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Within this little game, your goal is to determine what song OP is using by a few lines of the song. Bonus points for the artist.


"It's only half past twelve, but I don't care, it's five o' clock somewhere."

You would answer; Five O' Clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson ft. Jimmy Buffet

Same rise and fall
Who cares at all?
Seduced by fame
A moth into the flame

Metallica - Moth into flame

I'm so iconoclastic I'm clastic
I only want you to think I'm fantastic
I'll participate in what you believe,
If you give me the attention
Yeah, yeah that's the only compensation
I want to be included in your conversation
KansasVenomoth Topic Starter

I Set My Friends of Fire - Things That Rhyme With Orange?

If you go?
If you go your way and I go mine
Are we so?
Are we so helpless against the tide?
Baby, every dog on the street
Knows we're in love with defeat.

U2-Every Breaking Wave?

Te estaba buscando
Por las calles gritando
Eso me está matando oh no

Te estaba buscando
Por las calles gritando
Como un loco tomando oh...

Es que yo sin ti
Y tú sin mi
Dime quién puede ser feliz
Esto no me gusta
Esto no me gusta
El Perdon by Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias

"I've got a feeling that I can't explain
Like I'm crawling out of my skin.
Dead til the moment that You said my name,
Now my heart is beating again."
Royal Tailor - Making Me New [totally love this song btw]

"Come to bed, don't make me sleep alone
Couldn't hide the emptiness; you let it show
Never wanted it to be so cold
Just didn't drink enough to say you love me"

Evanescence- Lithium

"She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky"
Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin' the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
And speak my point of view but it's not sane
It's not sane
KansasVenomoth Topic Starter

Blind Melon - 'No Rain'

They dedicate their lives
To running all of his
He tries to please them all
This bitter man he is

Throughout his life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win
A tired man they see no longer cares
The old man then prepares
To die regretfully
That old man here is me

Metallica- 'The Unforgiven'

Tell me how did you get under this leather skin I wear
Beneath the callouses and tattoos around the walls I built down there
To this heart I've long kept guarded, all alone I was free to fly
But it takes an angel to fly with a free bird
Baby we've got the sky
KansasVenomoth Topic Starter

Brantley Gilbert: 'Hell On An Angel'

Branded in pain
Marked criminally insane
Locked away and kept restrained
Disapprobation, but what have I done
I have yet only just begun
Criminally Insane by Slayer (op, we answered at the same time, Nikina, so I'll just post mine below yours :D)
Criminally Insane by Slayer

Have you got color in your cheeks?
Do you ever get that feelin' that you can't shift the tide
That sticks around like summat's in your teeth
Ah, there's some aces up your sleeve
Have you no idea that you're in deep
I dreamt about you nearly every night this week
How many secrets can you keep?
Arctic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know?

*clears throat*
There's Ord. He's the biggest,
not so brave of heart.
There's Cassie,
so shy, also very smart.
There's Zak and Wheezie and his tales of fun,
'Cause you know two heads are better than one!

Is that the dragon tale theme song..?

Once upon a time in a land far away
There lived a little boy and he drank all day
His friends called him stupid and his brothers called him gay
Emptied all the bottles 'til the pain went away

Whiskey was his friend
He didn't have another
Vicodin his vice
His real and only lover
Smoked a pack or two
It never was a problem
Popped a pill or two
They really made him blossom
ummm....Missio -Everybody Gets High?

Love was the former owner
But quiet is renting our house
It ceases my lips from speaking
But forms a sarcastic smile
Suspense now raised one of your eyebrows
You asked me if there's someone else
I replied yes hell yes

You asked if it's another man I said NO
You laughed and say is it a woman I say YES
Surprisingly you ask me for honey's name

And her name is me
And she loves me more than you'll ever know
And I finally see that
Loving you and loving me just don't seem to work at all
So patiently
She's waiting on me to tell you that she needs love
And to choose between you two
Boy you know if I have to choose I choose me
Omg! My mom's been playing that song a lot lately. Crap what's it called? o.e uhhh "Me" by Tamia!

Thought I couldn't breathe without you, I'm inhaling
You thought I couldn't see without you, perfect vision
You thought I couldn't last without you, but I'm lastin'
You thought that I would die without you, but I'm livin'
Thought that I would fail without you, but I'm on top
Thought it would be over by now, but it won't stop
Thought that I would self destruct, but I'm still here
Even in my years to come, I'm still gon' be here

Ummmm Survivor by Destinys Child im pretty sure.

We can just go on like this
Or say the word, we'll call it quits
Baby, you can go or you can stay
But I wont love you either way

It's been so long since I've felt
Anything inside these walls
You can't heal, you can't hurt
When you don't feel at all
I used to cry and stay up nights
And wonder what went wrong

I think that's Chris Stapleton's Either Way...

Three lights are lit but the fourth one's out,
I can tell 'cause it's a bit darker than the last night's bout,
I forgot about the drought of light bulbs in this house,
So I head out, down a route I think is heading south,

But I'm not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth,
I'm a pro at imperfections and I'm best friends with my doubt,
And now that my mind's out, and now I hear it clear and loud,
I'm thinking, "Wow, I probably shoulda stayed inside my house."
The judge twenty one pilots
Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me

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