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Adelbard Laudessagne

Anonymous Male A chivalrous nobleman with a warm heart and a fondness for what he shouldn't want.

Aila Vinne

Anonymous Female Acolyte of light


Dova Female

CPL Anett JankovΓ‘

Dawnstar14 Female Feet First into Hell

Violet Orion

Seven_of_Beasts Male πŠπ€π™π—π˜π†. 𝐐𝐀𝐁𝐗𝐙. π‹π€πŠπ‰π”π’π†.

LCDRSif Stormborne

Sylvedrexel Female The only good Covie is a dead Covie

Shady Viper

Seven_of_Beasts Male Defied Programming.

Divinum Imperium

Seven_of_Beasts Gender Fluid The Path Of Excess Leads To The Tower Of Wisdom.

Daedalus Drakkenson

Seven_of_Beasts Transmasculine "Hell just ain't big enough for the two of us."

Ubel Norder

Sweet_Little_Sock Male We all have monsters inside of us, i just decide to listen and agree with mine


Fopsie Cisgender Female "Love me or hate me, just admit you're obsessed with me"

E-123 Omega

Foxfarer Agender The Superior Robot

The Basalt Basilisk

Seven_of_Beasts Gender Fluid A Passionate Fire Is Hidden Within Scales Of Stone


Nightmares_Reborn Male Welcome to my workshop


Aubrey Female

Red Lammergeier

Seven_of_Beasts Transgender Male Holy Gunsmoke.


QuentinTheGremlin Cisgender Female Spiderverse

Astrid Vanderton

Clumsylemon Female Whiskyandtea


Dawnstar14 Female A warrior who hopes to live up to her father's legacy


szzickra Drow adventurer

Silly guys

Anonymous Non-binary A bunch of wacky robots