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Roy Orbison it's over
Yes I am....

Rhiannon. By fleetwood mac

Optimusprimal99 wrote:
Rhiannon. By fleetwood mac

Yes! Classic Stevie! My quad of songs of this era of Fleetwood Mac songs are Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, World Turning, and The Chain!

Positively 4th street by bob dylan
Don't Stop to Speak or Look Around
Your Gloves and Fan are on the Ground
We're Getting Out of Town
We're Going On the Run
And You're the One... I Want to Come
- Jim Morrison

You've got me on my knees
Worn out and paralyzed
Take the emotions out of me,
Until I fade before your eyes
Full of apathy
The walls come crashing down
A bearer of agony, take the lead
I will serve you now

Just stay alive!
My heart is cold!
You bleed me dry, and I feel no more!
Theres no escape, your my overdose
Into the shape, of my evil ghost
Gimme some truth by John Lennon
How do you sleep John Lennon
Old man Neil young
This classic came up on my youtube playlist... love Ian Anderson!

Ii like this song
If it makes you happy Sheryl Crow
"I put my faith in the people, but the people let me down. So I turn the other way and carry on anyhow"
You can't always get what you want rolling stones
The Persona 5 Scramble OST. Its spicy
Let me roll it to you and no words paul mccartney

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