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He sat outside the massive five-sory doors that was the entrance to the temple. A stone walkway led up to the temple, and there were marble statues commemorating those who had fallen in battle alongside the group. The stones appeared to also be marble, but had flecks of blue that almost glowed with radiance.

Outside, the advisor sat with a large wagon loaded with bags of various treats and gifts for the trick-or-treaters.
The young man looked around, he walked along the stone walkway with his pals.
His large eyes gazing over the temple and its exterior style.
He was intrigued be the statues and design.
Not knowing what any of it meant though.

As he approached the wagon with his friends.
Igeus didn't smile, but his tone was Propper and pretty enlightened,
even if his expression lacked it.
"Happy Halloween."

Igeus would lightly push their friends younger sibling forward and encourage them to take some candy.
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

"Ah. Welcome! Happy Halloween!"

The advisor to Fate's Circle was bedecked in a very cheap-looking Dracula costume, this being his first attempt at celebrating this holiday. He reached over and grabbed two baggies each for the trick-or-treaters and dropped them into the bags, as well as offering one to Igeus

"There is no age limit to receive treats upon this auspicious evening, son."

His pale-painted face had a kind smile stretched beneath his small, angular nose.
Igeus would faintly smile.
"Ah, you are right." Nodding his head respectfully back at them.

His friends starting to take off without them, including the smaller child.
Igeus would gently pull a plastic wrapped gift and set it down for the man.
"I hope your night goes horribly well".

Leaving the decorated vampiric man a small pumpkin candle.
It had a wide grin and a joyous look.
Around it a small border of 4 leaf clovers.

Igeus would then join his friends in leaving to let more precious trick or treaters come to get their pickings.
Smiley (played anonymously)

The Code Mistake formed in front of the temple, looking intently at Mathius. Something about her seemed.. wrong. Like she wasn't supposed to be there.

"Hello, mister." She said cheerfully. "Trick or treat! The last guy I visited was.. kind creepy.."
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

Mathius didn't seem to be bothered by her materializing in front of him. Rather, he was entertained, almost endeared to it. He would reach over and take hold of two bags and he offered the bags to Smiley. He had a smile on his face

"I hope I don't seem creepy"
Smiley (played anonymously)

She takes the two bags, looking at them curiously to see what's inside.

"Oh, you're not creepy at all." Smiley replied. "You're really nice. Thank you."

Just as quickly as she had appeared, the Code Mistake vanished.
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

The jingling of bells could be heard, approaching the temple. The vampire was dressed in a traditional oiran attire. Flowers adored her hair along with pink and red ornaments. Her layered kimono and large obi were decorated with spider webs and bat wings made out of silver thread. It would have been traditional if it weren't for her zerba print nails, flashy rings, or the purposely way that the left side* was over the right.

(( *Note: Left side over right is used for when the person is dead. ))

Babushka followed after Keiko with a red, floral headscarf on. The vampire held a black, lacy fan. "Yoo-hoo!" She called out to Mathius.
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

He maintained his smile before grabbing two bags of the treats and he would offer them to her "Well, hello! You're dressed very nicely!" He gave the compliment to Keiko.
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

"It is Halloween after all, and I just had be to be flashy, sugar", Keiko boasted. She took a look at Mathius' Dracula costume. "You look of a vampire than me", she commented with a friendly smile. The spirit of Halloween was something she enjoyed the most of the year. "Say, is one of those treat bags safe for cats?", she asked in regards for Babushka.
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

"There are a few meat sticks in eachch bag, so I assume Babushka will be fine with them" he smiled at his friend. "Oh, did I tell you? Drael is finally ready to move on from mourning the death of his wife. It feels good to see the Big Guy moving on from his pain"
Keiko Kennedy (played by Astrobean)

"Thank you", Keiko said. She clicked her tongue, signaling Babushka. The cat got closer to Keiko and Mathius. "Drael?", she asked in confusion. "Oh, Bear! It is nice to hear that he is healing." She then looked around for someone and spotted them. "Gotta to go!" The vampire waved at Mathius before rushing towards the other person. Babushka let out a meow to Mathius then walked towards her owner.
The former goddess snuck up behind Mathius, wrapping her arms around him and covering his eyes. "Trick or treat dear. How many visitors have come so far?" She smiles, happy with the event so far.
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

He smiled after hearing her voice and he turned and kissed her "you're always a treat, babe. So far, only eight people came to get these candies and gifts"
Then steps could be heard on the stone pathway: not one, but two people were walking towards the temple. The first one was a human with short brown hair, but with the makeup on her face, fake fangs protuding from her mouth and the red eyes made it clear she was dressed as a vampire. She wore an elegant red dresse reaching the floor and a black cape as her costume. The golden tiara adorned with a green gem on her head suggested she was a princess.

The other one was more peculiar. She had a humanoid torso and a spider lower half, mostly black, but with a red abdomen adorned with back spots. Her upper body had six arms and six brown eyes (four of which were on her forehead). Her hair was glossy black, but was shifting with colors of blue, green, orange, purple and yellow when the moonlight illuminated her. She wore purple witch hat and a purple kimono..

Those two were Agate du Fritillarie, the warrior princess and her trusty friend Micaria Kurogumo who decided to transform herself into a Jorogumo using her Magic. As a half Spider Demon, Micaria already had six arms, but she thought that a spider creature with eight legs and six arms would be an interesting and unique concept for Halloween.


The duo walked up and Micaria inmediately told:

"Trick or Treat!"
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

He looked to the duo not losing his smile. He grabbed four bags of the gifts and treats and he handed the duo each two bags of the treats and gifts.

"Thank you for coming to the temple! Both costumes are fantastic"
"Thanks a lot." Agate courtseyed to Mathius after accepting the treats.. "The vampire princess is satisfied with the treats."

"This temple is also very pretty." Micaria looked up, gazing upon the old building with all six of her eyes.
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

There were several spires that reached into the sky as well as intricate designs on the spires as well as the outer walls.
“Wow this is just as fancy as my castle.“ Agate also looked up. “But this seems to be more ancient.“

“Still, very impressive architecture.“ Micaria added. “The building process must have lasted a for a long time.“
Mathius Kothinto (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

He gestured to Astoria "only she knows for certain. She was the one who put the gears in motion"

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