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Just thought it might be interesting and also give some real life info to teenagers who might soon enter the workforce.

Mine are the following:

McDonalds cashier - liked it
Jack in the Box cashier/staff - disliked it, too many menu items
Walmart cashier - liked it
Day laborer - hated it
Telemarketer - hated it
Movie theater ticket booth - loved it
Pharmacy Technician - liked it
Substitute teacher - often did not like it but getting the job is rather easy
Teacher -sometimes disliked it but now like it
ESL Tutor - loved it
I’ve had a few jobs over the years, none of which I find are worth talking about, except for one, and that was my Navy days.
Not really.

Turns out the things I have to do for money never coincide with anything I actually like, let alone gain any sense of fulfillment from.

Freelance work is definitely preferable to 9-5s though. Sure, one's more stable, but at least freelancing entails a project that I have a sense of "done" with.
I liked my Navy time but I still hated a few things…..Firewatch and Quarterdeck Watch. It was usually the worst, especially if you lost sleep over it.
I also really like working as a movie theater ticket booth. However, I do not really like working as a McDonalds cashier
When I was a teen I did the McDonald's thing and quickly found out that wasn't for me. I learned pretty quick I'm more of an industrial girl.

After that I worked at a sawmill. That was something I rather liked outside of coworkers. It was dirty dangerous work but payed well and was an active job.

Then I worked at an automotive plant for a Honda supplier. Liked that job too, really.

Then I tried delivering pizza for a while. Not my thing.

For the last 8 years I've been driving semis. Started with vans Then tankers and now flatbed. There's some things I'd probably enjoy more but I like flatbed work and driving a semi for the most part.
Oh wow.. let's see.

Volunteer at an animal shelter - LOVED it, sadly there are usually only volunteers/hard to get a job in!
Babysit - Liked it but only specific ages. Toddlers or pre-teens are the most fun! Elementary schoolers are great but ask many questions.
Steward for a soccer club - LOVED this experience, the downside is the late hours and how you only work once or twice a week/it's not fulltime!
Sous-chef at a restaurant - Enjoyed this a lot but only because I really love cooking and my boss was really nice! Small restaurants that have relatives as staff are the best!

Caregiver at a retirement facility - It really isn't for me. It's not my favourite age group and you barely have time for anything but bathing them and feeding them.
Animator at a retirement facility - Fun, but not fulltime hours. I maybe had 10 hours a week!
Working at a daycare - Mentally and physically draining. Too many kids under your care.

Desk job at elementary school - Loved the variety of it all, loved the parents, disliked the obligated bonding with co-workers. Great that you get to spend time with the kids too on occasion!
Caregiver at an elementary school - More time with the kids and thus more fun! Disliked the same as above.

Animator at kids camps - Great, but the pressure to "party it up" with other animators when the kids are in bed is exhausting (and in my opinion irresponsible. I wouldn't drink while having kids in my care). Obviously not fulltime but it pays well and you have a day off in the week usually, so it's a bit of a "vacation" at special places for yourself too!

Working at a snack bar - Fun but it only takes 2 months until you can't see fries anymore! Your hair and clothes also smell like it!

Working at a cookie factory (cleaning crew) - Cool because we got free cookies and warm meals on break time. Would do this again even though it was sometimes boring.

Worker in a factory (meat industry) - No, just no. I couldn't do factory work. It's boring to me after a single hour.

Caregiver at a facility for people with disabilities - I loved this. The facility was made out of little houses and in each one they had a group of 10 living there. Co-workers were nice, the residents were super sweet and I really got a lot out of this experience. It was the kind of job I couldn't stop talking about and I think the only downside is that I couldn't do that because you can't randomly talk about your clients to people! Still I talked a lot about regular fun moments that we were allowed to talk about though!


Cashier at a supermarket - Fun, especially the smaller ones. You get to know the regulars and especially during day time when it's just elderly people they love to have a chat with you.
Bakery at a supermarket - The best. You get to be surrounded by the smell and sight of baked goods every day, you get to have the freshest of bread and freshest of croissants for lunch and you get to make your own sandwishes just the way you want them to be.
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Oooooo. Answers. Lots of them. I am enjoying reading all of these. Very informative and so much variety here.

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