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Sarah Voight (played anonymously)

If you asked many people what the world was like before all of this, many would say fun, or calming...or peaceful. Many enjoyed their day to day lives; going to school or work, socialising with colleagues or friends. Having a family, fighting crime, fires. Despite complaining so much, many people do- or, more or less did- enjoy how they lived. How they survived in a modern day world. But you cant ask many people anymore, since they've either had their heads blown out or are roaming the streets as brainless rotting barely human figures.

However, if you travelled far enough into the woods just on the side of an overrun urban town, you'd find a group of kids- teenagers- living in a boarded up, revamped survival boarding school. And they would most probably tell you that life wasn't all fun and sunshine before the world died. Not for them, or their friends.

"But does any of that really matter now?" Sarah Voight was talking to herself- again- or more to the voices that had crowded her head. She was a 16-year-old slightly schizophrenic psychopath who had been orphaned shortly before she was sent away to the boarding school. She didn't really think the world she lived in now was much different to the one they had lived in before. Just most of the population was more brain-dead than they had been before, and more murder occured. Not much more, though.

Despite her controversial beliefs, she was a great fighter. Could kill easily, considering she thought it was fun. Murder was a normal part of life for her, and it had been before the dead started rising. She found joy in doing such a thing, which is why she was deemed a psychopath.

Chance, her twin brother, came bouncing up to the girl with a passion for singing. He ruffled her hair before looping his arms around the small girls shoulders and resting his chin on the top of her head. "It's been awfully quiet the past few days, dont'cha think?" he stated. He gained no response from his sister as he let out a slightly hurt huff at simply being annoyed. "C'mon. You can talk to me." he whined. "Heck, you don't talk to any of the others, like Aaron or Roxanne... So I'm the only person you can talk to!"

When he still gained no response, he let out another annoyed huff as he pushed himself away from the now silent girl, sitting at one of the two tables that had been left intact outside of the school. He rested his left cheek on his left palm, still staring at his sister.
Roxanna was leaning on the door frame of the building. Her one visible eye watching the younger ones. Her expression changed a lot in a couple seconds from anger to calm. Then back to anger. Her messy grey hair falling in her face.

“ oi! Watch how you behave with each other! Don’t make me look you two in the basement again! “ she called out with a thic German accent. She placed her hand on her sword that rested on her hip before walking inside to look for Aaron, walking past any of the other kids.

She slipped down the hallway and looked into the once office that held the head of the school, long dead now. “ Aaron? Where the bloody hell did you get too? We need to think about moving on soon bit you haven’t made up your mind..” she muttered as she hoped he was in the office
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

He woke with a start, another dream (or nightmare) bringing him back to this horrid reality. It had all seemed like a dream itself when it all began, but he knew better now; the world had ended, and from its ashes, a world of pure chaos and survival emerged. Most were infected with some sort of disease that effectively made them zombies, and those that hadn’t been infected had either barred themselves up in preparation, turned to savage raiders and bandits that had little to no consideration of humanity, or, like him, had been caught unawares and was (un)lucky enough to find or be in a “safe” place, with too few supplies for raiders to take notice and not enough people for the infected to be hungry enough for. He sat up in the bed, looking out the window to what the world had become; a mostly lifeless rock, a shadow of its former self when people took things for granted. Now, he’d be grateful for even a drop of good water or delicious food, rather than have to rely on disappearing rations. He was too distracted at the time to hear her, instead daydreaming of the life that once was.
Micheal story starts with him leaning against the wrought iron fence on the side of the school. He completely ignored the zed pulling on his shoulder through the fence. Most people would be terrified in his situation. But unlike other people, Mike just shied, shrugged off the zed's hand, turned around to flip him off, and walked away.

