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It is also my first time chatting in here. And I realized how late it is.
Oh? Are you a new member?
that is the fourth time someone who was interested in rping my webcomic left before we started...
It's very common, unfortunately.
I've had a few RPs never even get past discussion :')
And, unfortunately, y'all have to deal with my nonsense.
Get the new machine, they said. It will be an upgrade to your decade-old machine, they said. I am thus far unimpressed with this upgrade.
took a day off yesterday
Good afternoon.
Los Santos Rock Radio is a top tier radio station.
strawberriiswirl wrote:

Oh? A new member? Welcome! Make sure to make a post in the introduction forums!
Good morning
Every time I come around, I have 2-3 posts to write
Cool OCs (played by Sunstruck)

Everyone, meet my littel guys... /j /lh
Hi, folks.
Bye, folks.
Oh, bye
hello! this place is so vast and there's so much to do! (quite scary to jump in but here goes) how's everyone's day?
are there any rules to be aware of
Hello there, welcome. There are rules to be aware of. If you go to 'Forums' you'll find the 'Forum Rules'

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