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Well, as it turned out, this Earthly continent was a lot denser than Artie had previously foreseen. As Yanfeng vouched for a so-called gelding - so Earth humanoids had terms for certain sexual groupings within cattle species too, she took it? - named Zeus, the arrival of a spirited three-man party inevitably drew their attention away from the matter at hand. Emily, Cris' fascinatingly pretty android, and two of her kids, the daughters to be exact. Even if her sometimes harsh attitude suggested otherwise, Art had a real soft spot for kids, and those fuzzy lil' rascals of their crew family-friend were not spared from her adoration. This was.. Chiara, wasn't it?

"Hey there, lass! Haven't dragged her poor 'nan by her hair here, have ye?" she grinned, putting a rare ungloved on her hip. She shot Yanfeng a quick glance as to say "A'm interested, but hold yer horses for now" (lol). By no means was Artie a master at social interaction, but she was willing to push past her boundaries for folks who were so kind to her and her crew. With that, she turned to the android. "Aye, small world indeed, Emily. How're the two spitfires of yer family holdin' up?" Meaning the mother and her only son, of course. Looking at the fuzzy bundle in Emily's arms, a stray thought crossed her mind. Had the universe not been so messed up, would Sprite and her ever..?

"Oh, and A'm more than ready to meet Zeus. Not to keep ye waitin', heh. Can at least say A can offer an extra pair of hands with makin' sure no bairn gets catapulted by a startled horsey today," she then blurted to Yanfeng, quickly blowing away the sudden question in her head that made her cheeks grow rosy. Meanwhile, the strangely skimpy woman from before had returned, this time in appropriate riding gear. Good, might get the party started soon 'nuff, then.
Zhou Yanfeng (played by Samiakki) Topic Starter

"Oh, of course! I can take you both to meet them while Lizzy come down."

Yanfeng nodded between Artie and Tifa specifically. This would give time for Wakumi to change. It would also be good for Emily's kids to see the horses before Chiara goes to ride on one. Briefly, he raised a finger as if to ask to give him one second. Then, he raised a radio to his mouth.

"Yanfeng to management. I need assistance at stables. We have riders here." A beep and then radio chatter followed. "Ten-four. Thank you."

It was now in the early hours of the afternoon, when the sun was at its highest, as well as hottest. A sweaty Yanfeng peeled himself out of his jacket to tie it around his waist, revealing his white T-shirt shirt with a horse's face on it. It read, 'GOD is watching YOU through the EYES of a HORSE.' Whether Yanfeng actually believed in this god was up for debate, but his appearance matched his volunteer occupation. That was, if the high boots, gloves, and tough pants didn't give it away.

"Come on in," he invited them both as he stepped into the stables. "No worries. It's-" Crap. How does one say 'air-conditioned' in English again? "-windy in here!"

Yanfeng made it a point to lead Artie, Tifa, Chiara, and her family into the stables, which are air-conditioned very well. By the time Wakumi returned, the horses may or may not be tacked up and ready to go by then - with Cider all ready to go for the yokai.

All of the stalls featured the essentials and even hanging toys - not only for enrichment, but likely to prevent cribbing and other stereotypies. Most of the occupants are either Appaloosa or Quarter Horses, as Yanfeng had suggested they'd be.

One black Appaloosa had a coat where the white spots almost looked like a cave painting. He seized licking his salt rock so his head stuck out in the window of his stall railing to observe the individuals arriving. His stall door is labeled 'ZEUS.' Yanfeng beckoned on Artie to interact with him.

"Zeus is good height, I think," Yanfeng said. "Go on. Say hello to him. He may be a new friend!"

His nearby neighbor is a chestnut blanket Appaloosa that stood at a slightly taller height, seeming to just mind his own business. However, his ears did perk up at the sound of the new arrivals and eventually, he went to investigate as well, peeking out his window. His stall label reads, 'PICASSO.' He seemed to have a trained eye on Tifa, which Yanfeng noticed.

"Picasso is very gentle. I promise!"

Then, he turned to Chiara and her family last, smiling wide.

"Would you like to meet Liberty? She is not pony, but she is still good horse." He canted his head. "You know what makes a pony a pony? Hand height. Pony are less than fourteen hand tall. Liberty is fourteen-and-half. So, pony are just horse, but small!"

He then gestured to the stall across from Zeus and Picasso, where a calm Pinto horse stood. With her dark mane braided, Liberty inclined her head downward to eye Chiara. She had an air about her that almost seemed wise, ready to teach the next generation of riders.

"If you are gentle, you can pet her nose," Yanfeng offered before standing upright. "Everyone, let me know if you have question!"
"I am going to change then." Wakumi said. She gave a bow to the others, then headed to the shop where Yanfeng told her she could change her clothes. She quickly managed to find and followed the trail leading there.