"Just want some shut eye. That too much to ask for nowadays?" Mike groaned as he entered the main courtyard. "Mornin'" Mike greeted the twins as he walked past them towards the gate to check how man zeds there were.
Sarah Voight (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"I'll lock you in th basement." Sarah hissed quietly, running a hand through her brown locks as she stood up from the stone she had been sat on and went over to the iron fence Micheal had previously been leaning against. Chance continued to watch, making sure she wasnt going to do anything stupid. Sarah waited for a moment so a zombie would come up to the fence before she pulled her life and stabbed it straight through the top of its skull, with an oddly bored expression. She then removed her knife and slipped it back in its sheath, before she let out a somewhat desperate sigh.

"This is boring." she sneered, glancing back at Chance. "Can I-"

Knowing what she was going to say, Chance quickly cut the girl off from making a terribly stupid remark. "No, you cannot. Despite that it may be quiet here, doesn't mean it's quiet elsewhere. I'm not risking your life, 'kay?" All he recieved in a response was a very rude profanity thrown towards him, to which he squinted at her. "Say that again." And she repeated her profanity, folding her arms and waiting for his reaction.

He dashed at her, which made a grin arise to her face. She just wanted to annoy him so she would have something to do, and clearly, it worked. She took off in the direction of the school, pushing through the doors and speeding down the corridor with Chance in hot pursuit.
“ come on Aaron. You know we will be dead in a couple of days if we don’t get going!” She said harshly. “ stop day dreaming like a silly child!” She grabber a vase and chucks it at his head, to snap him out of his day dream.

“ if you don’t make up your mind soon, I will for y-“ she stopped when she heard the two running down the hallway. She poked her head out of the office before walking down the hallway, walking around the corner and be a crash test dummy for Sarah.
Mike gave Sarah and Chance a quick glance as they rushed inside the school. He walked up to the metal gate that acts as the school's main entrance and pulled out his bat. He noisily slammed it against the fence. He heard something growl from the forest before spotting a zed slam against the gate.

"Only one?" Mike questioned as he pulled out his shiv made of a glass shard and drove it into the zed's cranium.

"Why do they always bleed so much?" Mike groaned as he saw him shiv was covered in blood. He hated cleaning it. Putting back his weapons, Mike walked into the school to hang out in the main hall.

(I'm making Mike call them zeds because I simply wanted him to call them something other than zombies.
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

The vase missed him, but the shards of it did get him to come back to the present situation. “Alright,” he groaned, “I’ve got a few ideas, but none of them seem...” he turned around, only to see no one there. “Uh,” he scratched his head, “Roxanne?” He put his head out into the hallway, looking both ways to see where she had gone. Unsatisfied, he moved back into the derelict office to review the map again, trying to find a new location that would prove safer than here. Initially, he’d suggested that they stay and fortify their position, but Roxanne wouldn’t hear if it; so he'd been given the task of finding their new sanctuary.

He’d marked a few locations of interest, although whether they’d been overrun at this point was still to be seen; there was the small neighborhood with a wall and only one bridge to access it, other than swimming the moat. There was also the grocery store in the main town, though this option he’d considered less practical. There were a few others, but they, too, were less ideal than the first option.
Sarah Voight (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Without really looking, Sarah slammed straight into Roxanne. She grunted as she stumbled backwards, managing to catch herself before she fell by grabbing onto the wall. She glared harshly at Roxanne, clearly annoyed with her intrusion on her fun. When she heard Chance quickly approaching behind her, she continued to go around Roxanne and keep running.

"Don't be a sad sod and ruin my fun!" she yelled to behind her, indicated towards Roxanne.
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

He heard the pounding footsteps, too rapid to be that of zeds, but why would anyone be running at all? He poked his head out again, trying to find the source. His glasses (he had only gotten them a few days before the end) were slightly fogged, since he’d been unable to find a clean enough cloth to clean them properly; he had OCD in that matter.
She grabbed her by the waist and held her up. “ no running in the bloody hallway. You know that it gives some of use a head ache you silly goose. Please play outside... we are busy planning stuff. So both of ya, head out side. Please.” She shoos the two off before going back to the office.

