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Ok. I'll keep this simple.

Time period is mideval. No limit on what kind of characters can join in so I will accept modern and futureistic characters as well. Note that though it's a mideval time period rp Kyle's attire is out of place. That will be explained in a backstory I'll be putting on his page later and in the mean time can be found out from other characters questioning it.

Kyle walked through the woods quietly. His boots gently crunching upon the fallen leaves upon the ground as he observed his surrounding quietly from the shadows of his coats hood. He let out a half hearted sigh as he kept his bow loosely gripped in his left hand as he walked.
"The hunting seems bad these days... Maybe I need a new spot."
He sighed again as he stopped and leaned against a tree his gaze staring all about looking for something he could hunt as he reached into his pocket and lit up a cigarette

"Those people from that time period...they make some weird things..."

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Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Bliss wandered through the woods, her combat boots making not sound at all, she was using all her abilities to hunt this one. Dark circles encased her eyes, which we're not their usual crystal blue, but an dull red. She was hungry, but would not eat until she had him. She paused hearing a male voice almost familiar, she quickly moved into the shadow of a tall fur tree, where she crouched down and waited to see who it was.
Kyle twitched his nose a bit as he took a drag off his cigarette and smirked lightly. He quietly closed his eyes "silence is blissful. The hunting is bad. And my senses perhaps saved me." he then turned and looked directly at the tree Bliss hid behind as he notched an arrow keeping his head low causing the hood of his coat to making his face impossible to see. He blew out a little smoke as he drew in a breath and held it as he took aim with his bow.
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Bliss wouldn't move unless he actually shot the arrow, sat still as a statue, the only thing that might betray her would be her eyes, the shone with the cat like shine that vampiric eyes held when hunger was beginning to set in. She still couldn't place the voice to a face but it was definitely familiar, and not her prey.
He quietly flicked his head back tossing his hood back from his head and stared quietly at the glowing eyes quietly as a slight smirked crossed his face
"hmm...I came out to hunt for sport but it seems I
May be hunting to survive now."
He then chuckled softly as his gaze narrowed
"I'll make you a deal. Show yourself and I promise I'll make it quick and as painless as possible."
As he spoke a sudden air of familiarity enveloped him as he suddenly lost his resolve to shoot for a brief moment
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Laughter bubbled past her lips, "Alright, as you wish. . .but I assure you I'm already dead. . there is no quick and painless about it." she straightened and stepped out of the shadow of the tree her combat boots thudding, no use to keep silent now. Her arms folded across her chest, and she stood there wearing a fairly unimpressed look, "Alright you seem me, Now I see you. . ." quickly it would seem as if she hadn't walked or moved at all, but she was closer to him with in 5 or 6 feet. She could see underneath his hood, but still couldn't quite recognize him.
Quietly he slowly allowed the arrow to move forward as he untouched it and put it back in the quiver as a slight chuckle escaped his lips and he turned his back to her. "red eyes. Your hungry ain't ya? Seems like only yesterday those antics happened between the two of us and the others." he then took a couple of steps away from her as he fully removed his hood and quickly toed back his hair. "how long has it been since you last fed?"
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Bliss would tilt her head to one side, studying him for a few moments. She had seen so many faces in her life time, but this one was mortal so it had to be with in the last 40 years at least, she studied him for a another few moments, then it dawned on her. "It doesn't matter when I fed last, I am in full control Kyle," crouched once more, not in defense or anything, just didn't feel like standing. It's been about four or five years at least. . ."
He turned back to face her quietly as he knelt down in front of her "well it's good that your in control but you made one minor mistake and I'm gonna fix it. You made the mistake pf admitting you have not fed in awhile now. And I'm going to fix it by telling you to feed. Now... Just no turning me or anything. I'm rather fond of the mortal path for now." he would then hold out his arm towards her "and I will tell you this much. I've grown quite stubborn since we last met and I don't feel like arguing with an old friend on a first encounter in some time so just go ahead and feed a bit."
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Arched a brow, "Ahhh but kyle your stubbornness will never compare to that of a 350 year old woman." She refused the proffered meal, "It would take more than a bite to make you a vampire, you would need to consume my blood." she pulled out a cell phone from her jeans pocket, checking the text message she had recieved a while ago, she frowned but ignored it, "My hunger is intentional, I will have one thing and one thing only." her eyes narrowed as she spoke, "I am close too. . .but not close enough," her hands clenched.
"350 years old and I still say you don't look a day over 20" he then chuckled softly as he withdrew his arm and stared at her blankly "so your saving taking care of you hunter for someone special. Not sure if I should call em lucky or not." he then quietly took a drag off of his cigarette that had been in his mouth this whole time as he pulled of his backpack and removed his cowboy hat and placed it upon his head and pulled he front brim of it down into it's trademark position as he stood up. "so if I may ask what's the occasion for this self inflicted starvation? Normally as I recall studying at least vampires will sometimes starve themselves when on a path for revenge wanting to sate their hunger with the blood of the one they seek revenge upon. Not to many eximplify such a level if control over themselves as you though so it must be something pretty big for you to be focused enough to have such a firm control over yourself right now"
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Nodded her head, "Vengeance is a reason yes." she put her cell phone back in to her jeans pocket not replying to the message she had received from her ward. "He killed someone very dear to me, and in doing so left me with two young humans to take care of." her fingers absently brushed the tattoo peaking out the neckline of her shirt, it was a name; Adonna-Leigh. A sigh escaped her lips ans she straightened, "And yes only this immortals blood will satisfy my hunger." she folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the the trunk of a tree
He nodded lightly as his nose twitched a bit before turning about quickly drawing his bow and notching an arrow and letting it fly piercing through the heart of a deer about 100 yards away "vengeance should be sever when it's due but it's not a glorious path to tread upon all the time. You've obviously already let it take some control of you which is normal but don't allow it to fully envelope you." he then chuckled softly "Your vamperic hunger is great given how long you said you've starved yourself...but how's your normal hunger? Never did quite fully grasp how that works..." he then held his bow down at his side as he looked at her over his shoulder "In other news...I didn't expect to run in to you out here but I did know you were out hunting. Little birdie told me. I curse myself for sucking with names but you should know her givin she was playing bar tender at your place. Blonde hair. Pigtails. Assuming she's a mortal. Looks maybe about 17 or 18 mortal years old. Good kid." he then turned his gaze skywards a moment. "being at Elysium for the first time in some time actually inspired me too. I need to do some redecorating but I think I'm gonna open my place back up. May as well. Ain't had anyone come by asking to get ink done and what not but I have still allowed a few people entry to train them in combat. Got one kid now who looks promising. She can't swing a sword to save her life yet but that's understandable given all she had on her was a small dagger."
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

