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I'm wondering if there is a checkbox I need to click to stay logged in on the site and not log out automatically? I started having the issue recently that I get logged out even when I dont manually do so. I would like to stay logged in indefinitely.

I've really combed through my settings but I can't find anything. Does anyone know how I can remedy this?
Hey! I believe there's a button for that when you first log onto a device.

I would log out, then try to log back in. Enter your username and password. Under the password field, there should be a checkbox that says "Remember Me". Click it, then login.

Then RPR will remember that device and keep you logged in on said device! ^.^
if you did click 'Remember Me' but you're still getting logged out, it might be a browser setting that clears your cache when you close it.
Min-ya Topic Starter

Oh, is that what the "remember me" is for? I assumed it was just to keep the log-in name and password so it always shows up automatically in the fields. I've checked it now, so hopefully it will keep me logged in! Thank you both ^_^

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