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Agathe (played by fig)

It was a cold, stormy night. The winds were restless, their constant whispers a near-cacophony of sound, bathing the outside in an air of crisp, cold eeriness. The moon was big and round and bright in the sky, very beautiful this evening and casting a lovely glow that was so luminous it created a twilight feel. The trees bent and groaned and squeaked with the burden of being buffeted by the wind, and one could say the night was rather... Spooky.

Agathe loves Sauin. Being so displaced from her family and so far away, celebrating in her own way was a homey thread to follow to stay connected to them, to her roots. It made her more than happy to help Morrissey create his mummers' costume, to gather wood for the bonfire, to make delicious treats for the children to take home with them (or, in some cases, eat right in front of her).

This year, she and Morrissey had concocted quite an event, partly out of nostalgic yearning for older times and partly out of boredom. Morrissey intended to dress as a dragon this year and she helped him build a costume of a green dragon. Lots of spare emerald- and jade-color fabrics were used as well as a lot of paper and glue and paint. Morrissey worked tirelessly for a few days on his great big mask, an absolute monstrosity of papier mache that he then painstakingly painted green and red and glued candycorn teeth into, while she sewed him a tunic, cape, and trousers. The tunic was a sparkly thing with lots of rhinestones to mimic scales and the pants were... the closest thing she could get to pants. Which were kind of saggy.

The best part were the treats. Jack o'Lantern whoopie pies with chocolate filling, maple filling, and cream cheese filling. The 'pie' aspect was either vanilla or chocolate flavored. She had mixed and matched them all so you never knew what you were going to get. And, as a surprise, some of the vanilla ones had a bit of chocolate filling as well. In addition, of course, she made some of her own (possibly enchanted) candy to distribute, about which she was very excited to watch the children eat.

Nothing mischievous... of course not. Definitely not. No trickery up her sleeve tonight, no surprises, no scares... Definitely.

Morrissey intended to sit outside and offer a portrait drawing to a child or two in their costumes, ones who were particularly well-behaved or particularly well-dressed. He would be perched on a stool in his costume and sketch something in his simple way for them to take home along with their whoopie pie and candies. She was very interested to see how these would turn out.

The finishing touches were set, the food prepared. Now, only to wait for a knock at her door.
The air was crisp, the night was young. The moonlight illuminated the path for Bailey to soar to a witch's abode- one that Bailey didn't call home.

She dismounted from her magic broom, Asher following suit. The young girl led the way to the front door. Bailey herself was dressed as a witch, even though she wasn't one... yet. Once she grew up, however, she'd make for a fine addition to the Palmer family's lineage, and would be able to continue their legacy, even if she wasn't related to them by blood. Only on parchment.

"I sense strong magic here," The cat stated in a factual, non-biased manner. "Excited, Miss Bailey?"

"Oh, yes yes!" Bailey stopped at the door, Asher not far behind. "This is gonna be great! I know it!"

With a hand covered by sleeves that were a tad too long, Bailey gave a hearty knock on the door.
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

The door swings open theatrically, presenting Bailey with a yawning, black void.

A beat passes, and then Agathe sweeps into view in her full be-gowned and be-hatted regalia, looking the part of a stereotypical witchy witch.

"Wylcome! An' hoo're ye supposed t'be? A li'l witch?" Witchy witch, but a kindly witch.

"And who's this wee cheetie? I'm quite partial to cats meself." She says, and her pupils, for just a moment, change into slits and glow bright green.
"Yeah! Well, um, not yet. I'm just in training," Bailey giggled. "I'm sure I'll be a real one when I get older!"

Bailey caught sight of the slit pupils, but it did not alarm her. Heck, she could probably do that too, if she wanted. Regardless, she ignored it and focused more on her black-furred companion.

"Oh, yes, this is Asher!" Bailey looked down at the cat, who was sniffing the air curiously. "He's the family cat. Or, I guess, he's a familiar?"

"Charmed," Asher quipped, trotting forward to rub against Agathe's legs. Just getting to know her, as cats do. "And who might you be?"
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

"Precious little thing," Agathe says, bending down to give Asher a scritch behind the ears. "Don't go harrassin' my familiar, now, ye hear; he's a rat himself." She winks at the cat. Morrissey, not in his rat form and perched on his stool in his semi-horrible costume, gives a good-natured wave.

