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Forums » Help » Embedded Youtube Videos - Reformatted?

Has anyone else been having an issue with embedded youtube videos formatted to show only the play-bar suddenly being reformatted to show the upper-left corner of the video screen?

For me, this change occurred some time last night; whereas embedded videos showing only play-bars appeared as normal yesterday, this morning, they've been reformatted everywhere on the site.

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Kim Site Admin

This was not a change that I made. This will have been a change made by Youtube/Google itself, over which I have no control at all.

What browser are you using?
Currently using Firefox, on a Vista machine.
Yes. I am having that same problem.

The videos worked fine late in the night to the wee hours of the morning.
And by the time I came back on in the rising afternoon,
The videos looked like what you described. I tried to see if other heights and widths work, but nope.

Brings it back to the same corner with the link settled in the middle.
Sanne Moderator

Using Chrome, still looks and works okay for me.
Over the course of the last day, it seems to have reverted to the proper format. Odd.

Is anyone else still having this issue, or did it reset for everyone that had been?
Kim Site Admin

Very glad to hear it! I wonder if Google heard a lot of crap about that change, or if it was just a plain mistake.
Hmmm, and I am using Chrome and now I am seeing it.

I'm wondering why it is doing that. (youtube, that is.)
Aye, mine's botched up again. Still on Firefox. Strange. :/
I've not had any issues. I just tried it and it seemed to be working splendidly on my end.
Kim Site Admin

I've been seeing it randomly one way and randomly the other way since this was first reported. I have NO idea what they're doing over there.
Still strange! If you leave the youtube link the regular size, you can watch it embedded, otherwise resizing it seems to mess it up.

It's odd.. one of the youtube links I have up works, while the others will not play.
Has anyone found a workaround?

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