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A little about me!
I'm thirty something years old and I draw every day. My commission openings are sporadic and the easiest way to catch them is to watch my Deviantart for updates. I cannot be depended on to do art trades or requests, so I generally don't do them, but I don't mind being asked. I only take them if I'm confident I will follow through. Please don't be offended if I don't reply to your message! I choose not to stress over my inbox.

If you're interested in Rp, you're welcome to leave me a message. Please let me know what you want. I almost never reply to messages that only say 'hi'.

This thread is where I'll be dumping my RP related doodles, and maybe things I just like or want to share.
You can also find me on Tumblr.

I do most of my Rping on Crossroads, a discord Rp server, but I can be a harder to catch than a wild Snipe.

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LETS START WITH FLUFF. My bounty hunter fell for his least favorite person because she pulled some lockpicks out of her suitcase and broke into an arcade.


He thinks he's a cat.


He gives Paris a lot of death looks.
Lovely expressions! Especially the death glare haha
Thank you Pippa! <33 I enjoy drawing his death glares haha.


Not exactly Rp doodles. I wanted to explore how his collar works as a weapon when he's not wearing it.
Ahhh awesome so he uses it kind of like a meteor hammer! Love the idea of that!
Wow I love your style! :D
Ty both! <3
I looked up Meteor Hammers and they're so much like what I had envisioned! I took it and ran.

You probably get this a lot, but I love how expressive your characters are in your art, in body language as well as facially :)
OH wow those action poses look so cool! Meteor Hammers's are awesome I'm glad you like the idea of it! There should be lots of videos with them they are used in asian films a lot and so such! I remember it from researching old weapons and its also in Kill Bill Vol 1 I think? One of the girls has one and she is bad ass with it!
Woow ;o; They're all so nice, though I'm in love with those recent ones (with the collar) especially. They're so fluid and dynamic and stylised but still have great anatomy 10/10
You got that professional look in your art. I noticed you like to draw specific characters you're inspired about (followed on dA for a while). Gotta say though, you're really drawing a lot of Alf. Some could say you're really...

...dragon it out.

*wheeze* I'm here all week!
I get a Mission Impossible/Maui vibe from him. I dig it!

Ty all so much! <333

Iltheyn is right, I can't get enough of this character lately. More Alf below.


If you're interested in Rp, drop me a message! But be warned that my inbox replies are hit and miss.
Hm... Rp sounds nice, but I think we're separated by setting atm. Not like I don't have modern versions of characters, just would have to maybe adjust my profiles to include that...

also didn't know Alf was mayan until just now, and I like him more for it.
Those are some good doodles. *cough* understatement *cough* >.> Just wanted to put in my two cents XD
Ty all! <3

@Iltheyn: Hah! I'm not sure what Alf is, but definitely seems like he's south american. I think he's Guatemalan American by birth, maybe? He grew up in another dimension and doesn't even have a surname at this point, so I guess we'll never know!

Here's an RP related sketch of him creeping on his girlfriend's patio door.

Oh lordy that is terrifying! Turn on the outdoor sprinklers to scare of such a menacing ally cat!
I'll draw something besides Alf someday.

Alf: *Hovers ominously outside patio. Then cuddles happen~!*

Like a doggo in human form.

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