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Hi, all! I'm back! These are very similar to my usual, but with a bit of a twist. I've got a new job, so this will be... well, sort of like something you'd hear at a job interview, I guess!

If your character doesn't 'work', per se, then don't worry. This can be based around any situation where your character has a job of any sort to do or a goal to meet.

The rules are as usual: roll a d20 for your question, and keep to the usual forum rules. There's no wrong way to play! Your questions are below...

    1. How well can your character conduct themselves in a formal environment? How are they different to in their day-to-day life?

    2. How well could your character work with a team of total strangers?

    3. Does your character enjoy being in charge? What are they like as a leader?

    4. What is your character's work process like? Can they organise their time, or do they procrastinate?

    5. How ambitious is your character? Do they look for opportunities to progress?

    6. What was your character like at school (or as a child) - this one's kind of off-topic lol, I know!

    7. What kind of project or work gets your character really excited?

    8. What is your character's communication style? Do they have a preference?

    9. How does your character do with taking orders? What kind of leader do they work best with?

    10. Does your character respond well to discipline or criticism? Can they take it on board and learn from their mistakes?

    11. If your character was to make a big mistake, would they own up to it?

    12. How well does your character cope with public speaking?

    13. What kind of job or role would your character dread doing?

    14. Is your character self-aware? How do they do when it comes to self-reflection?

    15. How does your character motivate themselves when doing something they dislike?

    16. How well can your character deal with pressure and responsibility? Do they have any coping mechanisms?

    17. How long does your character's social battery last? How long does it take to recharge? How do they do this?

    18. What are your character's social habits? (Body language, eye contact, speech disfluency, etc.)

    19. Does your character have a good memory? Do they struggle with names or faces?

    20. What is your character's learning style? How quickly do they pick up new things?

I hope you all enjoy! I look forward to seeing your replies ☺️
(Yet another great work by the ever-brilliant Skylark - WIP)
20. What is your character's learning style? How quickly do they pick up new things?

The principal weapon of the Valradic is wisdom and once the mind is mastered only then should the sword be drawn.
60 Edicts Of The Warrior - LX Dictatum Bellatorae

It behooves Marcus as a strategist and general to place value in wisdom and certainly the wolf is no stranger to the woes of uncertainty and change upon the battlefield, his moniker is earned precisely because of prudently applied and well studied strategy and Marcus spends as much time in his Liberdomus as he does sparring and upon the war table, this want to know takes on a sinister and cynical side all the same as when Marc is met with a particularly talented foe whom indulges in the sport of battle as much as he does then it becomes more of a glorified match of chess drawn out through multiple battles, he will not even allow them to be wholly defeated so that they return and bring some new strategy to the battlefields.

Admittedly, his methods of learning aren't exactly the same as say a Sorcerer or Lorekeeper, he prefers to keep knowledge best applied to his art, knowledge which serves purpose or eventual purpose. Though deliberate in his choosing of subjects once Marc is settled into a new discipline he will take his time with it, with the intention to truly master and absorb all that the art has to offer, he is by no means perfect but Marcus is always useful in any given circumstance.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 20.

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