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Jasper Hull (played by Cas)

I'm Jasper, I'm looking for someone to talk to and be my friend.

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Welcome to RpR, Cas. To suggest or find a role-play, go to the Looking for RP Forum. For chat you can go to the Smalltalk forum "just talkin'" chat thread, or PM people directly.

Have fun.
Welcome to RPR!

Hello Cas! I'd be more than happy to chat, if you'd like. You can message me if you'd like-
Hello , welcome , welcome , to the site!! if you have any questions...
Look here >>>>>
if that does not help , please feel free to pm me or anyone on the site!
Hello and welcome to RPR.
Hi, welcome to RPR! Hope you have fun here!
Hey Cas and welcome the RPR!

I wish you the best in all your friend-making and roleplay adventures to come! :) <3

You are on: Forums » Introductions » Hai!

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