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"Alrighty then! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out," Meg called after the rude woman. "I can't believe that. I bet she was just here to troll. Why else would she have come in here in the first place?"

"Bye, Felicia," Danny added as he turned the camera off. He turned to the woman behind the counter. "I can get you the video if you need it just in case. She's a coward and knows she's in the wrong here, so there is little chance of her coming back. In fact, I'm happy to leave my contact info. if you need any witnesses. It wouldn't hurt to file a police report just so there is a record of this. You don't have to press charges or anything. That will just ensure the incident is documented in case she and her friends harass you or your business in the future."

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Hue Nguyen (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Door was slammed shut, and a loud F-bomb echoed from outside. The woman was finally gone.

Young woman gave strong sigh of relief. "Karen has left the building. Thank you for your help. My name is Hue, and she is Manager Phan, the owner of this restaurant. We are deeply grateful to you all. We do get difficult individuals from time to time, but this one was clearly in the upper half of hard mode. You also recorded that? I think I might wanna look that mess again once I have calmed down. We will gladly take your information."

The owner shook her head.
"She come here.. ask pho.. say, no grass, no grass. What is grass? Pho, no grass. Mung bean, no grass." Owner said with strong accent in broken English.

Hue tapped her to the shoulder and they said something to each other quickly in Vietnamese. Hue wrote a quick note, that had a phone number and email address. She gave the paper to the trio

"She is not very skilled with computers, so you can send your video to me. Also, she probably missed a lot what you said, so I will share with her all the essentials. I think I will also give a call to police department, and ask for advice. I see no reason to make legal issues, unless she sends something more to our direction. Of course, the owner makes the final decision on legal demands. So, this is just my opinion. I don't know is this individual serious with tax and child labour accusation claims. I suppose I do look like 14 year-old for her. Which authorities would handle such accusations?" Hue wondered. She did seem small and young, but clearly her looks was misleading. She was wearing a white a apron, which had noticeable number of small fresh food spills.
"Hey no worries," Meg replied. "I'm Meg and this is Danny. We're all neighbors. Danny just moved in today and Matt and I met the other day. We were just showing him around and went to the store to get him a few things to get him by tonight until he has a chance to order some stuff online. It was getting late and we figured we'd grab some food here. If your boss wants to call the cops we can stick around and talk to them. We can just eat here. Uh, I'm kinda new at this, though. Danny and Matt have some experience with Vietnamese food but I've never had it. Any suggestions on what to try?"
Hue Nguyen (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Hue looked at Meg with the big smile.

"Sure thing, you are here for the food, and Im your chef today. This one is on the house, for all of you. The manager wants to show her grattitude. I find pho is the best to start with. Basic pho is 10-hour broth noodle soup with thin sliced beef. If you want specialized pho, we can combine beef, pork slices, tofu cubes and beef meatballs in any variation. When I say meatball, don't expect your standard mincemeat powder mess. These ones are nearly as sturdy as a steak. I personally like to combine beef slices and meatballs in my pho. Every portion has mung bean sprouts. If you like spicy food, we can add sriracha chili sauce to your portion. All spices can also be added later.
"Okay, that sounds good. I'll go with your recommendation," Meg replied.

"Sure, I'll do the same," Danny said. "If you want to give me your email and phone number, I can send you that footage. It will be too big to text unfortunately since it went on for several minutes, but I can upload it to my Youtube account and set it to private and share the link with you. I can give you my info., too."

Danny then stepped aside so Matt could take his turn placing an order. He then picked a table for the group to sit at and waited for their order to be called.
Matthew Smith (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Hue exchanged phone numbers and email with everyone, gave a short call to each to make sure that she got the numbers correct. Then she took a note where she started to mark the orders.

Matt gave her very curious look at this point.
"Do you by chance happen to live at Foxlake appartents?" He asked.
"Umm, why do want to know"? Hue asked with uncertain tone.
"I have seen someone who resembles you walking at the yard somewhere in very early hours of the day"

Hue looked even more puzzled.
"That must have been someone alse. Many asian look alike for western eyes." She said.
"Ok, never mind. I order pho with tofu."
"Thank you." Hue said briefly, wrote the order down and vanished to the kitchen.
"That would have been quite a coincidence." Matt said plainly to others.

Suddenly Matt's phone gave a signal for a message.
"FoxL.App B5. Dont tell to other customers. I hate stalkers. This is a small place. You can show this to your group."
Message came from Hue's number.

Matt turned the phone accross the table, so they all could see the screen. Hue was living direcly above Meg. There was literally just a floor between them.
Meg leaned in and read the message. She looked back toward the kitchen and gave a thumbs up. Then she texted Hue back on her own phone. You're right above me. Danny is next door.