She later returned wearing full riding gear, heading towards the stables. Wakumi felt so excited, though also a bit nervous at the same time. It was natural, since it will be the first time she would ride a horse, probably since long ago.
[OOC: I'm sorry I laugh at -the strangely skimpy- that made my day]

Tifa followed Yanfeng, together with the child and her family into the stables. It rather feels cozy inside, or perhaps that made the horse seemingly comfortable being around. They passed Zeus stall door, as the horse belong to Artie, then arrived at Picasso stall. "You look handsome." Tifa smile to the horse satisfyingly. Slowly, but sure, Tifa stretched her hand toward Picasso, inch by inch as she tried to touch the horse's skin to show her politeness. The horse seems rather attached to her very well. "I like this guy." Tifa said to Yanfeng regarding to Picasso.
Zhou Yanfeng (played by Samiakki) Topic Starter

Yanfeng nodded to Wakumi, eager to show his learned skill of a thumbs-up again. Hopefully she understood it.

"I will get Cider tacked up for you," he responded to her appearance.

Filling a bucket with feed, he moved towards the gate to the field, where Cider yet lingered. Using the feed as a lure, he guided her out of apparently comfortable position behind the fence. She didn't have all that much willpower when it came to a good snack!

Diligently, he placed the numnah pad on her back, followed by the Western-style saddle. After strapping her in and setting down the stirrups, he moved to her front. His fingers gently pried apart her lips to fit in the bit, which she had learned meant to open her mouth. He fit in snugly between the gap between her front and anterior teeth before sliding over the bridle and fastening it.

While that was all happening, Picasso responded to Tifa's gesture by leaning towards her hand, but not into it. His wide nostrils huffed on it, curious if treats happened to be there. Upon finding there was no such thing, he simply turned away, but not so far that Tifa couldn't still pat his nose. As Yanfeng had said, his entire process was very gentle and he didn't seem inclined to bite. Even upon Tifa petting his head, he stood there patiently, ever the calm teacher for those new to horses. His wide blue eyes blinked slowly once. Then twice.

"A beauty, isn't he?"

Tifa would next be met with a woman of towering stature that stood just past Artie. She was easily over six feet tail, her skin tanned from being out in the sun and her hair in a rusty blonde ponytail. She wore a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, revealing arms with a little too much hair on the back. As she grinned, one could think her canines were a little bit too pronounced, too.

This must be Lizzy Rufus!

"He's been with us for three years now. He's probably one of the most patient horses I've ever had. Hell, I've guided him down the trail with two eight year-old girls on his back before. He had no qualms and they loved every second of it. Careful. He might keep your heart when you leave!"

"Hello, Lizzy," Yanfeng greeted the woman after having tied up Cider to wait for Wakumi, when they were ready to set off.

"Hey, Yanfeng!" She looked about ready to come over and slap him on the back; an amusing thought, considering she stood at about a foot taller than him. "Need any help tacking up?"

"I can get Liberty," he replied with a smile. Then, he regarded all the guests. "Everyone, this is Lizzy. She is Full Moon Ranch owner. She is very kind!"
Up close, Zeus was even mightier than he'd looked at first. Artie knew that she'd come here to find peace with her hatred of her past life, and while the strong, sweet smell of hay and animal sweat did instantly remind her of the disrespecting yells of her family, the preaches about normal life, normal behavior, normal manners.. she found a certain calmth in being able to extend a hand to the large horse. His hot breath tickled her palm as the gloss of his big brown eyes reflected her figure. Truly, the only large 'animal' that she even got close to these days was Sprite's Therion form, but all the while, she hadn't forgotten that her fearlessness of handling large robots came directly from her experiences from handling large animals. Animals didn't judge. They were about the only beings aside from her prototype bots that made the life with her family the least bit tolerable.

She didn't want to do anything too drastic without Yanfeng's supervision though. These horses were alien creatures to her; just because they looked like animals that she was familiar with, didn't mean she could just confidently approach them as if she knew how to handle them. So, meanwhile, she stuck to petting Zeus' nose and cheeks, sometimes tracing a finger over his mane as she filled the elegant beast up with softly whispered compliments. Once it was time to saddle up, they'd hopefully be comfortable enough about each other for a proper ride.

"Aye, fine establishment to 'ave a lass leading it, heh," Artie grinned when Lizzy appeared, basking in the wonderful display of girlpower. "Some nice animals an' staff ye have." There was also a strange sense of familiarity that came with Lizzy herself. Not in an awful youth memory sorta way, no, much more recent. Her confident stature and uncannily beastly features did remind her a lot of Sprite.. just not as handsome, in her opinion, heh. "Does this place even have its own local mythical beasties?" Art thought to herself, calmly combing her hands through Zeus' mane. "Ah, hardly relevant anywho."
As soon as she reached the stables, Wakumi noticed the tall woman. She might be the owner of the ranch. The herbalist walked to her and greeted with a bow:

"A pleasure to meet you, Lizzy."

