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Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

This tale is not from my world; it is founded in the roots of Itara, a world far from mine and yours, and it’s surrounding planes of existence. In this particular tale, the story is told in Atrana, one of the great kingdoms of its time. The recent High King has fallen ill, and is soon to be upon death’s gate, despite the healer’s best attempts. During this time, a number of strange structures have been placed in multiple locations, indicating some sort of sinister design or something related. Divides in the kingdoms and provinces have begun to emerge, threatening another continental war. Above all, however, an unspoken horror of the deep has been disturbed from its slumber, soon to waken and destroy all in its path. Who will stand against these trials and succeed? Who will save the people, or destroy them? And, even then, one question remains; has the end finally come to the land of Itara?

This is a story within the world of Itara, created by yours truly (Arcol) for times in the future. Without further interruptions, I bring you the Itarian Chronicles; Atrana!!!

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Elunaria (played anonymously)

magic allowed? (im interested)
Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

Magic is a major part of the world, so yes.
Elunaria (played anonymously)

Ah ok. So is there gods or goddesses in your rp(my chapter kinda is spiritual she has powers but she part goddess but it has not awakened inside of her yet)
Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

There are gods, but they are divided into two groups; the Risen Masters and the Fallen Lords. The Risen are good, but the Fallen are evil.
Elunaria (played anonymously) in.
Netharan (played by Arcol)

((Everyone else should be here soon, just as soon as I upload the link))
Elunaria (played anonymously)

how many people are going to rp?
Arun-Ja (played by Arcol)

(About six, including you.)

The forests of Varanon, just south of Athelon, have always been somewhat beautiful, despite the unforeseen dangers lurking within; bandits, goblins, and other ferocious creatures of the hidden wood. And with the High King having fallen into severe illness, they are even more dangerous. Only the brave or the foolish dare venture farther than needed. But are you among the brave, or the foolish? We shall see.
Elunaria (played anonymously)

Elunaria was going about her duty communing with the gods. She trained her whole life to fight and use magic. But today was not a day to fight but tocommune with the gods for guidance and why the king died. So she meditated by a pool reflecting the full moon. Her name moaned moon. So she was closest to the moon goddess.
Dulirn (played by Juls)

Rumors of the strange structures have drawn Dulirn, a normally reclusive wizard, from his own small tower. Were they related to the failing health of the High King? Possibly some organization preparing to seize power the moment his body was interred in its tomb? Or was there an even deeper meaning?

Regardless, their appearance seemed to suggest some kind of magic and if there was a chance to increase his own abilities to summon otherworldly powers, then he was not about to let that pass him by. The trouble was... he didn't know where these structures might be. So he would go to Athelon to find out. The other trouble was that going to Athelon required passing through the forests of Varanon, a dangerous proposition.

"Keep up, Urir," the wizard said, looking back to his ever-present sidekick. Urir was a short man-ish creature of few words and a constantly sour expression. He gave a small grunt as the only acknowledgement Dulirn had spoken, continuing on at the same frustratingly slow pace.

"Eh... wuts 'at?" Urir stopped, pointing ahead toward where moonlight was glinting off a pool of water.

The wizard paused and squinted ahead. "A person, I think. Best go around," he replied, not wishing trouble with one of the bandit groups rumored to dwell with the forests of Varanon.

The hunters were beginning to close in on the boar.

It was a young male, not as meaty as they would have liked, but they were running low on food. It was a long way to Athelon, and money was running short. There were always travelers on the road looking to buy supplies, and Renna, the elder of the pair, was sure they'd be able to get some coin in their pocket in exchange for a few pounds of meat, fat, and the boar's long vicious tusks.

Thanks to her elven mother's blood, Renna's eyes saw better at night that those of most hunters, and she could see the trail the boar had cut through the underbrush. Gripping her long spear tight, she motioned to her partner, a huge midnight-blue bear with a silvery-white belly. The bear made almost no noise as it padded off to the left, aiming to cut off their quarry before it could make its escape.

Some distance ahead, the boar snorted and looked around, sensing the impending danger. A moment later, an earth-shaking roar exploded through the forest, as the bear raced through the trees towards its prey. The boar had the advantage of knowing the land though, and tore off to the right, hoping to make it to the watering hole to break its scent trail.

But just as it splashed into the water of the moonlit pool, another shriek pierced the forest, this time from the woman's throat. A split second later, Renna's spear had pierced the boar's side so deeply it was lodged into the soft mud at the bottom of the pool, pinning the animal down in the water where it made a series of horrible squealing gurgles. Emerging from the shadows of the wood, the hunter stepped forward and knelt beside the animal almost tenderly.

Then, without another word, she slashed the boar's throat with her knife, ending the noise. The woman murmured something in an odd language over its body, then using her spear as a lever, pried the animal out of the water and dragged him onto the shore of the pool.

