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I may be just completely clueless here, but I have a question about our beloved pets -- wasn't there a little excerpt on the pet when you got them that would tell you a bit about their personality and their favorite food? Did I see that at some point or did I dream this up, because I remember it somehow...

I could just be confused, but it reminded me of the personality quirks of Pokemon and I loved it!
Oh! The attributes page shows up when you click the ⓘ in their respective profiles. It should be in the upper righthand corner next to the gear that lets you change their name and pronouns. More information can be found here.

The attributes do tell you their personalities, energy levels, and hunger type, but it does not have information on their favorite foods.

Edit: I think, if I remember correctly, their favorite foods are found through trial and error and it will be indicated when you feed them? But it's honestly been awhile since I messed with my pets. I shoved food down their gullets until they hit 100% wellbeing and then stuck them in a hotel. I haven't taken them out since. 🙈
Favourite food seems to be trial and error, yeah. You get a special message when you feed them their favourite thing :)
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Yeah, see, I got mine all tummy-filled and sassy before chucking them into the hotel as well because my ability to pay attention to pets is very limited. 😅 I appreciate the information too, by the way! I found it and I'm planning on making a little pets dedication piece on my personal page with their quirks and personalities and, eventually, their favorite foods. I think it's just too cute even though I don't have a whole lot of extra time for them.

I also look forward to what our new little hippocampi are going to be like -- I say as I knowingly huck another fire chicken into the hotel. Oh well! Thank you again for the help! I would love more tidbits about our pets, so I plan on giving them a more extended version who they are as well. I want to make them unique!

I am heckin' curious as to what everyone's favorite pet is, their name, and their personality and what they think their pet is like. <3

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