She then headed to where Yanfeng was waiting for her with Cider. Wakumi approached the horse from the side and smiled:

"Lets get along, Cider."

She then proceeded to mount on the horse. As soon as she got into the horseback, a familiar feeling overtook Wakumi. It was something she didnt feel for a long time.
"Uh-oh?" Tifa was surprised when Picasso turned away, she was sure that she was being as much polite as she could. Or maybe that was the sign for some food? human or animals, they are much the same. Food always be number 1 to attract easily for friends. Tifa giggled at that thought. Even though Picasso looked like that he was disappointed because she came empty handed, but still he wait for Tifa patiently.

Tifa was more surprised at the presence of the tall lady, with the sudden burst of explanation about Picasso being the most gentle horse. "Oh, nice to meet you." Tifa smiled at Lizzy. Tifa then proceed to stand next to Picasso's left front leg, Tifa made sure that Picasso was paying attention to her and wasn't trying to walk off. Tifa pull her body up and mounting to Picasso. She slowly adjusting her position on the saddle. "Thank you for accepting me, Picasso." Tifa smiled gently.
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While Picasso and Cider had been tacked up and mounted, Zeus was only now going to be led out of his stall. But first, he would bask in Artie's pets and praise. He huffed out of his nose, a sigh that warned Artie not to get too cocky with him. A free spirit like Zeus was still likely a good fit for Artie, as Yanfeng had thought.

On the other hand, Lizzy first addressed Artie while Yanfeng was busy.

"Hah! Many thanks. Took a lot of blood an' sweat to get it to where it is now. It was built from the ground up by one woman alone, after all. We're much stronger together now!"

One wouldn't. . . normally expect blood to go into a ranch, but whatever. Maybe some of the horses bite? That probably was it.

"Yanfeng hasn't been with us for long, but I'm happy he's here. The city boy knows his horses!"

"You make fun of me like this all the time, Lizzy," Yanfeng chipped in, taking Picasso and Cider each by ties attached to their bridles. However, he didn't sound all that offended.

"I think it just makes you work harder," Lizzy replied with a smile. "No?"

"Hah, this is true!" Yanfeng was beaming, rather proud of himself.

Lizzy set to work tacking up Zeus as she addressed these Tifa and Wakumi.

"Good to meet you all, too. You have a grand time. Yanfeng'll take you around the property. Got a nice scenic view of the fields in these parts. You'll see!"

Yanfeng prepared to guide Picasso - who merely grunted when Tifa mounted him - and Cider - whose reins jingled as she shook her head - outward onto the trail. Beforehand, he looked to Lizzy.

"Are you staying here?" Yanfeng asked.

"I'll be guiding the leftover folks when they're ready," replied Lizzy, confident in her answer. With Zeus ready to go, she turned to Artie. "You wanna join Yanfeng and the others this time around? Or go with the lil' ladies later?"

Meanwhile, Yanfeng glanced between Tifa and Wakumi.

"Are we ready for the ride? We are going past field to forest edge and back again."
"Aye, always good to see the fruits of someone's hard labor thrive like that," Artie nodded to Lizzy, scratching Zeus on the side of his thick, beeft neck. With some more social going-ons around her, she was content finding a silent friend in the horse, already happy enough with breaking from her stubborn comfort zone to really bother forcing herself to socialize. "Even prepped for the young'uns, eh?" she commented, more to herself than to Lizzy and Yanfeng, as she looked at the smaller horse that Chiara had been assigned to. She wouldn't mind showing off what she knew - or knew about similar, normal equivalents to these Earthly alien mounts - to the city folk attending, but at the end of the day this activity was all about fun and comfort, and she found it easier to stick with those she knew. "Hm, A'll take it easy for now and stick with me family friends here. Should take some load off of yer back, eh, Yanfeng?" Artie chuckled to the ranch owner and employee. Just a calm and relaxed summer ride, what could go wrong?
Wakumi bent forward and gently pat Cider on the side of the neck. "Lets do our best, Cider." she said with a smile.

Wakumi then straightened herself back. She couldnt wait for the ride, but knew she had to calm herself down, otherwise the horse would sense this and become nervous as well. She took a deep breath, then looked forward. "Yes, we can." she told Yanfeng.
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(( Wanted to see and make sure if mostly everyone's okay if I made a post to wrap up the scene? The Summer Soiree ends tomorrow, after all! For that purpose, I'm closing the thread so we can finish. ))
(( Good with me! 'Twas a fun ride GETITGETITGETITGETIT?!?!? for sure! ))

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