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This is certainly a unique forum. Hi! I’m Kokichi! That’s a boys name but I’m female. I’m 18. I love playing a whole array of genres and characters. Um, what are some random stuff about me? Can’t really think of anything so eh. Just ask if you have questions.

Also Rin Kajiura was my test-the-system character. I don’t think I’ll be using her
Nice to meet you, Kokichi!
Hello and Welcome KokichiLove! May you find your loving place here on RPR and be fulfilled with many an RP!
Hi! Welcome to RPR!

Hi!! Welcome!!
Welcome to the site :)
Hey Kokichi and welcome to the RPR!

I know you said that you love doing a whole array of rp genres but if you had to narrow it down, what would be your top 5? Also, how long have you been writing for? <3
I’ve been roleplaying for about 6 years now. I looove school roleplays of almost any kind. I like stuff relating to angels/demons. I like vampires but only if I get to use my own lore, which I am very picky about. I do what I like to call anime-style roleplays which means like magical girls and idols and stuff, but not necessarily linked to an anime. To top it off with number 5 I like asylum roleplays, specifically horror centered ones.
Hello and welcome to RPR.

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