"My name is Agathe!" She says it agg-ith, like Agatha but missing that final syllable. "Verra pleased to make yer acquaintance. And your name, li'l witchling?"

As she speaks, she reaches into the darkness and produces a tray. On one half lie seemingly dozens of pumpkin-shaped sandwich cookies, full to the brim with chocolate and different creams. The other half... hundreds of gleaming, delicious looking hard candies. Both are extremely tempting depending on your tastes and preferences.

"Treat? Or trick?" She grins. "I have both, ye ken."
"Your concern is noted," Asher took his scritches happily. "Do tell him I said hello."

"Oh! My name is Bailey! Nice to meetcha, Agathe!" Bailey clapped her sleeved hands together as Asher reunited by her side.

As she pushed her glasses back into place, Bailey's pale red eyes widened at the sight of an absolutely scrumptious set of candy being set right before her. "Treat, definitely treat!"

With glee, Bailey happily took one of the sandwich cookies, and could not resist the urge to take a heavy bite from it. "Mmmmm!" Bailey had to lick the crumbs and cream off her face. "This tastes amazing! Did you make these?"

Asher would likely have objected to letting Bailey eat it without checking the candy first... but if something was wrong with it, he likely would've picked up on it by now. He did smell the faintest hint of magic on those hard candies, however. Curious!
Sentinel (played by KingDragon)

A tall, lanky individual walked up the path in an untainted white three-piece suit and a masquerade mask framing many red, jewel-like eyes, reminiscent of a spider. Under his left arm was tucked a cane, and in his right hand was a lantern that glowed, though there was no flame. The carvings on the pumpkin shifted, as if the pumpkin was alive, with the eyeholes moving around and the mouth contorting to expressions of interest, curiosity, and many others. Sentinel saw Bailey and stopped, before looking up at Agathe and smiling, wiggling his fingers in a small wave, before a small gust of wind blew and, like magic, disintegrated into dark dust, swirling about in the shadows. In fact, he had just disappeared into pure shadow, and materialized into a nearby bush, waiting to see the reaction with a smile big enough to be used as a full-body mirror.
Biskit (played by SoupGremlin)

As the two witchy folk were occupied within the cottage, a small figure, significantly less witchy though still quite magical in their own right, ambled up to the door. For all intents and purposes, this appeared to be nothing more than a raccoon, though the glint in the creature's eyes shone of intelligence, and magic almost certainly emanated from its body. The raccoon held a nearly empty brown paper bag with both forepaws, but set it down now to scrabble at the door that lay closed just up ahead.
Biskit hadn't been a sapient raccoon for long, really, but already human traditions intrigued them. Especially this one, where they could just walk up to peoples' houses and ask for nice things. Of course, whatever they collected would be shared with their friends, once Biskit had finished trick-or-treating. The only thing they were really missing was a costume. The thought had never occurred to them, actually. They were just waiting outside of this door, hoping it would open so they could ask for some Nice Things™. The words they had heard from human children were scrawled on their paper bag... “Trik r treet!!!" ... and they had brought a pen and paper too, in case the need for more communication arose. Biskit couldn't speak, but they could write! They were totally great at it too... Totally!
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

"And nice to meet you, Bailey. What a lovely name." Agathe smiles kindly and she means in genuinely, her smile growing as the little witch-in-training tries her baked goodie.

"Why, ye bet I did!" She grins and pulls a proud pose. "Baked 'em meself. Fillin's an' all."

"Ye sure ye wouldn't care for a trick..?" She says, gesturing mischievously to the candies. As she does, Sentinel catches her eye. She has just started to smile and wave in greeting when suddenly he evaporates into thin air! Some kind of magic trick!

"My goodness! Where did tha' gentleman just disappear to? Did ye see that?" She can still sense him nearby so she plays along, stifling her laughter. "I must'a been seein' things.."

Agathe smells Biskit before she sees them, that forest-y raccoon-y scent reaching her nose. It is not altogether unpleasant to her, but she can definitely scent garbage which is decidedly not her favorite thing about raccoons.

Nontheless.. a critter is a critter. And she loves critters.

"You!" She says, after reading the note on Biskit's bag. "You can write! My goodness!! What a skill, indeed!" She wonders idly if Sentinel will reappear and startle the daylights out of this little creature. They seem absolutely precious.