“ so you aren’t dead to the world I see..” she grabbed his shirt and dragged him into the room. she jumped up and sits on the desk, crossing one leg over the other. “ now tell me... what idea do you have... those bloody creatures are getting closer and we have too go... so give me your ideas...” she leans in and looked him in the eye. “ sound good? Dearie?”
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

“Yeah, ok,” he pointed to his detailed map, “I thought the neighborhood with the moat would be the most defensible and isolated, but if we wanted food, we’d either have to send out scavenging parties or start to farm the land. Another option is the hospital, though I doubt it’s uninhabited at this point, much less filled with supplies. The store is another, but it’s most likely infested. There are a few other ideas on this map; take a look.”
Mike walked into the school, walking by his classmates as he headed for the office. He needed to check in on the progress of finding a new safe haven. He also needed to grab something from there.

"Aaron" Mike acknowledged him as he walked into the office and began looking through the desk drawers. "How's the house hunting?" Mike asked as he opened a drawer and pulled out a box of hand rolled cigarettes. He put one to his lips, pulled out a lighter, lit it, and took a puff of the tobacco.
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

“I’ve given the notes to Roxanne,” he explained, grabbing a bit of the former headmaster’s candy he’d stashed prior to the end, “have a look.”
“ oh look! It’s mike, the late on to the meeting I see.” She said coldly as her eyes narrowed on him. “ how many have you killed today? 4? 5?..” she said grabbing in the cigarettes and lighting it for herself as she blew the smoke off to the side. She jumped off the desk and started to look around the room for anything else. Before sitting down on the couch, starting to work on the safe again. The safe that no one could open but they had a feeling something really important was inside. She held the cigarette in her mouth as she listened to the dial as she moved it. She had 2 out of the 5 numbers.
Sarah Voight (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Sarah skidded to halt after running for a while, once again bored. Chance slowed down as well, slowly calming himself down as he hit Sarah around the head. Sarah responded by kicking his shin, to which he sneered at her and headed back inside.

Now alone, Sarah sat by the fence again and stared blankly at it. In all honestly, she couldn't care any less than she already did about having a safe place to stay. She knew not everyone could face death or becoming infected as head-on as she could, but that still didn't mean she could process why they were so adimant on staying alive. "What's so great about being alive anyway?" she mumbled to herself, once again speaking to the several voices in her head. "We're all gonna die eventually." she let her shoulders slump as she fiddled with her knife, the blade accidentally pricing her skin many times. "They're just cowards. Yeah, I know." she snickered at something a voice seemed to say before she fell silent.
Mike shrugged when Roxanne spoke to him. Taking the notes, Mike looked through them. "Hospit-why would you put down the hospital? C'mon man, the outbreak started there it's gotta be swarmin' with zeds" Mike chastised. "Then again, maybe it's safe. Been a few months since I last checked it out. Zeds might've moved on" Mike says, sitting down in a chair.

"And that store? Never seen it without a couple dozen zeds fillin' it. Gotta still have supplies. Maybe we can draw em' away somehow" Mike suggested, handing the notes back.
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

Ok, maybe he had sabotaged his own list, or maybe he’d only found one suitable place but made a list to keep Roxanne off his back. Either way, the neighborhood seemed the most logical choice.
“ the prison was the best idea he had. Weapons, supplies, and many exits... I think we should consider going there. “ she said as she slowly moved the dial. “ damn blood thing. It just doesn’t want to give me a stupid number now doesn’t!?” She said chucking it herself as she kept slowly twisting it; the cigarette still hanging off her lip as she placed her ear closer to the safe
(Sorry if it came off that way, I was trying to highlight the positive parts of the locations as well)

"I guess we can go check out the hospital, see if that horde's still there. If it's empty of zeds, than you did a fine job" Mike said Aaron.

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