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Brenna (played by Juls)

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Brenna (played by Juls)

((So sorry! Last week was super busy and I fell way far behind on replies!))

"Maybe so," Brenna said softly to Betty. But she wasn't so convinced he was delusional. A dead body downstairs suggested that he might have real cause for concern.

So she slipped past Betty and over to Mr Swathmore. "Who is it that's after you?"
Pint (played by MordosKull)

Pint came about to face Dalin and he regarded the other dwarf with quiet contemplation. Pint had learned long ago not to jump to conclusions too quickly, and this included assuming that someone was racist towards his kind the stout folk. While it was possible that the Lieutenant had such prejudice, it seemed a little too simple of a reason for him to believe that it was Dailin that did it.

"Dinnae.." Pint said at last, "I think the lad is just naive." Peter did strike him as being kind of young by the way he was able to intimidate him.

One thing Pint had to admit though was that, naive or not, Peter's guess was probably as good as his in regards of who had committed the murder. Pint was right confused right now, and as he had told the Lieutenant, the only cases he cracks are skulls with his axe.

"Hm? Where's Brenna?" He asked suddenly as he had a look around, being remiss to have his charge be off his gaze for too long.

Then the bell rang as he pondered that and he rolled his eyes, particularly at Lady Helena questioning everyone's bravery as usual. "I'll go with ye, Mick."

One thing was true, with Orcs out in the dark one couldn't be too careful. He stepped to the side of the door and let Mick answer, but if someone tried to break through they'd have to answer to his Urgrosh.
Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

"THEY are after me" says Mr Swathmore to Brenna, "I don't know who they are, but they have fingers everywhere. It's a conspiracy to destroy me. They must have infiltrated this inn, and killed Baring. I can't believe that Baring is dead."
"The murderer might strike again" says Betty, "Do you want to come back to the tap room, where at least you'll be with the others?"

"Brenna's upstairs" says Caitlin, "she's checking out that mysterious gentleman, Mr Swathmore. Do you think he could have had anything to do with it?"

Pint follows Bald Mick and the dogs to the door. There's a pool of light of the sort Pint hasn't seen before shining through the gate. He's used to the flickering light of lanterns and of torches. This light is white, and cold, and constant, like the Sun in the far North.
Bald Mick opens the gate, and there's a mounted figure. The light emanates from a staff he is carrying. glowing wondrously.
"I'm Father Geoffrey" he says, "Sorry to come so late, but I was a little delayed. I'm to marry Henry Fitzroy and the Lady Helena, when she gets to Great Whiteminister. There are orcs about on the road, you know. They shot arrows at me. Fortunately I galloped off too fast for them to catch me."
"Samuel will see to your horse" says Bald Mick.
"We need to do something about those orcs." says Fr Geoffrey, "Maybe get the regiment out from Fort Middlesburg to hunt them down. But we can't get a message there."
Brenna (played by Juls)

Maybe Betty was right and the man really was delusional. But delusional or not, the murder of Captain Baring was real enough. Who was to say who else's life would be in jeopardy?

"Betty's right..." Brenna urged him. "I know you don't feel well, but it would be safer downstairs. Amongst the others."

As if that would help... she chided herself. Baring had been surrounded by people and that hadn't stopped the killer.
Pint (played by MordosKull)

"Tha' bloody hell? There's gonna be a wedding?" Pint blinked and looked very surprised at the appearance of a priest. Then he glanced back at Lady Helena and suddenly remembered what was she going on about for nearly the whole night. "Oh right, now I remember."

"Well, come on in, Father, take a load off." Pint said, not feeling like being the one to tell Father Geoffrey about the recent murder, he'd let one of the friendly guards actually do their job for once and handle that.

"Say, Father, donna suppose ye saw just how many orcs are out there did ye? And if they're getting closer to the inn perchance?"
Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

"I'll go down" says Mr Swathmore, at last, and heaves himself out of bed. He reaches for a small furry object, and attaches it to his upper lip - his mustache was false. He then puts on his boots, which Brenna notices are very well-made, and his outer tunic, which has a very fine weave, almost hose.

Brenna, Betty, and Mr Swathmore descend the stairs to the common room. Mr Swathmore is just about to sit down when Pint, Bald Mick, and Fr Geoffrey enter. Mr Swathmore and Fr Geoffrey do a sort of double take, the two men appear to recognise each other, then pretend they have not. Or maybe it was a mistaken recognition.

