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Just a art dump. Give credit if reposting my art anywhere.



For those who have troubles reading the note on the second pic:
A blend of rose and lavender with Noros’ personal addition- honey and a bit of beer
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Today’s sketch is Cookies!

Astrobeans Topic Starter

Thanks ^_^!
Astrobeans Topic Starter

Sorry for my absence but here is today’s sketch! I am currently looking for names for the ship so feel free to comment some names!


Desc: A bean shaped space ship which happens to be franksteined out of parts from old ships
SS Bean Explorer!
Astrobeans Topic Starter

Thanks for the comments and I will go with SS Bean Explorer for the name! Maybe I will make the ship layout for tomorrow’s sketch.
Let me guess, it's something that holds characters that's literally a small bean, right? Just guessing-
Yay SS Bean Explorer for the win!
Astrobeans Topic Starter

Nice guess but sadly, it is my ship. I guess you call me a bean due to my short height lol.
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Found the motivation to draw again after some time…..

This time, I am changing my art style so I produced noses using a colored pencil


I used the Cir. method for both a front view and side profile.

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