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Hey everyone!

So, I just wanted to put a thing out here that has some tips and advice for using the Looking for RP forums and the 'Find RP' feature! I know sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to post, so hopefully this will lend a hand in helping you find the RP you're looking for!

For when you are posting an RP idea:
1. Keep in mind what audience you are posting for. If you want something more mature (ie gore, language, sexual topics), be sure to post on the correct forum! For those types of RP, or any RP where you just want someone of legal age (18+), go to the 'Adults Only - Looking For RP' forum. :)

2. What kind of RP do you want? If you don't have much of an idea, maybe browse the 'Find RP' section to see if someone has already posted something that sticks out to you.

3. If you have a basic idea, try to think a bit more on it. For instance, don't just post that you're looking for 'mxf romance'. From personal experience, I've found that I am more drawn to RP ideas that are roughly a paragraph or two in size; not too small, but not an entire page. In general, if someone posts a one-liner, I just skim right past it. So if you can think of more detail as to what you're looking for, put it in! 'MxF romance' - Okay, do you want fantasy, modern, sci-fi? Are you open to ideas? Do you want it to be slice-of-life or unique? Say so! :) The more information you give, the better a chance you'll have at finding the perfect RP partner.

4. Use the 'extra details' feature! When posting through the 'Find RP', you can add extra details like what time period your setting is in, how much action you want, if you want a long-term or short-term RP, etc. These extra details are super helpful in getting you the right partner.

5. Post as your character! If you have a character (especially one with a picture), it draws the attention of any person searching for RP, because it's a quick click to get information about the character they would be RPing with. Along that same line, make sure your character profile has at least some information on it! Something about their personality, or some of their quirks; something to give the viewer an idea of whether or not the character will mesh with any of their characters.

6. If you're searching for RP via the 'Find RP' feature, there's a handy (recentish) feature that will really help. At the top right corner of each post is a little 'x' button. If you see some posts that don't appeal to you, just click on the 'x' and confirm that you don't want to continue seeing that result. That way, it weeds out any of the ones you already know you're not interested in, and gives Server a better chance at getting the posts to you that you'll like!

Hopefully these little tips will help you find the perfect RP partner for you! Much love!

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Kim Site Admin

More on this topic is here, too:
* To expand on the above: use keywords such as genres, setting etc. for optimal results. Get into the mindset of your partner: what words and common phrases arethey searching for to find you? Provide the answer.

* Add friends: introduce yourself to new people and add them to your friends list. This puts you directly into people's sonars and they'll see all your updates in their feed.

* Respond to and create topics: again, the more topics you respond to the more visible you are in people's feeds. If your characters are visible this also applies!

* Link to RPR from other sites: not only are you helping Kim and the community massively but people that click through to your profile from tumblr etc. may be intrigued then to RP with you.

* No ifs, no buts - just go for it: Chase those characters and players you want to interact with, people can only say yes or no to an offer of roleplay and it's nice when people ask! But don't take it personally if it's a no, you took initiative and asked and that's a big step! ☺️

* connect to other people's characters after RP: be honest, how many times do you get curious about a connection? It links to your characters profile and makes them more visible!
This! I’m writing up an ad and was looking for the best advice on best content and how to construct it with the limited character space of the title and the preview limit on the community RP highlight and RP search page. This is very useful! Hope it’s ok to bump!

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