Chose to ignore him comments regarding vengeance, she knew what she was doing and she was going to do it. Perked a brow, "My normal hunger? Like do I want fries and a hamburger. . .?" she laughed, "Some vampires choose to eat a regular meal," her fingers quoted the word eat, "but it is far from necessary." Tilted her head to the side, "Would the little birdy's name be Ingrid? She is my adoptive daughter. Blond and pigtails definitely sound like her. . .she's only 1 6 by the way, and there is hardly anything good about her." Bliss was grumbling now, Like all teens did to their parents, this one was wearing Bliss' patience a little thin, "She is stubbron, too smart for her own good, and has recently taken a liking to explosives." The electronic sounds of her cell phone emmited from her pocket, she silenced them with a grumble. "Yes the elysium is back up and running after a hiatus. I need you to reopen," she tapped the tattoo on her chest, which upon close inspection was badly done, the artist had no clue what to do with vampiric skin. "So screw the rest."
Kyle quietly lifted his head towards the sky again in thought for a moment then shrugged "I guess Ingrid was her name. Did start with an I" he then looked back towards the deer he had just shot moments before and smirked in a way that just screamed 'smart aleck alert'. "Wasn't thinking burgers and fries. I was thinking deer steak." he then turned about to face her and glanced at the ink job on her chest and chuckled softly "Who did that trash? A person who can only ink mortals? I don't need to re open my shop to fix that for ya. I can just bring the equipment by your place and do it there. Or you can just stop by and come on in. The business portion ain't open but I do still live there." he then turned and started walking towards the deer putting his bow over his shoulder and pulling a small knife from his pocket "As for your trouble could always tell her you know a guy to straighten her out if she don't do it on her own. I got a few staves in the training area that still need to be broken in anyways. Now...what do you say about that deer steak?" he then knelt beside the deer and began field dressing it quietly
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

"it would been Ingrid then, the only other person who is supposed to work the bar is Severa, a lovely fledgling with brilliant blue hair," she smiled affectionately, okay so maybe she had taken in a 3 child but this one was different from the others, she was new to her unlife and had no mentor. Bliss made a face when he offered her the deer steak, "I might not be as pick as some but no thanks, not today. Perhaps if I were on the verge of loosing control but," she patted a hip flask that hid under her leather jacket, "for now I have this," she lifted the flask from its holder and uncapped it, the smell of fruit and something metallic hit the air, it was bloodwine. "as for my tattoo, well I can't quite rightly remember her name, I just needed something. . ." she grumbled, "Once I'm home again, sure you can come over and fix it anytime. I'll even give you a proper introduction to my shit disturber. . ." she indicated ingrid.
"Hmmm...More steak for me then." he chuckled softly as he pulled a plastic bag from his pocket and put the endtrails into it before tossing it further into the woods "Buzzards will have a hey day with that." he then lifted the now dressed deer onto his shoulders as he turned back and faced her and walked back towards her "So... Who's the chuckle head who's earned your wrath? Maybe I've heard of em and can help ya out a bit." he then reached into his pocket and quietly lit up another cigarette
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

"I'm fairly sure you haven't he's a European vampire, by the name of Ivan Seiler," she paused, "He drained her completely of blood and discarded her. . . after promising to make her one of us. . ." Her face darkened at a memory, "stupid wanted to be one of us, when I refused we argued. . .she said she find someone who would." she shook head head as if to clear it, Her cell phone went off again, this time it was a different ringtone indicating a phone call, "for the love of," the word god choked off in her throat, "INgrid. . ." she sent it to voice mail.
"Yup. Your right. Never heard of him. If by chance I meet him before you though I'll send him your way." he then chuckled softly "odds of me meeting him though...slim to none." he then quietly looked around quietly for a moment then shook his head "seems we're both having brat where is that little...ok it's settled. This weeks training is gonna be extra harsh for him."
Abigaile Fisher (played anonymously)

"oh I'm sure he knows I'm coming. If he has his sources he'll know, but it doesn't matter." she grinned suddenly her canines glinting brightly, "I will have what I am after." she absently dialed her voice mail intending to listen to the voice mail, Ingrid had left her. "Brat problems? You have children?" she sounded a little surprised, "I did meet your wife. . .she didn't like me too much." she laughed, then snapped her phone shut, "Girl is going to be the death of me." she shook head head absently, "But back to your wife, I actually went looking for you, she gaveme this who the fack are you look, adn how do you know my husband." she laughed hearily and uncapped the flask taking a swig, of the bloodied alcohol. "In her defense I looked a bit like a school girl so," she laughed again taking another drink. The blood wine would keep the worse of the hunger at bay.

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