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Sanne Moderator

How did it turn out Shade?
i think it turned out well my mother says its really good
I appreciate the concern and advice, Sanne. I'll be done soon, be able to curl up and get some things written out in peace.
fig cookie gives me serotonin

Sanne Moderator

Mmmmmm cookies
I need some advice. >.>
Sanne Moderator

What's up Knight? :D
Oh just got back from lunch. Swimming with character ideas, but not sure which one to use. And also need advice about something.
Hello Ace! How are you?
Pretty good, just gaming.
Should I use up my last remaining character slot?
Anyone else agree with Ace?
*Cricket Chirps*

I guess I was seeking advice at the wrong time. *LOL*
Hi Knight! Sorry I'm here, still emailing.
Hi Rose. :)
Have any spectacular in mind for your last character slot?
That is where I'm struggling with the most. I have several ideas, but undecided on which one I want the most.
What ideas do you have?

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