"Come get some treats, why don't ye? I've got these here candies an' some whoopee pies. Come help yerself, wee one."
Sentinel (played by KingDragon)

True to Agathe's expectation, he rematerialized behind the raccoon. He was squatting down, his height now a comparably reasonable 8 feet instead of his over 25-foot height, his smile even broader, like a den full of needles. He didn't do anything to the raccoon, he didn't jump, make a sound, or poke it, he just wanted to see if the raccoon could, in essence, scare itself by seeing him. He drew a finger through the air, leaving behind a fiery shimmer, spelling out, 'I smelt the pastries and I simply couldn't resist! I hope I am not intruding or unwelcome.'
Ryan (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

He stood at the door, holding a plastic pumpkin, wearing a scifi cowboy costume, he rang the doorbell and struck a pose
Just as Bailey had finished the last bite of the cookie, she turned her attention to the gleaming hard candies. Enthralled, Bailey took one and happily put it to her lips.

"Miss Bailey," Asher piped up. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"Sure!" Bailey smiled, giving Asher a pat on the head. "What's the worst that can happen?"

"I don't know. That's why I'm asking," He backed up. "I smell a bit of magic radiating off of those candies."
"Well, Agathe said it was a trick, didn't she?" Bailey giggled. "Besides, if something bad happens, mother can help fix it! I'm not afraid."

"If you insist," Asher purred. "I'm just advising that you be-"

The cat looked up to find that Bailey had already popped the hard candy into her mouth. She seemed to be enjoying the taste, so that was good, at least!

"...Cautious." Asher's tail flicked. He didn't show much concern beyond that, however. He kept watch just to make sure that this didn't end badly.
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

It didn't take long for Bailey's transformation to take place. The candies were enchanted with the littlest bit of form-altering magic. For each person, the transformation would be different, and in Bailey's case--

"Look at you, Bailey! A wee little goblin." It was true. Bailey retained her albinism but was otherwise totally transformed into a toddler-sized, floppy-eared goblin. Her clothes shrunk to fit her, something Agathe included so everyone could still be dressed in their costumes, and she retained all of her regular physical strength... just became quite short and pointy-eared. Maybe some sharper teeth, too.

"What do ye think? Quite the trick, eh? Ye can have one too if ye'd like, Asher; they're kitty-safe, cross my heart." She grins proudly. Upon seeing Ryan she would give a friendly wave.

"And who might you be? Ye look a bit like a space cowboy ter me!" She smiles. "Help yerself to a whoopee pie, or a bit o' candy I've got here fer ye."

Her gaze tracks over to Biskit, next, and she makes a face of playful fear at what she sees; Sentinel poised behind them to give them quite the spook, as she envisions it. She reads the text and gives a warm smile.

"Everyone is welcome here, especially today."
Sentinel (played by KingDragon)

((By the way, that music reference was god-tier, bravo.))

Sentinel smiled even wider, the fiery text appearing again, 'Thank you, my friend! Let's see, I don't want to rob anyone else of candy; I'll have one of each." He turned his limb into faint, see-through mist, plucking a whoopie pie and one of the small candies. He gently set the whoopie pie inside his pumpkin candy basket and tossed the candy into his mouth. The text, shifting on its own now, read, 'Good flavor. I wonder what my transformation will be.'
Well, that was unexpected! Fortunately, this wasn't the first time Bailey had undergone a strange transformation, and it would be far from the last. As long as she, or nobody else, got hurt as a result, she wasn't going to be concerned.

"Ohh, I'm fine, thank you," Asher politely declined. "Miss Bailey, look what you've done to yourself."
"What? C'mon, it's not that bad!" Bailey felt her own ears as she finished crunching on the hard candy. "That was really cool! Thanks!"

"What will your mother think of this?" Asher flicked his tail, annoyed that Bailey was not taking things seriously.

"I think she'd find it really cool, too!" Bailey took one more candy for the road. "Besides, she always said that transformations like these are only skin-deep. It's not like I'll be a goblin forever."

"You don't know that."

"...I'll be fiiine! Promise!"

Asher did nothing to retort. If Bailey was content, so be it. Either the effect would wear off, or Winifred would have to figure out how to turn her kid back to normal. He just had to make sure Bailey didn't eat the second hard candy she took until they got home; if they needed to fashion a cure for this transformation, having one of the candies on hand would probably help.

