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Yeah so I've been on kind of a huge Minecraft kick for a while now. My friends and I set up a modded server for it we've been playing on during our off-time, and I've been binge-watching Hermitcraft videos while working.

I've taken up quite a lot of real estate in the Just Talkin' thread with this so I figured I might as well try making a dedicated forum thread at this point. Might also share build pics in here when I have some of those! Or just, screenshots in general, since I'm playing with shaders.

Free invite for others to talk about Minecraft and share their builds as well?

Also, how long have y'all been playing? :) I've been playing since June of 2010, back when the grass was a solid lime green color and every patch note contained "removed Herobrine from the game" as a running gag.

I'll start off by saying that I've actually been learning to play Minecraft again on 1.19.2 after staying on 1.12.2 for YEARS because that's where all the mods were, so like, we can swim now? And there's axolotls? And shiny amethyst blocks? And the nether is interesting now? And we have BEES?
Wheeze. I'll bite!
Ooooh, Minecraft! I haven’t been playing much these days, simply because I don’t have a whole lot of friends that i can play with, most are busy a lot of the time, and that was one of the main reasons i got a nintendo online membership.

Yes, villagers are cool, the nether is awesome looking, we got cool biomes underground now, and some other new ones. The aquatic update, the village update, the nether update and the caves and cliffs update all took care of those.
In one of the new underground biomes, the deep dark, I’ve yet to find a full deep dark biome with an ancient city, but in there, there is the warden, which is actually stronger than the elder dragon. It’s not really meant to be fought, just more of a deterrent from going down, or simply like, being loud, as it’s blind, but can hear your footsteps from little sensors.
I'm gonna start a HC world when I make yt vids because that seems to blow up
Yeah. Hey, Ana, we could do joint videos!
Like collabs?
Yeahhhh! I don’t have anything to do recording with yet, but when I do! :)
I can't do that because it makes the footage lag. I could be on vc with you, but I can't be playing with you i think. I might be able to, but its safe to assume I can't.
………. I don’t understand, people do it all the time.
Aardbei Topic Starter

Something I learned about Minecraft very recently is that lapis has to be crafted into dye now to use.

15 minutes of agony I could've spared myself by looking it up in REI like a normal person.

Back in the day, lapis WAS the dye. Bonemeal WAS the white dye. And cactus green apparently doesn't have to be crafted into green dye which is incredibly confusing. Oh well, I guess the change doesn't bother me.

Too bad the craft doesn't give you 2 dyes for the price of 1 lapis though. I need a lot of dye.

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