"I was delayed in the road", explains Fr Geoffrey, so I had to come at night. Fortunately we clerics can create light, so I was able to use my staff and enable the horse to see. But that also meant that any orcs could spot me from miles off. They laid in ambush and shot arrows at me. There must have been at least half a dozen of them. I just spurred on my horse and galloped as fast as I could. Fortunately none of them hit - sheer luck - it would have only taken one arrow and it would have been a different story. Anyway, I'm here to see the lady Helena. I'm to conduct her wedding ceremony at Great Whiteminster."
Brenna (played by Juls)

Brenna could not help but take note of how the two men reacted to each other, but she made no mention of it, uncertain how it fit... if at all ... into the murder of Captain Baring. Since both men had reacted the same way, she did not think it to be a simple mistake. She'd keep an eye on any further interaction between the two men.

Her brow knit in slight worry over the news that the orcs had tried to attack the cleric. If some had attacked here while others attacked the cleric, the woods must be crawling with the creatures. Were they planning something larger?

Were the half-orcs in here earlier in on this too?

No answers, just questions...

((Where is Baring's body now? Is it still in the common room?))
Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

Brenna notices that Fr Geoffrey and Mr Swathmore seem to be avoiding eye contact with each other. It's very subtle. Fr Geoffrey goes over to the bar, and he turns his back on Mr Swathmore where you would have expected him to face him. Mr Swathmore is looking quietly down into his drink.

Baring's body has been taken to his room and (you hear) laid on his bed. You haven't actually verified that, but there seems no reason to disbelieve the soldiers when they say those were Lieutenant Peter's orders.

"The road has been clear of orcs until tonight" says Bald Mick, "we haven't had any trouble for many months. You were lucky not to be killed."
"We clerics have ways of protecting ourselves" says Fr Geoffrey, "the orcs likely didn't realise who they were dealing with. There was also an element of luck involved, I'll admit. But I'm here to see the Lady Helena. Which one is her?"

The Petulan ambassador bristles at this request.

((Sorry for the delay. I've been on my adventures with Christmas approaching.))
Pint (played by MordosKull)

Pint took solace in seeing Brenna again. With all the craziness that was happening in the inn he was worried that someone would try to murder her too. He wasn't exactly sure why he suddenly felt like the woman's bodyguard, but as a fighter he felt it was naturally his duty to take care of his companions. Besides, fighting potential murderers off was literally the only thing he could do in cases like this, his deductive reasoning was mediocre at best, and likely not enough to solve this mystery.

"Unbelievable, there's marauding orcs outside and ye blokes are thinkin' about a wedding??" Pint grumbled. "No wonder them green skins are always preying on ye humans. If this was a proper dwarven stronghold we'd be sallying forth to wipe 'em out!"

He shook his head in disapproval. "Anyways, go ahead and get the ceremony going or wotever. Maybe it'll attract the orcs and we can have us a proper fight."

The dwarf then walked over Brenna to talk off to the side with her. "Wot about ye, lass? Found anything? Or are ye waiting to be a brides maid fer Lady Helena?"
Brenna (played by Juls)

At Fr Geoffrey's question, Brenna caught his eye if she could and then gestured toward Helena. She then cast a quick glance at Mr Swathmore to see if he was still making an extra effort to avoid eye contact.

A hint of an amused smile crept up the corners of Brenna's mouth at Pint's comment, despite her best efforts to keep a straight face. "Didn't you know? That's my master plan to steal away her betrothed," she said, keeping her voice down so that hopefully no one else would overhear. The last thing she needed was someone thinking she was serious about something like that.

"This here is Mr Swathmore..." she told Pint. "Mr Swathmore, this is Pint." Introductions complete, she jumped right into the matter, still unsure if the man was simply paranoid or if his fears were founded.

"He says that whoever killed Baring intends to kill him too..." her tone suggested some uncertainty on her part.
Pint (played by MordosKull)

Pint frowned and didn't look very amused at Brenna's joke for some reason, he crossed his arms and said, "Donna even joke 'bout somethin' like that."

But he was eager to get to what was possibly their first real clue in this whole business and he turned to look at Mr Swathmore.

"Aye? Wot makes ye say that, old man?"
Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

Brenna points out Lady Helena to Fr Geoffrey.

"Your ladyship" says Fr Geoffrey, "I'm Father Geoffrey, the priest who is to conduct your wedding to Henry Fitzroy. May I just have a brief word with you, in private?"
"No, that won't be possible Father" says the Petulan ambassador, "whilst I am travelling with Lady Helena, I am in loco parentis. She doesn't speak to anyone without me present."
Lady Helena scowls.
"But a priest, surely" says Caitlin, "what if he wants to hear her confession?"
Macey is suddenly all ears.
"Caitlin" he says softly, "Did Lady Helena tell you of any impediment to her marriage?"

