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Hey I’m new here... I don’t really know what to put here other than I recently became interested in roleplaying, I’m 13 (though I’m told I act older), I like to draw in my spare time though I’m not extactly an “expert”, and I might not take this site seriously at times but that’s either because I’m tired or my brain hurts too much to comprehend anything lol, I’m not that good at in deep lore or writing seven paragraphs at once so don’t judge me too harshly please

Welcome to RPR!

Hello and welcome to RPR.
Hello , welcome , welcome , to the site!! if you have any questions...
Look here >>>>>
if that does not help , please feel free to pm me or anyone on the site!
Hey and welcome to the RPR! Do you have a nickname we could call you?

Also, don't be shy, there are lots of writers here of all levels. <3

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