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Not sure if this is the right place for it, sorry if not! But I've been doing some coding and sprucing up some character pages. Would anyone please be able to take a look and give me some honest feedback? This is my first time designing pages like this, I'll admit.

The colour scheme is maybe temporary because it's awkward and it kinda hurts to read, sorry about that!

Nevermind. Realised I had my screen brightness all the way down... Doh. The colour scheme seems to work better with decent lighting lol.
I love it!! I don't know a lot about coding or web design, so this is mostly an aesthetic reading, but I love how every page is laid out, and I think the colors are really good! Maybe my monitor settings make it more readable though. I especially love the Deep Dive page, where the coffee, the dropdowns at the bottom, and the disparate column widths make for a really visually pleasing page! The colors really shine with the gif. :D
_Skylark_ Topic Starter

Thank you so much! I've really put a lot of time into it and I'm so glad the aesthetics work out, I really appreciate your feedback :) now to make the other characters pages fit more in with this one haha!
Ahhhh yes!!! Yes yes!! Haha I just love seeing others who enjoy making their character profiles a story in and of itself! You have done so much since I last viewed Sol's profile. Doing all of that in such little time? It may be because I have five character pfs in the works at the same time, but I could never!! 😆
As for what you asked... The first thing that pops out to me is how you've basically 'highlighted' certain words. Drawing emphasis on them in such a way really makes the reader focus on just the right aspects to set a particular mood. I love it! I'm not sure if you've changed it since you posted, but the profile's color scheme looks fine to me. Not too harsh and not too dull ^^ I also see few people using the dropdown menu function. I really like how you have the first few listed like 'here's the surface stuff' to the 'deeper stuff' as you go down the menu (which I get makes sense, but I like the picture it puts in my brain).
I like how you utilized the space with the widgets, and that "if your character is perceptive" area is something I really enjoy too! I've yet to see but a few people have a section similar to that. I like the idea of using those for when your character is more secretive, but your rp partner has a very observant oc. I honestly might utilize the idea for one of my own chara profiles.

Seeing what you've done makes me want to updo Kendal and Remi from their beginner profiles! Awesome job!😄

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