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Imani Stone

Anonymous Female

Ophelia Lenore Dickinson

aphfanmadefangirl Cisgender Woman A simple small town cat in a big town tea shop and library


Anonymous Female Fallen goddess, an enigma and aberration.

Malakai Bonnard

edoll Male A man of his word carrying a deadly secret.

London Eve

luvss Female


Anonymous Female

Xander Lee

edoll Cisgender Male A reckless brat intent on getting himself into trouble.

Victoria Morgan

Anonymous Female Partying Saturday night, praising the Lord on Sunday morning.

Asami Kita

Anonymous Female The ambitious and docile merchant's daughter.


hope_mercy_rose Female An elvish warrior who gave up her freedom for love.


VoidedCharisma Male The loyal servant from a reputable family turned loyal lapdog of the vampires, and used as a blood bag. However their oppression has yet to crush his spirit

Crisna Vantas

CrisnaJones66 Female Demon who can do basically anything you need and want

Vincent Nightingale

Tombstone_Jack Cisgender Male A pirate captain who lost it all and is eager to get it back!


Elysian-Wolf Male Cartographer adrift among the vastness of time and space, strong, but unwilling to return to his people.

Krepta Draconis

Jabberwookie Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.

Uaithne Airmeith Eibhleann

JaiyanaBinx Cisgender Woman A follower of magic, trying to expand her abilities into the dream world.


Rigby Male Hands dirty, mind clean.

Zi Noemah

Shiki Female


Anonymous Female A surprise child


JaiyanaBinx Gender Fluid Clan cats trying to survive out in the wild.


The_Wicked_Beast Cisgender Female An Elven female who scours the land doing odd jobs, and hunting wild game.

Issac Phillips

JaeIsABronty Male UndeadDoc

Alaine Einarr

Anonymous Cisgender Female