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Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Our story takes us to a world full of love, anger, happiness, dragons, powers, all kinds of creatures, wars, battles, fights, weapon use. My character Kai was born with light powers. His father is the king of this world. He is next in line for the throne. His uncle as always been jealous of his father and what his father has had as a result of being king. Everywhere his uncle goes, he causes chaos and destruction. He kills for the sport of it and don't care who it hurts. Kais father died in a war against his uncle. His father never got the chance to help him learn how to fight. A friend of the family named "King", decided to help Kai to learn how to fight. He had promised his father to look after the boy if anything was to happen to him. Kais mother was living with King in his log cabin. His first fight is with a guy named "Moon" who is kais cousin. Each wolf that is born has certain powers. The powers are : Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Shadow, Earth, Light, and Thunder. If your interested please let me know by way of a message! I really wanna get this rp going. This can be either a one on one rp or a group rp. Feel free to leave a message here as well. Hope to hear from you soon!!

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Diesel (played by Diesel84923)

Diesel would like to join :)
Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

Would a dimension-traveling sorcerer and his familiars be welcomed in this roleplay?
Tetsu (played by HelixDragoonV2)

Hey hey, may I join as well??????
moon (played by animelover)

can I join please? I am half black fox half human and I am a female.
Ramoth Silverblood (played by Elisora)

This sounds pretty cool!! I'd like to join
Sir Gawain (played by SomeFBIDude)

This seem like something I would like, so, I’m in for this.

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