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Melstrum (played by Dreath)

The Western regions of Amestra are filled with vast woodland forests, massive spans of open fields and farm land and spring loving towns and lordships. That whole region is mostly farm land with a few large cities and plenty of small towns dotted around. They fall under the greater flag of the Empire, the largest human kingdom in the world. Spreading thousands of kilometers with millions of people under it and a capital city so fortified it could rival several Dwarf holds. The armies of the Emperor help keep peace especially with mighty Paladins who lead the forces and take on the many threats around. Threats like the decaying undead and Vampires, brutal Orks, sadistic raiders being the most common in their own regions. These numerous threats among many other beasts and groups around left many places vulnerable. One such reason was a large town called Edinbrough. A township with a walled city which controlled quiet the amount of land under a powerful lord named Francis Larenk. Having sent out for assistance regarding an approaching scourge of undead he summoned for the help of a Paladin to lead his men on an extermination effort and to learn what kind of Necromancer was behind such actions.

A large lumber yard deep inside the woods about a days track from Edinbrough prepared to lock up after a long day of work and production. Filled with twenty five men all emerging from the large barns which held many smoothly cut wood of varying sizes. There were three barns painted green and a massive two story cabin to accommodate them. It was much like an inn inside though smaller in scale. Three woman worked inside prepping stew and night rolled in and the workers began pouring in. Everyone went to tables chatting and laughing as some panted for air. The last two men to wander in were walking back slowly and laughing. They seemed cheery until one looked out into the woods and froze. The other man looked out there and his blood ran cold. They quickly ran inside and from the darkness numerous clanking and rattling bones and loose armor marched out. Several dozen zombies and skeletons began pouring out and their numbers grew as the torch light flickered while they moved past. It didn't take long for the cabin to be surrounded and the screams of those inside could echo through the woods that night.
The next morning a platoon of local soldiers arrived at the lumber mill. The place had been destroyed, wood was strewn every where, there were a number of dead bodies lying on the ground outside the mill. The mill itself had clearly been set ablaze judging by the charred wood and partially destroyed structure. Inside the mill were many charred corpses, though they were far too horribly burnt to be able to tell who was or wasn't a mill worker.

Alognside the platoon of soldiers were a pair of Mercenaries in the employ of the King. They'd been sent to Edinburough upon request of its Lord to help deal with the quickly approaching undead hordes. The more experienced of the pair was Paladin Wilhelm, a very well known and highly respected paladin. His armor and what cloth was on the armor, were clearly modeled to bring wolves to mind with his helmet even resembling a wolf head.

With him was his adopted daughter and apprentice, Jackie. Jackie was an odd creature. She was mostly humanoid, but was covered head to toe in light green fur. Her eyes were large and her face lacked a nose or nostrils. Her ears were long and wide. Her legs were digit grade, standing on her longer toes than her foot like most beings. Lastly a very long, exceptionally powerful tail waved around behind her.

There were several knights encircled around a corpse. "Well, guess this means this wasn't just any ordinary raiding band." Spoke one of the knights. The corpse was a zombie, which made up the bulk of the Undead troops alongside skeletons. This particular Zombie had been beheaded with a woodcutter's axe. The axe was embedded in the ground, and the poor fool who'd attacked the zombie was lying dead not far from the zombie. One of the knights left the group and walked up to Paladin Wilhelm. "Sir, it would seem it was an undead raiding party that came through and attacked this mill. I just sent a few rangers to scout out the woods, see if they can find where ever these damned monsters are hiding." Spoke the knight. "What should our next move be sir?" The Knight questioned.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

Paladin Wilhelm examined the bodies. He scanned over the numerous undead corpses and shattered skeletons about as well as the fresh bodies.
"Why an undead raiding party here? A large amount of bodies and looking at the footprints at least several dozen if not a couple hundred." He says rather suspiciously. "Our main objective now should be locating the horde. Considering where we are chances are they would have some form of Necromancer considering the size of the reported horde and how far they've traveled." Looking over to Jackie he points her to the leaving scouts. "Go with them and keep your eyes open. Something doesn't add up here."

The knights nod and head off to search for any clues. The fire on the main building torched any evidence and the amount of chaos on the ground makes footprints almost impossible to tell. The lumber yard was soon squared off with troops and scouts headed off into the woods in groups of three. Armed with swords and a pistol each they could hold their own against a stray attacker but the horde would be too much for three mere pistols. The knight captain was standing by the horses which were tied up and some logs used as a table to place out a map.
"There's few other places of value here." He says stroking his chin which held noticeable black scruff.
Jackie nodded, before heading off with the knights. Unfortunately, the ground was covered in leaves, so what ever foot prints would have been left by the undead were covered. Jackie thought for a moment. "You two hold up." Jenny said before she jumped onto a near by tree, and quickly began climbing up to its top. "The hell's she doing?" One of the Scouts asked.