And if it just wore off on its own? Then Bailey could do this again if she wanted. Which she probably would...

"Well, I think I'll be off now!" Bailey mounted upon her magic broom. Asher jumped on board, as well. "The night's still young, and there's more places to visit! Oh, oh! Thanks again, Ms. Agathe! This was fun!"

"Happy Halloween," Asher called as the broom rose up to the sky.

"I'll be sure to pay you a visit sometime!" The 'goblin' waved her sleeve-covered hand. "Fare-thee-well!"

And with tremendous speed, Bailey zipped off into the night.
Biskit (played by SoupGremlin)

Biskit was frozen for a moment, glittering eyes darting back and forth between everyone who was present. They had been about to dart into the house for a treat, when the large figure of Sentinel appeared behind them. They turned their head, staring in wonderment at the towering figure. He seemed not to be trying to hurt them, though, so they were more curious than afraid.
That was quickly forgotten, though, because everyone was having treats and they were just sitting here staring at people! That wouldn't do! Finally scampering through the open doorway (and turning back because they had forgotten their bag on the ground), they gently tapped Agathe's legs with their bushy tail, as if it were some sort of greeting. After that, they reached up towards the tray of treats, taking a cookie between their forepaws and nibbling on it eagerly. It was one of the best things they had ever tasted, certainly much better than garbage, and they opted to only eat about half of it before putting the rest into their bag for safekeeping.
Reaching for their pen and paper, they wrote out "vary tastee, thank u a lot!!" and held up the note for Agathe to see.
Then, suddenly, their attention was caught by the gleaming candies on the other side of the tray. Biskit loved shiny things, and these even smelled edible! They took one and popped it into their mouth without a second thought.
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

Agathe is simply delighted by the raccoon, waving bye to Bailey as Biskit dances about around her feet and reaches for treats.

"Pleasure to meet ye, Bailey! And Asher!" She calls, waving, and Morrissey echoes from his place at his stool. "Thanks for coming!" (He seems to be rather busy with something, a drawing as far as Agathe can tell...)

Sentinel takes a candy, and so does Biskit, and she smiles sneakily. The former changes shape until he is small, almost tiny, and upon his shape smoothing itself out it is evident he has turned into a lovely little snake.

"How cute! A wee wiggler." Agathe picks him up and puts him on her hat for safekeeping, or until he requests to be set down to wriggle away. It may be awhile before he turns back...

Biskit is another story, however. The raccoon seems to be retaining their coloring as they grow... and grow... and grow... towering over everyone.

"Och! My favorite! A bear!!" Agathe beams brightly at this, so pleased she can barely contain herself. "Look how beautiful ye are! And ye kept yer big ol' tail!" It's true; behind the bear trails a sized-up raccoon tail, fit with all it's rings.

"My goodness! Aren't ye both dashin'."

(thank you!! i love that song and any time i see 'space cowboy' used anywhere it instantly starts playing in my head haha)
Biskit (played by SoupGremlin)

Biskit was flabbergasted, to say the least. They hadn't expected anything unusual to happen when they ate that candy... Maybe they should have been paying more attention to the others who tasted it? Ah well, they weren't exactly complaining. It amused them, seeing everyone else around them suddenly so small, when they themself were used to being the tiny one. Their paper bag, which had once seemed so spacious, was now like a little scrap in their large paws. Unfortunately, writing was more difficult like this... But their large tail wagged happily and their eyes shone. They hoped Agathe could sense their delight and appreciation, even without words.
Agathe (played by fig) Topic Starter

Agathe would stand on the tippest tips of her tip-toes and give Biskit a well-deserved scratch behind one of the big, rounded ears.

"Ye're a good one, aren't ye! Take some more; ye're tummy's quite a bit bigger now!" She puts three more pumpkin-shaped whoopee pies in his baggie along with ten extra candies, for themself and all of their friends.

"Happy Halloween, wee one! Er, I should say, great big one!" She laughs.
Cyber 'surf' Lightseeker (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

He approached the hut, an anxious expression on his face, holding a near-empty pillowcase and his always chock-full backpack, all he wore was a simple mask, perhaps of a fnaf character

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