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Welcome, you have been accepted to Azaroth Boarding School. We are a boarding school for any person who is not fully human. All of our students are half supernatural Divergents, and we accept both Spectrals, those with powers, abilities and appearances and habits that are not human, and Divergents, who have minds that tend to be twisted towards the dark thoughts that many pure-blooded supernatural have. Do not worry, since you will be taken care of well despite this difficult mix, and once you leave, you will be perfectly fit to live with humans, with yourself and them living safely. We look forwards to seeing you come with us.
-- Sincerely, Kasumi Iwata


The boarding school i surrounded by two layers of walls, with a large field and forest behind the school building. Also behind the school is the dorm building, with the football fields, tracks, and basketball fields beside it. Back in the woods is a small lake filled and emptied by a warm stream called Bye-Bye River. The stream has bars at the entrance and exit blocking it, but at the exit side there is a hole that lets people get out of that layer of walls and to the next. The second wall has magic that lets nobody escape. There you can follow the stream more and come to a broken wooden building with a collapsed ceiling and first floor, leaving the floor in the middle open to the air, and the rest of the floor is held up by pillars made from cut trees. This is where people go to gamble on fights in secret to keep from getting in trouble, while also gaining or losing the little money they have.

If you have any questions about lore, go ahead and DM me!

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Mothunny Topic Starter

((anyone who wants to join, just say if your character is Spectral/has powers/abilities/different appearance, or if theyre Divergents, and are crazy, then jump in! no need to even explain stuff. just remember that characters are one or the other, not both (if theyre both then theyre supernaturals and not accepted in the school)
Eita Hanada (played anonymously)

Eita (Spectral) walked towards his class early in the morning dressed in the gender-neutral school uniform. He was usually bullied by the newer students, but the experienced ones knew about his powers to, literally, make an air of nothing but pain around them, so they tended to leave him alone, but it also made him completely alone.

(I am ready!)
Hello, what’s this?
Nevermind, im dumb. I read the first post.
Wait, i have a question. Does a spectral have to have powers, weird looks, and other stuff? Or could the just be a human with special powers and abilities?
Eita Hanada (played anonymously)

powers and abilities are powers, so i dont get the question
I mean, do they have to have all of them, like, all weird looks, habits, and powers, or could they just have powers.
Sasuko and Obito (Spectrals) walk towards the school, looking around their new home campus. Sasuko sighs. “This place is big… and well.. full of people…”
Walks up to the school entrance a dragon in a human form
Carneline (played by NiftySpiffy)

it would enter the school
Hmm seems nice
This place looks nice enough I hope I don't get picked on by a bully
Carneline (played by NiftySpiffy)

It proceeds to put on a uniform but the crystals from its torso proceed to rip holes in it "I just wish I don't have to wear a stupid uniform-"
Carneline (played by NiftySpiffy)

it growled slightly
Sits in f

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