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Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko)

The city was busy -- bustling rather, with people swarming the main streets. And this was everyday life; so crowded that it might take half an hour to make it a few blocks. In the middle of the city, rose a giant crystal, branching off into several directions. Deemed as a holy monument, it was treated with great respect, by most at least.

A single female sat on one of the splintering branches of the crystal, ignoring any looks she might be getting from passerbys that didn't like the idea of someone treating their relic like a throne of the city. She was rather enjoying the scenery, with the airships visibly flying by, past all the buildings and obstructions of the city.

She reached up, stretching a bit and yawning. Soon, she would be back in the sky as well. The moment she had stretched, a small, black, furry creature stood from her lap, stretching as well. He sat, looking down at the people around him, seeming a bit more curious about them, than she was.";
The tallish raven headed man walked through the streets, his black coat looking remarkably clean for the area he was in. A large satchel was slung over his shoulder, and a rather handsom looking brown fedora was on his head, obscuring his eyes from most who saw him.

He passed by the people in the crowd, avoiding bumping into them amazingly, then he just stopped. Lucia looked up, his golden eyes locking with the cat's eyes on the crystal monument.
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

It took a moment, but the little creature stood, when it noticed it had caught someones attention. It arched its back, it long, ribbon-like tail flailing in the air behind him as he let out a sort of meow. The woman looked down to the creature, rubbing its back once to calm it, then looking to the male who had caused the little creature such fuss.

"Oh my, what a unique looking one," she said, with a smirk. She pushed herself up, to stand and look down at him. She flicked her bangs from her face, and then leaped down to the next crystal branch... and then the next; until she landed with ease on the ground. She pushed a few people out of her way, and made her way over to the male.

"Why, hello there," she said, grinning. "Not many catch my eye, but... you have indeed accomplished that."
The young man grinned a bit, straightening his hat and shifting the bag on his shoulder. "Thanks for the compliment my Lady." His voice had that smooth bass tone to it, not to deep but not boyish.

"And your little friend caught my eye, but I think I prefer talking to you. You have rather nice moves." he said, nodding to how she had gotten down. "You're pretty quick on your feet..." His voice trailed a bit as he looked at her, then he nodded to himself.

"Actually, I'm looking for a guide. I'm new in town, and I'm interested in getting a look around with someone who knows what they're doing."
Yutsi Raikov (played by biggykei21)

A man is sitting next to the monument with a black cloak on, there is a hood over his face. There seems to be a rifle on his back. People around him stay a distance away from him.
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

"Oh ho ho!" she said, giving his shoulder a little pat. "It just comes naturally, so no big deal really." Her eyes almost lit up in excitement, and she looked down to her little furry companion. She smirked and then gave the man a nod.

"A guide, you say?" she said, placing her finger on her chin, as if to be in thought. "I suppose I could, but I haven't eaten today, and I fear I might not be the best guide when an angry stomach."
Yutsi Raikov (played by biggykei21)

The man looks up and sees the two. He hears what they are talking about and he smirks, trying to see if he would be heard by them.
"What strange coincidence, if I believed in such things, for I am also rather famished."

Lucia grinned and chuckled, a gold coin suddenly fluttering over his knuckles expertly. "Perhaps the first act of being my Guide would be to guide me to a good place to eat?"

Back and forth the coin danced until he flipped it and caught it with his other hand.
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

Andromeda's brow perked, as the coin was tossed about carelessly. A gold coin. A smirk crossed her face. "Ah, yes... A place to eat," she said, looking about them now. She wondered where she could possibly take him. Well, why not go for something pricey... Then she could really gauge just what this guy was carrying.

"How about Celet's... a quaint little place just down this way... I'm sure it would suit your tastes." She began walking, making her way out through the crowds toward a fancy looking building, nestled between two large shops. Yes, this would do nicely. She held out her hand, showing him the direction.
He followed behind her, the coin vanishing into his hand as they walked. When Lucia saw the place he raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

"As long as teh food is good, I hope it's worth the coinage." He may have money, but he wasn't one to throw it around... well, not a lot of it anyways. They went inside, and after getting a booth he looked back to the woman.