It was at that moment the bear rejoined her two-legged hunting partner, but the furry beast seemed uninterested in the fresh kill. Instead, its large black eyes were fixated on the figure of a woman across the pool.

Renna followed the bear's gaze, then blinked in surprise. "Oh, hello over there!" she called, wiping blood from her hands. "Forgive me, I did not notice you before. I hope I have not disturbed you?"
Elunaria (played anonymously)

“ you have but it fine.” She opened her eyes. “ I guessin need to find a new lake. “ she looked at the blood in the lake. “ what are you doing here?” Her eyes a bright blue her silver hair flowed in the wind. She glowed like the moon. She blinked staring you in the eye. “ next time don’t make it suffer.”
"Ah...I am sorry," Renna glanced at the blood in the water. "I did not know this was a sacred place. I am a stranger here, I was just hunting for meat." She grabbed the boar by the tusk and raised its lifeless head to demonstrate.

However, she dropped it again immediately when the woman began to glow. The huntress had seen many things on her journey thus far, but a glowing person was a new one, and more than a little disconcerting. Had she stumbled upon a place of spirits? If so, an offering would be in order.

"Forgive me, I will kill it faster next time," Renna apologized, then gestured towards the boar again. "If you are a spirit, may I make amends by offering you choice of the body? Or if not...I would be happy to share with you. Niya and I cannot possibly eat or carry all of this."

At her name, the blue bear stepped forward, growling a very soft warning at the glowing lady. Whatever the human might have thought, Niya was not so impressed by or trusting of the strange new humanoid.
Click (played by Gus)

"Click!" yelled his clan boss, getting impatient. The attack party of the Clan of the Very Sharp Stick was setting out to ensnare forest trespassers, and their number was down by one.
"Hm? Oh, er- yes, boss. Be right there." replied Click, the weakest link in the clan.
He carefully gathered up the music-box-in-progress (at present, mostly bits of clockwork and bent tin), along with his tools, and packed them away into his Bag of Holding.
He didn't like these missions much - he wasn't much of a combatant, and most often he'd rather be down in his workshop tinkering with his latest device. But, occasionally, their attacks rendered useful loot, and if he wanted anything good, he'd have to get there first.
So, the goblin party, now with all 14 members present, scuttled silently out of their underground lair and into the wide, dark forest, armed with daggers, crossbows, teeth, claws, and Very Sharp Sticks, to find and attack any wayward travellers they reckoned they could take on.
It wasn't long before one of them spotted Dulirn and Urir, and the ambush was set.
Elunaria (played anonymously)

Elunaria shook head. “ I’m not a spirit I’m simply a oracle or priestess I commune with the gods and use magic. I’m sorry if I scared you. I’m not use to visitors.” She offers the bear a treat. Then looks at you. “ your fine.”
Dulirn (played by Juls)

The pair made a wide circle around the moonlit pool Urir had spotted as they continued their trek toward Athelon. And both were glad of it, particularly as they heard some crashing and distant sounds of a struggle soon after, though were too far away to hear any of the conversation that followed.

"See Urir, best to just avoid situations like that..." Dulirn said smugly as he ducked under a low hanging branch, as if it had been he and not Urir to have first spotted the potential for danger.

Urir grunted slightly in response, trudging along behind the wizard.

"Whoever or whatever that was clearly wasn't paying attention to his surroundings..." Dulirn continued, remaining oblivious to the goblin ambush just ahead...
The bear did not move toward the offered treat, not being friendly to those she had not known from birth. But taking a cue from her partner, she did relax a bit, falling back on her haunches and turning her attention to the kill.

Renna smiled slightly at her friend, then cut her a large, choice chunk of rump and tossed it to her. The bear tore into the meat appreciatively, though she still kept one eye suspiciously on the oracle.

Meanwhile, the huntress's long knife continue to carve up the carcass. Turning a pair of deep blue eyes at the woman, she held out an organ that may have been the heart, or the liver.

"Would you like some? You will want to cook it soon, the organs spoil the fastest of all the meat." She was beginning to wrap the other cuts of meat in some odd-looking skins she had pulled from her traveling pack. "It is the least I can do, considering I have spoiled your water."
Click (played by Gus)

"Attack!" cried the goblin boss, though to those who didn't speak the goblin tongue, it sounded like
Immediately, they were faced with five pairs of yellow eyes and six drawn blades (the goblin known as Two-knife was living up to his name). Should they look behind them, they'd find five more, and to each side, two.
The goblins did not stand there and wait. They had no intention of negotiating; it wasn't 'your money or your life', it was quite clearly 'both'.
They quickly advanced upon the pair and began to strike.
Click was among the rear party, reluctantly bearing a sharpened stick, and hoping not too get too involved lest his spectacles break.
Elunaria (played anonymously)

“ no but I will take if for a sacrifice.” She took it. Putting it in a box. She smiled “ thank you dear. Your fine.” She turned to walk away. Hiding inside her she felt alone and abandoned and sad. She hid it well and walked on.

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