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I don't think I've seen this around before so excuse me if this is a double!

For someone who does (or doesn't) post a lot, sometimes it is hard to find an exact post that I'm looking for. If there was an option to go to a page where it has a collection of all of the posts I've made, it'd make things a lot easier for me. :)
I MIGHT be talking out of my ass, but I thought there used to be a way to search for posts in the past, but it was taken down for lagging the site. I could be thinking about another site however. ^^;
Kim Site Admin

Nope, Katia is exactly right. We used to have this, it's been temporarily removed because it caused a lot of lag and without search/filtering options, turned out to not be very useful to most people. It will be back eventually with those problems solved. :)
Good to know that my memory isn't faulty. Thanks Kim.

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