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“I don’t know how you talked me into this.” Krepta’s head popped around the partition that separated the small cottage’s kitchen from its living room. There was a heavy fur cape around her shoulders, shaggy and black. The not-deer skull she kept around for these specific kinds of occasions was currently resting on the kitchen counter. It was about as much ‘costume’ as the world was going to get out of her tonight.

“You know I don’t do company,” the green eyed warrior accused.

Ven’s answer was an amused hum from somewhere near the great stone fireplace that took up most of the living room’s western wall. The fire was lit and crackling away cheerfully, as it so often was at any point past the last days of summer within the Hallow. The jumble of gilded pinecones and small jack-o-lanterns along its mantle was new this year, however.

“I thought it would be good for you,” the vampire countered smoothly. He crossed the room to inspect her work within the kitchen, his long strides making the room seem smaller somehow, particularly when he leaned over her head to peer at the brownish concoction bubbling away on the stove.

“Besides, this was our deal. I hardly think it’s such a terribly steep price to pay for what you asked of me. … What is this anyway?” Ven’s elegant nose wrinkled a little beneath his dark brows.

“Stew!” Krepta replied, somewhat defensively. She huffed at the Tesseract and inserted herself protectively between himself and the pot. “You told me to cook somethin’! This is what I know how to cook, alright? Lay off!”

“I see…” Something about Ven’s tone seemed vaguely distressed, but he leaned away again all the same. “I’m sure it will be… wonderful. But seeing as our guests will be arriving soon, perhaps I will… contribute some of my own offerings, yes?”

The scarred shapeshifter cast Ven a dirty look, but he took her lack of verbal dissent as permission to proceed, and breezed across the kitchen to begin peering hopefully into cabinets.

Outside, the sun was setting on a sleepy suburb at the end of a cul de sac. The house at the end of the row had been abandoned for as long as anyone could remember, but it seemed that in just the last week, someone had snatched it up, though no one could remember anyone stopping in to tour the house, nor any workmen coming in for the much needed repairs that had been made. And yet, there it was.

The driveway had been swept, the yard tidied, and there were lush rose bushes now growing fat, blood red blooms in verdant nests on either side of the house and up the drive. Someone had nestled clumsily carved jack-o-lanterns between each of the bushes leading up to the door, their crooked, glowing faces somehow still charming. One or two seemed to have been carved with a more elegant hand, their designs mostly flowers, or abstract, flowing shapes.

At promptly, seven, the door to the house opened. Ven leaned down to prop a bejeweled skeleton at its entrance, then straightened up to regard the (for now) empty street. He had changed into an elegant affair of red and black silks, accented with glinting gold antlers that curled above the crimson mask that hid the top half of his handsome face.

Krepta came out to join him reluctantly, the snaggle-toothed monstrosity that she wore a primal echo of the willowy vampire’s own costume. She tilted her head up at him, then glanced over her shoulder.

The living space of the cottage flickered with lit pumpkins set upon every surface, tucked in between displays of fresh sunflowers and tawny fall grasses. Krepta had cleared off the table and arranged for scattered seating, though the selection was eclectic to say the least. Upon the table’s heavy wooden surface, Ven had somehow managed to arrange for a feast of fall delicacies, hot mulled cider, and a colorful cacophony of various sweets.

The stew pot, blackened with age and use, sat stubbornly in the middle of it all, its mysterious contents wafting fragrant steam. Krepta pretended not to notice Ven’s chagrined look at the pot.

“You think folks’ll even show,” she asked dubiously.

“Oh yes,” Ven replied mysteriously. He turned and glided back into the house, smiling softly beneath his mask. “It is All Hallow’s Eve, after all, little dragon, and now is the time for mischief. I have worked some of my own tonight…”

Krepta followed him inside, frowning a little at that. She left the door open behind her. If Ven said that there would be visitors, then she believed him.

She glanced backwards at the setting sun with a growing sense of apprehension.

“Coulda’ just sent out fliers…” Krepta muttered.
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Following the beautiful scent of roses and a hearty, musky stew, mingling in the evening air, Ashuro made her way up to the top of a hill and looked out, seeing the house in the distance, surrounded by flowers and exuding beautiful comfort and light. They made their way down the hill and continued their trek.

Arriving at the door, they knocked. The doorjamb was quite solid, and the door was open, but they made it as loud a rap as they could.

