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The Chanter (played anonymously)

I truly do love and appreciate all the skill and talent members of the community have shown in making the wonderful templates for the characters.

However, a lot of them I have a little problem with, and that is that I cannot see the background image of the template. I'm using my character profile to serve as an example, as to me, the background of this template is just grey. I don't know if it's the same for other people, but with a lot of other templates its the same problem..

So I figured to ask if it's something to do with my own side and that is the reason the template cannot properly render or it might have something to do with the codings of the templates themselves?
I have noted that some of the created styles are not mobile-friendly and appear rather generic on my phone. Not sure if that is the problem you have though.
If you're using an uncommon browser, there's a possibility that it hasn't incorporated standards for how to process certain things yet.

More likely, though... do you have a weak or limited internet connection? If you're referring to the main background behind the black content area, it might actually be that either your connection is taking a really long time to display the image, or your browser/system might just plain be giving up, because that background image is massive. It's 8016x2592 pixels and 4.5 MB (4,724,280 bytes). For comparison, the background on this profile is 1600x1067 pixels and only 192 kb (196,830 bytes), and the header background (pointing it out as a more visible image) is 1100x619 pixels and 101 kb (103,455 bytes).

The benefit of larger images is a better fill of the space without stretching things weird, and the capacity to display in a higher resolution. But those huge images can be terrible for loading to display without a pretty good, high-capacity connection. There's a degree to which they need to be sort of downloaded to display, too (it's not a true download, just some data instructions about what's being displayed, basically; it becomes part of the stored "cache" on the device until that bit of data gets cleared, so it can load more quickly in the meantime), but if your device doesn't have enough room to get that, it won't be able to display.

A lot of the user-made templates would have been ripped apart in critiques in some of my web dev classes, usually due to some form of accessibility/readability issues...
Kim Site Admin

This particular CSS style seems to have the background image attached to body.mobilesupportenabled rather than just body, which means anyone who has turned off resizing the site to different screens in their settings will not see that background image. If this CSS is being shared or reused, it might be that many user-made styles are suffering from this same accidental issue.

This is something the user who created this style will have to update, though, as it's not an official style I can support.

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