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So... hello, everyone! I'm brand new here.
Russet is my name, roleplaying (badly) is my game.

To be honest, I'm terrified to introduce myself. :c People are scaaaary.

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Kim Site Admin

Maybe they're scary elsewhere, but we have some of the nicest people you could hope for around here. :)

Welcome to the RPR! Bravo for concurring your stage fright and saying hello to the community. :D
Copper_Dragon Moderator

Helllo thereeee~! *greeting hug* Welcome to the RPR! I promise we have nice, decent folks here (and if that promise gets broken, you can throw pies at me for free!) <3 *gives out cookies for you~*
Darth_Angelus Moderator

We're all friendly here, welcome! :)

Welcome! :D

We're happy cuddly fun people here. :)

Hi there! It's nice to meet you :D Welcome to RPR, hope you have an awesome time here ^^
It's okay! We don't bite<3
Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy it here!

Everyone is very friendly and always rarin for an rp! I'm sure you'll have fun!
Just jump in. Most of us dont bite (to hard or on request)! Just ask talk have fun. Life here is quite wonderful ^^
I'm glad to hear that the community here is so friendly and un-scary. <3 Thank you for all the warm welcomes!
I suppose now I ought to finish putting my characters up so I can roleplay. x3


-pops up-

...welcome :D
PFFFF. People aren't scary.

Spiders are scary. Daytime talk shows are scary. Deadlines are scary. Walking past someone with schizophrenia in the street is uncomfortable. Almost scary.

But people aren't scary. :D

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