Meanwhile Pint and Brenna are talking to Mr Swathmore.
"I think the murderer's real target is me" says Mr Swathmore, "I'm not saying that Baring had no enemies, but with all due respect to him, he's not worth killing. I am. I'm a very high value individual. And Baring was my protection, with him gone, we're all much more vulnerable than we would have been with him alive. Lieutenant Peter can't command the troops."
He sighs. I just feel too old and ill to defend myself. But how do I know who I can trust? Are you one of those dwarves that never tells a lie?"
Brenna (played by Juls)

Brenna, in her efforts to study the deliberate non-interaction between Fr Geoffrey and Mr Swathmore, couldn't help but overhear a little bit of the conversation taking place just behind them.

She might have brushed it off, if not for Mistress Weather's predictions and the idea that Caitlin had stuck in her head about Lady Helena's betrothed. But as it was, she could not help but let her attention drift to Caitlin's response, trying to hear the answer to Macey's softly spoken question...

((Need a roll?))
Pint (played by MordosKull)

"Do I look like one of 'em goody goody two shoes to ye?" Pint asked back when Swathmore asked if he was one of the Never Tell A Lie Dwarves.

"Nae, mate. I ain't, and ye can trust me on that. Ye can also trust me on keeping yer arse safe, provided ye can pay me fer me trouble. Wot do ye say, eh? How much gold is yer life worth?" Frankly, he didn't care why people wanted Swathmore dead, Pint was more interested in getting paid, and if this guy had a prize on his head then maybe it was because he had lots of gold to his name.
Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

((Two rolls))
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 12.

Note: Brenna perception

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 13.

Note: Pint perception

Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

Brenna strains to overhear Caitlin.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 13.

Note: Brenna perception

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.

Note: Pint perception

Dwarf Mine GM (played by Malcolm)

Caitlin says something inaudible to her father, but Brenna notices a little shake of her head.

"I feel I'm stitched up, Father" says Helena.
"Your Ladyship" objects the Petulan ambassador.
There follows a brief exchange in Petulan, which Brenna cannot follow.
"But it's the truth, isn't it?" says Lady Helena, in common.

"I need to talk to er on her own" reiterates Father Geoffrey.

"Look, Father" says Lieutenant Peter, "there's been a murder. You're
obviously not aware. The commander of the garrison, Captain Baring,
has been poisoned."
"Soon solve that" says Father Geoffrey, "get the suspects to swear on
my holy symbol. Where is my holy symbol?" He searches desperately
in his pouches. "Oh no, I must have dropped it in the road. My holy
symbol! I can't do anything without my holy symbol."

Mistress Weather's cat is lying by Brenna's feet. Kitty is at the bar.
Brenna notices that Mr Swathmore doesn't seem to be able to take his
eyes off Kitty.

PInt seems to have won Mr Swathmore's trust.
"How much to get me safely back to Great Whiteminster?" Mr Swathmore
asks Pint. "I don't care how you do it, even by magic. But I want that
barmaid out of danger too. Then what's going on with Lady Helena? Do
you know anything I don't?"
He sighs,
"I suppose I'd better tell you who I really am."
Brenna (played by Juls)

((I haven't figured it out yet! <.< But I'm wondering if that dang cat is a spy!! ;) ))

As much as Brenna wanted to hear what Mr Swathmore was going to tell them, he seemed to take to Pint and she reluctantly moved closer to Father Geoffrey, seeing an opening in that conversation. They could compare notes later...

"Was it close that the orcs attacked, Father?" Brenna asked. "If so, perhaps we could go find it first thing in the morning."
Pint (played by MordosKull)

((I'm also suspecting the cat but I don't think Pint would think of something like that))

"For the both of ye?" Said Pint as he mulled over, thinking how hard would it be to transport two people back to shore through an orc infested forest. He was going to go there anyway, and if Brenna wanted to stick around he was looking at at least five people plus himself, no doubt Dain would want to bring Mistress Weather and the cat too. Pint though that he might need to borrow Mug's or someone else's wagon, but it was definitely doable.

"Lets say, 50 gold pieces fer now. Liable to change at my discretion."

He shrugged when Swathmore asked about Lady Helena, truly not knowing anything out of the extraordinary. "I dunno wot's her problem." And he left it at that.

"Oh?" Then, as Swathmore said that he was ready to reveal his identity, Pint seemed a little curious, looking at him over. "Who are ye then?"

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