male He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.


Anonymous Female Bass Player and Vocalist in the Electric Blues Rock Trio 'Outskirts'


Anonymous Female The road to hell is paved by good intentions


Nattwinged Female A Winged forged in a world full of cruelty, danger, and darkness; Will stand to protect and fight for what she believes is worth dying for.


Sobolan Female One Woman Industrial Revolution


Nattwinged Female *She turns to look upon you." For all whom choose to harm my kin or I....Fire and bloodshed is all they stand to know...But be willing to stand beside me....and you my flames....shall never burn."


UndeadTurtle Cisgender Woman An eclipse in human form.

Xavier Bird

cringyduck Male "You don't mean it."

Victoria Everly

XxKhaosxX Cisgender Female With special abilities, she was recruited into a secret organization dealing with the Occult and Supernatural. She uses her skills in detective work.


Anonymous Female

Leander Draakesh

roxana Cisgender Male

Elaith D'Elion

roxana Cisgender Man


Anonymous Male

Sprite Cinders

GarnaalProductions Female A foolhardy Therion with a nose for adventure and lollygagging

Asahi Shinohara

Cyrotronix Cisgender Female A disgraced mechwarrior, trying to make a living.


Anonymous Cisgender Male High elf of Illandor, Gaile.

Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman I've been married for twenty years, and the hands of time has worn us down.


AnxiousRebel Transgender Male "Some are born into their bodies, others have to fight for it"