"Excuse me," they said in a soft voice. "Trick or treat?"

They wore a large felted and silken cap, like a minstrel, and carried a packet of scrolls. For their appearance as a caller, their voice was quite delicate, though.
Krepta Eve Walker (played by Jabberwookie) Topic Starter


The impish delight ringing in Ven’s voice as he answered the call made Krepta roll her eyes a little. She watched him lean backwards around the corner to flash a cat-and-canary grin at their visitor, which turned the eye roll swiftly into a frown of warning.

She followed Ven to the front door, hovering a little behind him and to the right, just in case this newcomer needed a timely rescue from the crimson clad troublemaker.

“That sounded like a question. Am I to be the decider?” Ven asked in turn. His eyes flickered appreciatively over the minstrel cap. Not something that he would have chosen to wear, but he could appreciate the way that it was put together. Despite the annoyance of his waning power as summer slipped into autumn, Ven supposed that some merit could be given to this particular holiday. He had always appreciated the pageantry of it all.

“I think the original saying was more of a threat than a question,” Krepta said flatly as she elbowed past the vampire. “Treat or you get tricked.” She cast a pointed look up at Ven, then plucked up one of the little bundles of goodies that he had prepared out of the polished wooden bowl in her arms to offer to their guest.

Despite his teasing, Ven had prepared a nice little selection of gifts. Wrapped as they were in their shimmering, gold and orange bags of muslin, Krepta didn’t know exactly what was in each, but she could make out an assortment of hand wrapped sweets of some sort, a few shiny coins, and what were probably little, old fashioned toys.

“Here ya go, hun. There’s cider and all that jazz inside if you’re chilly. Apparently we’re feeding the neighborhood tonight.” There was a hint of playful annoyance in Krepta’s tone, but she didn’t really seem to mean it.
Chak-tha (played by Anakisuto)

Chak-tha walked up to the residence, looking a little nervous. She didn't have a traditional costume on, she instead made herself a sleek jet-black with orange accents to celebrate the festivities. She also swapped out her normal pink flowers with a few black and purple orchids.

Chak-tha walked up to the scene carefully, not knowing what to expect.
Krepta Eve Walker (played by Jabberwookie) Topic Starter

Krepta noticed the second newcomer lingering on the pathway up to the house. They wore an impressive costume-- or at least she thought so. Some sort of praying mantis inspired getup painted up in Halloween colors, and an incredibly realistic one to boot. Krepta figured that the flowers were there to soften the knee-jerk bug-ick that people usually had. She wished them luck.

Not that she herself minded bugs too much. Even spiders were okay, as long as they minded their manners. The little ones were interesting to watch, and most of them didn't bother her if she didn't bother them. Besides, if they got too big and too uppity-- well, spiders were good eating if you cooked them right.

"Hey there," she called out to the second figure. Krepta was keen to get to them before Ven did this time. "Nice costume! Come and grab some goodies and some food if you want. It's alright-- It's a... uh, kind of a harvest feast, I guess. Sharing the bounty and all that. We also have goodie bags if you wanna just snatch one and run. Totally get it."

Typically that was what she would be doing during events like this on a usual night. Unfortunately, it was not a usual night, and Krepta was a woman of her word, which meant playing co-host to Ven’s shenanigans until the last pumpkin finally went out tonight.

“Hey– how does Tobias feel about you honing in on his turf?” She asked, cutting him a sly look out of the corner of her eye. If he could nettle, then it was open season on him too, as far as she was concerned.

The look he gave in return was satisfactorily tart. She’d probably pay for it somehow later, but at the moment, it was entirely worth it.
Wakumi was walking down the street, being out for trick-or-treating Halloween night. she wore a blue kimono top and a purple hakama skirt, as well as brown boots and a purple witch hat adorned with a blue ribbon. However, for this special occasion, she decided to be more than a normal witch: a moth witch! For this, she asked a friend for a potion, which would transform her appearance sightly: feather-like moth antennae were coming out of her forehead, as well as soft brown fuzz around her neck. She also had large moth wings, which were draped around her body like a cloak. It was practical too, since evenings can be quite chilly during this time of the year.


She walked to the open door of the cottage and exclaimed with her usual cheerful voice:

Zhou Yanfeng (played by Samiakki)

A whole feral nightmare was a little bit much to bring to a neighborhood of what Yanfeng presumed were, for the most part, normal humans. Thus, she had to be tied off somewhere in the woods - she could fend for herself well enough - while Yanfeng entered the town proper. He had amassed a good number of treats, but he doubted it was enough to beat Aluel yet.

