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What are we wowing? I guess I'll have to read more than the last page. Just give me about an hour.
No idea. I just assumed we were doing it for fun.
*rises from the dead after 6 days*
can someone tell who artist made this? listening.png
(please ignore)
Zoe_Ana wrote:
What are we wowing?
Your return to RPR?



... though ‘Art-Kim’ does look pretty awesome....
Good morning.
Good day eh.
Hey-o. How goes the water-chugging?
sland wrote:
Hey-o. How goes the water-chugging?
I finished my 28 day run on Thursday night. Still downing water, but not at the same rate and I don’t have to record every ounce.
i hate orphix missions so annoying
Right on. I got into water staring at a campus vending machine at highway robbery prices for soda and realizing I couldn't afford to keep drinking the stuff. An aluminum bottle was my best investment for years.
What's that, some warframe stuff?
yeah im doing railjack stuff on switch my railjack is ehh its decent but orphix's are annoying seeing how i don't have my own necromech
All these newfangled frames... back in my day... *grumble grumble*
nechramechs aren't warframes gramps lol

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