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Like the title says, can I make a forum specifically for keeping track with my universe? And if so, where?

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Art & Creativity is your pal, though you could also make a group. Frankly, though? I'd recommend looking to store your lore off-site, like a personal Wikia page or a Google Docs file, easier to edit your old stuff and categorize it.
TiredWriter Topic Starter

Thank you for your help!

Np homie. Good luck with your worldbuilding!
RPR isn't ideal for hosting info for a whole universe, but does have a few usable options. There's posting a thread/topic for it, as mentioned, though there's no way to stop others from posting in it other than just asking them not to. Groups are commonly used to establish a shared setting for all members of that group to use, but a group can also exist for just info storage. If your universe isn't wildly complex, it's also possible to set a character profile up to be about the setting, instead.

External resources, as mentioned, are likely to prove more suitable, especially as purely reference material. World Anvil, for example, is explicitly geared at world-building.
You can also just use google docs and a lot of subfolders, which is what everyone I know uses.
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If you want a place to store worldbuilding information, and a private forum that people can RP in your universe in, you want a group! :)

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