Jackie reached the top of the tree, which was thankfully taller than those surrounding. Jenny scanned the horizon for any buildings or non natural structures. She spotted a few old forts that were falling apart. It wasn't long before Jackie was back on the ground. "There's five forts nearby that we should check if none of the other scouts get to them." Jackie said, once she got onto the ground.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

"Yea several old hold outs. The ones that way and that way." The scout points in two far off directions. "Are old guard posts the three you probably saw in the middle were the towers of the old fort there. Fort Ameraque. Hasn't been used in over two hundred years. Was abandoned during the last great storm." He says explaining them. "Ruins are mostly rubble though. No value in there. Though bodies maybe." He says pondering. But as they think this gunshots are heard a few hundred meters to their left. "Damn. This way." The scout shouts and they run after the sound.

Pushed against a tree another scout is lunged at by a zombie. The glowing eyes of the former living man were as empty and ominous as his decayed frame. He went to bite down but the scout managed to raise his sword to cut into the ferals jaw. Thrusting him back his jaw fell off and a quick slash removed the rest of the head. The scout pants before a skeleton tackles him from behind. Several meters away his partner fires off two more shots into the heads of two zombies. One bullet each blowing the back of their heads out. They fell quickly as two more and a skeleton approach. Seeing no time to reload his gun he draws his blade and slashes to hold them off. The skeleton this time is armed and with a sword in hand clashes with the scout. The metallic clang rings out as the swords clash and boney wielder pulls back for another slash.
Jackie and the scouts soon came upon the scene. Jackie drew her sword and charged forward, slamming her shield into the Skeleton as it prepared another swing, throwing it to the ground. She drew her sword back, before thrusting it into the Skeleton's spine, lopping the undead in half.

Jackie's ear turned as the tw ozombies approached. The small spikes on the plates of armor on her tail suddenly grew out to nearly a foot each, as she swung her tail into the zombies, throwing them a good several meters away.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

The scout looks to his savior and crawls to his feet. His panting is taken back by shock as he looks over to his partner who finds his body pinned to the ground and jaw being pulled by the skeleton. Screaming out as his cheeks are torn three shots fire off from the other scouts who were with Jackie. The first blew the skeletons wrist off and the second into its neck. The third hit where the spine and pelvis met. The body fell about twitching for a moment before the magic faded and it was truly dead. The body of the torn skeleton tried to reach for Jackie but it collapsed as all enchantment on it fizzled out.

The scouts tended to their wounded brethren.
"An ambush?" One asks seeing the damage which was minor. The scout who had his jaw pulled spat a bit of blood.
"I think. About half a dozen of the monsters. You may have noticed they got the upper hand thanks." He says wiping his cheek. "So who's this?" He asks about Jackie.
"She's the Paladins apprentice. And a unique one at that." He says noticing the ice like spikes on her tail.
"Let's get moving again." Jackie said, once she was sure the other scouts were ok. "There's a fort and some other structures not far from here. We were going to see if that was where the undead were. Were you three wanting to join us?" Jackie questioned.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

The one tackled stands and walks over.
"I should report back. You three and the trainee scout ahead but do not engage. If you can confirm the location of these undead heathens." He says receiving nods from his allies. Nodding back he sprints off.
"Think you can keep up with our stealth?" One asks Jackie with a smirk. "If so keep up and be quiet." They then run off into the woods silent as the night as they look about for signs of the undead while heading to the abandoned forts.
It wasn't long before Jackie was up in the trees, keeping out of sight and hearing range. The fort came up into view through the trees. It was very very clearly old. The stone that made up the walls was falling apart and covered in dust and dirt. Plants had grown up sticking through the floor of the fort, and vines crept up the walls.

Jackie stayed up in the trees, looking down at the fort. She was tempted to hop down and charge into the fort. She was exceptionally confident in her ability to take on a bunch of dusty old corpses. Eventually she decided to climb down to the ground. "You guys see anything?" Jackie asked quietly as she got to the ground.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

The scouts were spread every couple of meters along the tree line. The closest one shook his head.
"Nothing we have no movement what so ever." He says scanning the old stone. "They could be further inside but it's too risky to charge in. If they are they could easily outnumber us or we them. Too risky." He says whistling. The other scouts form up.
"I say we fall back and report. Better to have our numbers together." The others nod.
"I agree we can get a proper force set up to investigate and be prepared. Paladin come we're heading back." The whole reason they spoke to Jackie on this level was due to her apprentice status. A full Paladin carries a rank roughly of a Major. An apprentice however is not that level of power.

