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This was at least what I remember people wanting.

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Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Riiiight, but your player-account friends aren't generally shown your anon characters. Your anon characters remain anon even from people you have listed as friends.
Oh! I remember one worth bringing up. The ability to give a character you create to someone else's account. I can think of a few reasons for that
I have a question about editing characters...
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

This is very straight forward for characters publicly linked to their players but I keep running into things that would be less than intuitive with anon characters.
Right, the idea being that anon characters are not visible to friends or anyone else as player-characters, friends only characters are only visible to friends and are not marked as anon, and public characters are visible to everyone.
BRB, got some birds demanding my attention...
*rubs chin*
What are the birds' demands?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

@AgentMilkshake - Oh, this one is easy: No, never. :) It creates the potential for some really gnarly social situations. Imagine you have cultivated a friendship with someone via their anon character X. You tell them intimate details about your life. The next week you go to send them another message about some personal troubles you are dealing with, not realizing you are now talking to a completely different person.
Oh yeah, I didn't think about how that could be exploited
Cat food. A crow got used to eating my cat's food.
My thinking was someone who isn't savy with setting up a character so I set it up for them and then pass it over to them instead of them having to fill everything themselves. Or someone leaves the site and a game and they could give that character to someone else, but I guess you could just recreat on your own account
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Another scenario: You run a group that accepts characters. You block player A from your group. Player B joins your group with character C. Not realizing there was a previous problem with Player A, they agree to sell their character C to them. Now A is back in your group.
What if you don't meet the crow's demands?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Maybe they weren't even blocked, they just weren't the person you approved to join.
*catching up...*
Yeah, okay. That makes sense.
Just wanted to pop in and say happy new year
Couldn't a player tell their friends who their anonymous characters are?

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