Rounding the cul de sac, he raised a hand to adjust the Qing dynasty hat he wore, trying to keep the paper talisman out of his eyes. His costume was that of a jiangshi - a zombie-like creature that fed on people's qi and were usually dressed like Mandarin officials. The extra-long sleeves not only kept his hands warm, but were for an added effect! However, his bucket was shaped like a jack-o'-lantern, which didn't quite match, but it was easy to get from the dollar store.

People seemed to be gathering up around this one particular house, where the door as open. Curious, he head over there himself, hairs on his legs standing on end as he regretted wearing shorts this evening.

"Trick-or-treat," he declared, having arrived not too long after Wakumi. Noting her apparel as a moth-witch, he smiled. "Nice costume."
Krepta Eve Walker (played by Jabberwookie) Topic Starter

Another bug themed costume. Well, they were cute, at least. And Krepta thought the detail on this one's wings were nice. The whole getup looked warm, which was just as well, since the late autumn night had certainly developed a bit of a bite to it. Lucky for Krepta, she naturally tended to run hot, and wouldn't be too uncomfortable until much cooler temperatures came creeping in, as much as she still disliked the chill. Still, as long as she was outside, that bearskin cloak was staying on. It was nice and cozy.

Speaking of mother nature and her many moods, the moon had risen more fully now, round and jack-o-lantern yellow in the sky above. She wore a misty halo around her as she peered up over the dark rooftops of the cul de sac like a massive golden eye.

Krepta lingered a moment to admire the sight before tromping down the shadowed path to greet the other trick or treaters.

“That’s a nice hat,” she called, flashing Wakumi a friendly grin from between the jaws of the skull. Krepta was already reaching for one of the goodie bags as she stopped in front of the woman. With a little toss, it landed squarely in the bucket with a satisfying plunk.

“Happy Halloween!”

“The hopping dead,” Ven said, brushing past the other trick or treaters to circle Yanfeng appraisingly. “My, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen one of those. How very creative. My compliments on your costume.”

He reached out with a long fingered hand to deposit his own gift into the jiangshi’s bucket, and if it jingled with a few more extra coins than the others had, who would ever know?

Ven stepped back with a sweeping bow, and smiled slightly, the tip of one fang glinting at the edge of the mirthful smirk.

“Do watch out for witches and their brooms, my friend. Truly a hazardous night for a ghoul such as yourself.”
Zhou Yanfeng (played by Samiakki)

Yanfeng was pleased as punch that someone recognized his costume. It was a more common figure in East Asia than anywhere else, so when his attire was praised, the 'hopping dead' smiled proudly.

"Thank you," he said, words accented with some native pronunciation. His translating 'teller' was off for now, so as to not rouse suspicion. In any case, he understood the compliments well enough. "I work hard on it."

He glanced into his bucket to see the treats placed there, mildly surprised to hear the jingle of coins. However, what was unexpected wasn't unaccepted. He flashed another grin to Ven and dipped his head.

"Thank you! Do not worry, I will be safe. You have a happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain."

He nodded between Wakumi and Krepta after waving in farewell to Ven. Thus, he turned to be on his way. Hopefully, Little Lady wouldn't be too mad that he hadn't summoned her any longer. . .
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro bowed politely before peering into the bag; they were pleased to make out a wooden bird - a duck? - and several sweets in attractive wrapping. "Thank you very much," they said solemnly, and made their way inside to pick out a mug for cider and a leg of some mysterious meat. Questionable, but not *too questionable*....

Upon encountering any other guests or their kind hosts, they would selfconsciously wipe the grease off their chin and greet, "Happy Hallowe'en," before returning to eating.

With their bag of spoils. and their belly full, the little minstrel would make their way happily out, being sure to sniff and compliment the roses on the way past the door.
"Thank you kindly~" And another bow, and they would practically disappear into the hills....
"Thanks." Wakumi smiled as Krepta placed candy into her jack-o-lantern shaped basket. She was happy to see that host was so friendly.

Wakumi then almost jumped in surprise when Yanfeng complimented her "costume" from behind. "Oh, thanks... The pharmacist noticed that Yanfeng was dressed as a Jiang-shi, something she was familiar with. "Yours too." she responded.

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