Meg then looked over at Danny. "Well, now you have a third new friend. Maybe we'll start eating here regularly," She suggested. "Unless they deliver. Of course, I'm sure you could use DoorDash. Matt and I can come in in person and text with you while you eat from the seclusion of your little cave. It's too bad Aaron missed out."
Matthew Smith (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

"Actually, they do deliver. Now that we are here, I remember I have been here before. I havent got orders from here very often, but I do remember the decorations, the manager and large portions. I never paid any attention on other staff, since I was busy getting the delivery and moving on. Just you wait until you see their stuff. These guys are not serving any french syle à la carte design portions for hamsters. They are BIG." Matt commented.
"Ha! See, we'll just have to meet up via text as I enjoy my pho from the privacy of my secret bunker which I will not have to leave now," Danny gloated when Matt confirmed that delivery was an option. He caught Meg making a face at him and grinned innocently at her.

Danny scrolled through his phone to pass the time as they waited for their dinner. He occasionally stole a glance in the direction of the kitchen. The day had been busy and he realized he hadn't eaten since arriving at the airport to catch his flight. A lot had happened in the past few hours since his arrival.

"Oh, it looks like she may be finishing up and coming this way," Danny announced after a few more minutes passed.
Matthew Smith (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Young woman came out from the kitchen with three massive bowls. The newcomer was also in her early 20s.

The capacity of each bowl must have been nearly 30 ounces, if not more. They was loaded with noodles nearly as thick as spagetti. Once the group started to eat, they noticed that the noodles were rather sturdy, making it truly feel like a meal. Beef was cut into thin tastly slices. Meat balls were cut in half, since the original size was close to ping pong ball. This was probably to make then easyer to consume. They were somewhat neutral, but overall tasty as well. Stucture was indeed sturdy, even slightly chewy. It was propably done with some powder, but it had formed a stucture closer to sturdy gel rather than soft pastry. Still, it clearly tasted like meat. The broth was ritch in flavour and slightly sweet. It was combination of many spices, but the only one they could recognize was cinnamon. There were some hebs floating on the top. On the table there were spoons, choopsticks, knives and forks for the food.

"Yup. That is big. I dont know is it the shape, but in the bowl it looks like even larger than takeaway portion. We need to show this place to Aaron." Matt commented with wide smile.
A waitress brought everyone their food after a few minutes.

"Yup. That is big. I dont know is it the shape, but in the bowl it looks like even larger than takeaway portion. We need to show this place to Aaron." Matt commented with wide smile.

Meg poked at the soup curiously and smelled it before tasting it. "Oh this is really good," she commented. "I'll admit, I'm totally ignorant when it comes to Asian cuisine. I didn't realize Vietnamese food was so different from Chinese. I guess I need to get out more and try new stuff."

She turned to Danny.

"So, wasn't this worth coming out of your apartment for? After this, how can you possibly just do delivery," She asked. "Like Matt said, you get a bigger portion if you come into the restaurant!"
The rude woman didn't return and dinner passed peacefully. "Okay, I'll admit coming in here was totally worth it," Danny admitted at the conclusion of the meal. "But, don't expect me to go out to eat regularly. Once I get everything set up, I tend to order stuff. I mean, I do get bored and am totally up for exploring and all because I need a change of pace, but I'm used to doing work and school from home. I'm a remote kinda guy."

Once they got the bill, Danny left a generous tip. When the others were ready, they headed back to Meg's Kia and prepared to return to the apartment complex. Since the parking lot was down the street from the complex, Danny hoped Meg and Matt would help him with his stuff. Otherwise, it was going to take him a few trips to get everything unloaded.
Matthew Smith (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Once they arrived to the parking place, Matt picked up good amount of stuff Danny had bought. Once Danny picked up full load as well, there were just few items left. Meg assisted with the rest, so they got the whole car empty with one round. They headed to Dannys appartments, left the cargo inside, wished their farewells for that day, and headed back for their own appartents to continue their own day.
Aaron Greenvalley (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Foxlake Appartments
Wednesday, August 24, 11 AM

Time was passing slowly. Meg was minding her own business and running her chores. Suddenly, strange tapping sound started above her. It was almost like some kind of small firearm, shooting with rapid fire. It went of for perhaps a minute, and stopped. After that, all fell silent. After a short silence.. "Bang". Loud sound of some kind echoed upstairs. It was strong, and Meg had a feeling that it sent a shockwave throung the builings walls. "Bang..Bang.....Bang..Bang..Bang!"
The sound came again and again. Frequency was irregular, perhaps once in 10 seconds. They were like something between a gunshots and hammer blows. And they kept on coming.
Meg tried again to play through the verse of the song on her guitar. The banging started as soon as she began. It was really getting nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, since Meg didn't own an electric guitar, it wasn't really possible for her to practice with headphones and she really needed to work on this new song for Friday's gig. The maintenance people were probably doing some work around the building.