"Well.. do you come here often? This kind of place feels like it would take your money faster than a thief." No malice behind his words, just a little humor.
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

"Oh, not very often. I'm not ever treated so nicely by a gentlemen to this sort of place," she said, smiling sheepishly. "But, the few times I have been here, it has been fantastic." The little creature next to her chirped, as if agreeing.

She led him on, and up the the main door, and looking inside. She wasn't dressed in the appropriate attire, but she didn't care. And she showed that fact. She didn't mind showing off her body in the least. "Here we are, sir," she said, holding her hand out to the door.

Inside, a hostess would look at the in an odd manner, not expecting to see ones such as them... or at least, ones like Andromeda.

"May I take you to a seat?" she asked, almost as if this might be a mistake.

"Yes, yes," Andromeda said, and ushered the hostess forward. She quickly took her seat when shown it, and looked to the male with her.
"Let me ask you something..." Lucia rubbed his hands together in thought, looking at the woman. "If a person wanted to... Buy something. Be it a large piece of land, or a ship, or even a business, how would they do it around here?" Random though it may be, he seemed serious about it. Then again, wouldn't you be serious about a take over?
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

She looked at him a moment, as if trying to read him. But she got nothing from it, and merely shrugged. "Well, I suppose the city supervisor would be the best place to start. He is fat, and wealthy, but holds the most power over the city. Or so I have heard."

She laughed a bit, and waved to the waitress before pointing to a fine bottle of brandy. "The whole thing!" she called out, when the waitress gave her an odd look.
"Interesting. Well, should I find something I must have, I at least know who to go to." He chuckled when the waitress brought the bottle, and before the woman could take it he picked it up and poured himself a glass first. Afterwards he slid the bottle to her and lifted his glass. "One more thing before the food begins. Would you be someone a person would call a partner in crime? Because I may need one." He drank his glass, but kept an eye on her.
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

She frowned when he took the bottle before she could even do so herself. But what could she do? He was the one buying after all. She perked a brow when he asked his question.

"What? Me?" she asked, placing her fingertips on her chest and then shook her head. "Why no, I try to do my best to abide by the law and everything." She leaned forward. "That is -- unless there is a good profit in it for me. And don't talk so loud... I don't want this proposition to be found out before I've even had the chance to agree."
"There is always a profit, be it gold or otherwise." setting his glass down he looked at her. "But in this case... It's a whole big pile of money involved, and more to come at the end. Tell if you be interested, and I'll be happy to divulge the details after the meal."
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

She tapped her finger lightly on the table as she thought about this. This guy, for all she knew, could actually be trying to con her. She nearly laughed at the thought. Like that would happen. If he did try anything funny, she would be more than willing to turn it all around on him.

"Alright, I'll bite," she said, taking more of the drink before her. She grit her teeth when she downed it, and then smiled. "Ah! That's the stuff! Come now, order food if you want. I'll call the woman over." She raised her hand, and shouted out for the waitress, who seemed less than pleased to come and help them.
The smile on Lucia's face seemed to give him an eerie glow, but not an unwelcome one. "I'll have you're finest Barbeque, whatever the cook feels in the mood for. And whatever the lady will have if you please." He waved the waitress to Andromeda, pouring himself another drink. He didn't seem to be affected by it so much, despite the amount that he drank. After the girl left he looked back to his companion. "So, tell me a little about yourself. Judging from the look that waitress gave you you're not the sort that usually hangs around this place are you?"
Andromeda (played by kuroi_neko) Topic Starter

Anything she wanted? She smirked. "I'll take the grilled salmon, with sauteed mushrooms and cut potatoes. And maybe some more to drink." She added the last part when he took another drink. The waitress left, and she perked a brow at his comment.

"Of course I'm not the type to come here often. I'm not a rich, snobby, elitist who thinks I'm better than everyone else." She also thought, the waitress's reaction was probably because she had met her somewhere before -- perhaps had a one night stand with her husband or lover. She smiled at the thought.

"Now, what was your name again?" she asked, not recalling if he had told it or not. She wasn't usually one to remember names of intended targets.
"Lucia VanDrayle, Freelancer." He answered, setting his glass down and settling in his seat. "And depending on who you ask, Thief, Spy, and smuggler." He said all this with a small on his face.

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