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Zefram Douglass

Anonymous Male "Words seem inadequate in expressing the anger and outrage I feel at the persistent racism that permeates every aspect of black American life." --Wanda Coleman

Princess Celene

BeccaE Female The Princess who must take the throne and save her kingdom


dead_dogs_two Who needs enemies, with friends like these!


Pyrroglaux Male "If I was a sensible man you can reason with, I wouldn't be in this line of work."

Heather Humphler

Anonymous Female "Help me believe it’s not the real me. Somebody help me tame this animal I have become!"


Cyanymph Female

Niko Phoenix Stoll

Icysoul Demiboy Don't judge the Neko maid for being him.

Sallie Olympus

ragemachine Female Daughter of Zeus

Alice Walker

Rieper Female Fallen Hero


WinterBlackDraoi Male Born of the Banshee.


WinterBlackDraoi Male Witch elf looking for adventure. I can be trusted, honestly.


Anonymous A seeker of knowledge, both of lost and forbidden.


TheThorn Female Even a monster can live with honor.

Cipher Stream

sunshinemutt Gender Variant A PI here to keep his friends safe from the next impending disaster.


Romluek Female


Romluek Female


Romluek Female

Shion and Shiori

CheshireMitsu Androgynous Dark twin demons

Xie Lian

QiTong Hermaphrodite Love will tear your heart out and give you wings to soar.

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song.

Mayia Hikamaru

Mayiamaru Female I'm stronger than I look.


GLiTCh Male Him


spacedad Male A chaotic-stupid Gunslinger jilted by his fireteam