Meanwhile back at the base camp the soldiers got the news about the ambush.
"Seems they're trying to pick us off?" The captain asks. Paladin Wilhelm shook his head.
"No. The force which attacked here was far bigger. We're talking a horde. All reports state a large group of hundreds. I'm guessing what was found was a scout group. A Necromancer would be able to follow the eyes of their undead." He looks over the woods and tenses. "Captain!" He says leaping behind where the captain stood. Being only five feet from the woods the Paladin slashes a zombie which leapt out of the woods in half. His wide sword sliced through like a hot knife in butter. The zombie collapsed and its eyes faded as it died. The captain looked wide eyed as suddenly the horde began pouring out of the woods. Soldiers ran for their weapons as horses flailed while tied.
Jackie nodded. She glanced at the fort again, taking note of the old stone. Should they need to return she had a plan formed to deal with the horde if they were inside. She turned and followed after the scouts. The Scouts and Jackie soon returned to the chaos back at the lodge as the undead battled the knights. Jackie drew her sword, as her hand seemed to become engulfed in a cold mist.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

Being forced back into a circle formation the knights slashed forward carving into the constant zombies and skeletons. Bones crackled and clicked as swords slammed into them splitting skulls and removing limbs. There were several dozen destroyed bodies leading into the center as many zombies were taken down. The undead hordes continued to flow out and surround them pushing forward as they were rapidly loosing ground.
"Hold the line men!" The knight captain cries as he slashes the top of a zombies head off. It drops to the ground with a pool of blood forming.

A glow emanated from the side and with a mighty roar a golden blade of energy slashed into the massing horde surrounding them. Slicing around thirty individuals on the left side and clearing it out as the torn bodies fell to the ground in pieces. Wilhelm lets out a war cry as several more undead start filling the gap.
"Where are they coming from?" He asks looking about as he slashes again slicing two in half with his powerful blade. Blood now covering his armor and some speckles on his face.

The scouts looked on in horror at the horde. There truly were hundreds. Looked like several towns. In fact looking at the common clothing of peasant gear it would seem like it. Likely the zombies were from the towns raided on their way here. The scouts shivered and drew their swords but before they could charge to help several of the undead charged them. A scout charges forward impaling a zombie who grasps his ear. However another shoots the zombie blasting its head off as it falls back and off the sword.
"Apprentice do your thing." He says referring to Jackie's last few 'tricks' she used in combat. There were about twelve zombies and eighteen skeletons surrounding them.
Jackie nodded. She shoved her hand out, as what looked like a small blizzard escaped her hand, blasting the corpses. It didn't take long for the corpses to freeze over. She continued using her blizzard attack until the undead surrounding her and the scouts had all been frozen solid.

Jackie swung her sword, smashing through the forzen zombies and skeletons as she charged towards the main horde. She shot out her blizzard magic again, freezing dozens of undead, though in comparison to the rest of the horde, this was inconsequential.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

Wilhelm looked back to see Jackie freeze and shatter several undead. He smirks.
"About time." He says to himself. Lunging forward he strikes a skeleton on the left side of its ribs and the impact shatters the old bones breaking it in half. "Jackie!" He yells. "Strike the flank and open a path for the knights." He says repelling several swarming him. The Scouts open fire and kill several before finding themselves out of ammo. Drawing their swords they start hacking away as several turn to them.

As the fight went on deeper in the woods, outside the view of the knights and watching the chaos was a slender man in a dark purple, nearly black cloak. In his hands was a staff with what looked like a fleshy bat on the top. His skin looked burnt and contorted and eyes dull as a cavern. "They'll kill them all." He says looking behind himself. "Be ready. Your time to strike will be soon." He says as something in the shadows behind him moves with a fleshy and heavy motion.
Jackie nodded and charged forward, blasting her blizzard at the horde. She immediately went to work, shattering the frozen un dead in the flank. It wasn't long before the flanking undead were mostly cleared out, having been killed by the soldiers or shattered by Jackie.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

Soldiers saw their chance and pushed through moving to Jackie.
"Move through. We'll get a better position!" The Paladin cries as the knights move through filtering along. With the cracking of dusty bones as the Paladins blade shattered several skeletons he took count.
"Seems there numbers are running out." A soldier says hacking a zombies head off. It fell with a thump. The rest took note of the dropping numbers and felt a second wind as they tore into their attackers. As the numbers of the undead dropped everyone felt a hope of survival for this.

In the woods the necromancer looked to his creature and growled. The large beast growls.
"Very well my pet. Show them what's going on." He says and the creature lets out a deep groan. Lifting its large body up it lets out a mighty bellow. The sound echoing through the trees to vibrate around the group. The creature moves slowly from the shadows heading to the group with the ever dropping number of undead.
By now at least half of the horde had been taken out. "I think we're winning!" Jackie declared as she hacked a skeleton in two. She blasted the undead with another Blizzard, allowing the soldiers take out another portion of the horde, before the trees shook as a loud roar echoed from the forest. "What was that?" Jackie asked.
Melstrum (played by Dreath) Topic Starter

The undead seemed to stop and pull back forming almost a ring around the group but at a distance. Wilhelm looked around anxiously.
"What in the world? What was that?" He says looking over to the woods. From the murky depths of wood and bushes a large figure of about ten feet walks out. It was bulky and it's form was that of a nightmare. With a head like a crocodile and a massive grey body covered in chains the body could be seen to have had several scar marks all over it. The beast had dull grey eyes and drooled a slobbery mess. It roared another deep bellow which shook the ground as it stomped forward. Each footstep seemed to shake the ground around it.
"W-What's that?" Jackie asked taking a few steps back. The soldiers backed away as well, holding up their swords, shields, and the guns they still had ammo for.

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