Tap tap tap... BANG! No. That was definitely coming from above. Wasn't that Hue's apartment? She said that she lived in the same complex and Meg was pretty sure it turned out that she was right above her. The banging was getting louder and more persistent now. It had been going for several minutes. Maybe she got a desk from Ikea or something that she was assembling.

The walls shook and the banging was getting louder and more constant now. The wall between hers and Danny's apartment was shaking. Maybe Danny was the one making all that racket. He did need to order furniture after all and probably had overnight. Meg couldn't tell anymore where the noise was coming from. All she knew was the entire apartment was shaking. Meg sat her guitar down and opened her front door to see if the source was coming from Danny.

OOC: I'm a little confused. Isn't this supposed to be Hue? Did you post as Aaron by accident?
Aaron Greenvalley (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

Sound was not so clear on the outside. Meg realized that it must have been kinetic rather than just loud. It seemed to come from above, rather than from Danny. She could feel the shockwave on the wall, as she touched the wall between her appartment and Danny.

Meg saw that Aaron was squatting in the garden near her door, cheking at some bucket. There was some kind of wooden device above it. Aaron seemed very focused, yet bit annoyed.

OOC - for the first post, posting under spesific character is bit irrelevant, since it is just a narration. The noise is Hue indeed. Aaron is ready for conversation.
Just as Meg opened her door, Danny stepped out of his apartment. "What are you building Meg," Danny asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing! The entire building is shaking," She replied.

"It's not me," Danny replied. "Must be coming from upstairs."

Meg noticed Aaron. The banging could be heard outside.

"I think it is coming from Hue's apartment," Danny observed, recalling she had mentioned she lived above Meg.

"What are you doing," Meg asked Aaron momentarily forgetting the banging noise.
Aaron Greenvalley (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

"Oh, hi Meg. I tested last night a quick prototype of a rat trap. I dont know is it legal, but I couldnt help myself from trying it. This thing is supposed to drop them and drown them to water below, but now that I check it, all of the bait is gone and there is nothing in the water. Not even mice. I wish i had night vision camera to see what went wrong." Aaron explained.

He looked at Meg and Danny and then upstairs towards the noise.

"Danny, you came also? Seems that you also hear that banging. I thought it was you with your furnitures. Someone must have an intense project going on as well. Like... an average Ikea assembly attempt. Just that the craking sounds and intense cursing are missing."
"Oh, hi Meg. I tested last night a quick prototype of a rat trap. I dont know is it legal, but I couldnt help myself from trying it. This thing is supposed to drop them and drown them to water below, but now that I check it, all of the bait is gone and there is nothing in the water. Not even mice. I wish i had night vision camera to see what went wrong." Aaron explained.

"Oh, this is Danny. He just moved in yesterday," Meg explained. "He went to dinner with Matt and me last night while we went shopping. He needed a couple of things to get him through the night."

"Sup," Danny said to Aaron with a nod. "Yeah, we met briefly the other day."

He looked at Meg and Danny and then upstairs towards the noise.

"Danny, you came also? Seems that you also hear that banging. I thought it was you with your furniture. Someone must have an intense project going on as well. Like... an average Ikea assembly attempt. Just that the craking sounds and intense cursing are missing."

"I think it must be Hue," Meg replied. "Let's go see what she's up to!'

Meg headed towards the stairs leading to the second floor landing. The stairs were located outside in the breezeway between the units. Danny followed. Meg tapped on Hue's door once she got to the top of the stairs. The noise definitely appeared to be coming from her apartment.
Hue Nguyen (played by Semegrex) Topic Starter

At the same time, Matt walked down the stairs, holding a bike oil bottle.

"Whoa, what's the gathering for?" Matt asked with a surprised voice.

"Hello Matt, your new friend is making a lot of noice, and we came to check what's going on. What was her name again, Hue?" Aaron said.

"OH YEA, Hue! Too bad you missed the trip yesterday. She is a lovely young chef working nearby. Turned out she lives right above Meg and Danny." Matt explained.

Now, the whole group was standing in fronth of Hue' door. Banging stopped, and all went silent for a while. After that, the door opened. Hue was standing behind the door, wearing a white apron above her regular clothes. The apron had skillfully hand made decorated cute family of ducks, combined with vietamese text. Either it was imported or someone really skilled sewing professional had tailor made it for her, because no shop in US sold stull like that. Apron had tiny red spills all over it, that looked like blood. On her left hand, Hue was holding a massive 6-inch meat cleaver, that had signs for being recently used for cutting something organic. One could only conclude that it had not been vegetables. Hue looked surprised for a brief moment.

"Oh Hi! Nice to see you all! How are you today?" Hue asked, smiling from ear to ear.

Aaron' eyes were about to fall off from their sockets. He looked at Hue, then the meat cleaver, then Matt. Matt had similar look in his face. Neither was able to say anything.

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