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So yesterday I finished editing "The Walker". He's basically an old character of mine, one of my first. Unfortunately, he got dragged into a mistery situation and disappeared. He just woke up in the state he is now, with a strong form of amnesia. This means he can't remember anything that happened to him in his past life, nor who he is.

Now, I plan to make a series of story arcs revolving him, which will generally revolve around him trying to find out who he was before he lost his memory, what happened to him and how he got that weird-ass marking on his forehead. This post is to find peoples play out the first story arc c:

I haven't figured out completely what to do with his RP yet, so feel free to make suggestions on storylines that revolve both him and your character, and still help him along on the search for his past. This doesn't have to be a long rp, I don't really care for what size you want it to be. It can be 1x1 and group, but I prefer not to go beyond 4 characters, mine included.

If you are interested in this, feel free to post a reply! I'm eager to hear your ideas c:

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Aaahh man..this looks so cool! Just sad that I don't have any room really to use any spots for the profiles. :(
It can be whatever character as long as it 'sort of' fits into his world and is usable in fantasy RP's :) there's no specific requirements
In my others, I haven't created my lycan character. Would that be okay?
Maybe, depends on the plot we'll follow. It still has to fit with his main storyline in the end :) did you have any ideas on how to link the two?
Not off hand but I'm heading home soon from my boyfriend's house. I think more clearly there.
Alright take your time :)
Well, I was thinking either in The Walker's past...that he helped this Lycan female from escaping or was working in combat with her during a battle or something. XD
Okay sounds good to me, but we still have to link it to his main storyline of rediscovering who he was :)
Yeah that's fine. ^_^ I don't mind at all. I always wanted to use my Lycan character.

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