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Aekra (played anonymously)

Rules of the game are simple! Post IC, and give the character above you a nickname!

Since RPR is characterized as a smiling server box, I'll just call it HappyBox for now.
Quinne (played by Rook)

Legacy (played by BlackberryFae)

Onnushi (played by yamashta)

Gibbit (played by Degu)

"Sultry Steak Jesus"
Marlemier (played by Ilmarinen)

"Squirrel Mom"
Azilie (played anonymously)

"Mac tíre beag". (Little wolf)
Emile Dent (played by TheTwilightWarrior)

“Short brother... uh, I mean sister... wait, no, I mean...”
Quinne (played by Rook)

Yuan (played by JoJoApples)

"Emo Guy."
Gibbit (played by Degu)

"Archangel Gaybriel"
Evren (played by Rigby)


What? I can't do 'Kid?' I always do 'Kid.'


Gonna' have to wait a few hundred years for the punchline for that one."
Emile Dent (played by TheTwilightWarrior)

"That thing from The Book of Revelation."
“The Imfamous Gunslinger Cowboy”

Devil may care

Gia (played by Panic_)

Red light holder
Quinne (played by Rook)


Blue Eyes

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