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It was the year 3039, the gouverment had taken over the world. They made several rules and laws which made them overpowerfull. The gouverment was very well known off its cruellty. They hurt,killed and tortured anybody who was in there way. The gouverment also had tons of secrets, one of those where the 'special ones'. Childeren with powers, childeren who could do things others couldn't. The gouverment had tracked them down, or sometimes in rare cases the parents would give their child to them.

These childeren were forst into experiments, there would be test on them. Until they would be weapons , weapons of the gouverment.

One of those childeren was Liliath. Liliath had been raised in the lab, she had never knew her real parents and thought the lab was the only existing thing in the world.

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Rose (played by Foxy_TheWarrior)

Rose walked around the cell she was inside of, she's a hybrid of vampire, dragon, demon, cat, and fox, but she wanted to get out of the place, because she hated what the government was gonna do to her. She looked around herself and ten she sat down on the ground, whimpering, hoping to get out of this prison one day, she knew that other people were trapped here as well, so she's gonna try to see if they could be her friend, since she's trapped with no humans around them while in the government's hands. She was taken away from her parents, because of the way she looked, but she's been in the lab for more than 10 years, she's 15 years old, so she's been here when she was only 5 years old.
Liliath was laying on her bed, she wasn't sleeping but she did feel tired. Nobody had come to visit her today, no one had talked to her today something what Liliath thought was odd. Everyday someone would visit her, to bring her food or bring her to the other room. But now nobody had came and Liliath was counting her heartbeat cause she was bored. "360, 361." She whisperd to herself well she banged her head softly against the wall. Everytime she banged her head against the wall, she started talking louder and after a while she stopped counting but simply started screaming. It wasn't fair, they should have visit her. They couldn't leave her alone, no that was not fair!
There was a harsh knock on Liliath's door.

"Subject 831, keep it down! Some people have work to do!" Victi shouted, a slight growl in her voice, "If I have to stick a gag in your mouth, it's your problem when meal time rolls around and you've got nowhere to stick it!"

She stalked off, irritable. She hated having to deal with the ones that hadn't been indoctrinated yet. "Oh, we can't do it until they're nineteen, V, they could die and might have been important!" she muttered to herself in a mocking impression of her superior, then sighed before grumbling, voice back to normal, "You're bringing in dozens of the whelps every day, for the Order's sake, couldn't you just let a few of them... I guess they really want to make sure they don't miss any good ones...."

Not that she would mind, it would make her work, trying to understand the mechanisms that activated those abilities, even more valuable. It was fascinating, really, though for the most part her superiors seemed content with the "Abduct and break" method over the "improve the loyal" method. She wasn't going to argue, she knew where that could land her, but it still seemed inefficient to her.
Liliath hated when they knocked like that on her door, it meant trouble or some harsh words. 831 such a horrible name, Liliath thought . It wasn't a perfect number either such as 1 or 291 . Couldn't they have made a better name, you give things also a name such as bed or chair. A gag oh no that was one of the worst things on the world, Liliath could name some other terrible things as well but this was horrible as well.

Liliath still felt horrible, she decided to bang on the door making them know that she still was there! She banged, she screamed. She decided to ignore, that she could get in trouble for this.
Victi stopped and sighed again. The girl.... test subject, test subject, not supposed to think of them as people, was being belligerent. She rolled her eyes and walked back to the door. She didn't want to have to deal with this, she had better things to do, but the people behind the cameras would.... disagree. And still wonder why she wasn't up to productivity standards after she spent time dealing with this, but that was just bureaucratic nonsense.

Fine, she'd go muzzle the little brat.

She walked over to the Disciplinary Equipment Station, and got out one of the jaw cages. Primative, but that was part of the point. Walking back to the door again, she pulled up 831's file.

Birth-name: Liliath (If they wanted to de-person them, why keep the name on file?)

Age? She didn't care.

Species? Again, didn't matter to Victi

Abilities? There we go.... that was what was important here.
Still no reaction nothing? Liliath started loosing hope, then the young child realized she had powers. Perhaps the powers could open the door? She tried, but it didn't work. She simply started screaming again. Liliath needed to see people, talk to them. But it seemed like it wasn't happening today.
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

The wolf eventually awoke in what seemed to be a large test tube made of glass, a Rubber coating over his Wolf-like ears for reducing his hearing range... "H-Hello?" Ember asked, there seemed to be a few desks around him, and a large computer screen at one end of the room... A clipping tool and a tag were on a small cart near the Tube, eventually to be clipped into Ember's ear.


Ember looked around, trying to figure out where he was or what was going on...It would have been cold if it weren't for his fur, a group of Fans were pumping Cold air into the tube to keep him from overheating. He couldn't really see outside very much. "Where am I..."

Ember seemed to be an Adult Wolf, rather than a younger one.
The Twins (played by Eight-Ball)

Walking through the hallways of the lab, were two children. They were no older than 10 years old, and for anyone who didn't know them, it looked a little odd to see children out of their cells. But don't worry, they're exactly where they need to be.

Their eyes are hollow; void of any empathy that might've once been there. Their footsteps are synchronized perfectly, as is everything they say.

"Break their hearts, break their bodies, break their souls..." one of them says. A little girl, who was taller than her twin, held a small wand in her hand, waving it around mindlessly. Her gaze is stony; the more stricter of the two.

"Leave nothing behind but a mindless husk..." the other says. A little boy, shorter than the girl, with a satchel over his shoulder, containing various amounts of poisons and bottled gases. He seems to be the softer of the two, but who knows for sure?

They are the guards of the lab, and despite their looks, they're good at what they do. Subdue and break.
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

((Can Ember hear them? He is in a Tube of some sort.))
The telekinetic, huh? Dammit. That meant breaking her mental focus.... which usually meant that the cell had a generator for loud, high-pitched noises, which would honestly suck more for Victi than for the... Oh, well that was a good sound. The chanting or mantras or... whatever it was, of those twisted twins. Freakshows for sure, yeah, but so was most of the rest of this facility. Wouldn't be that hard to get them to do it.

"Hey, thing one and thing two!" she called jokingly, knowing they'd hear her, "Mind gagging a screamer for me? You'll need to be gentle, though, it's the teek. She's only useful in one piece."
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

Ember growled slowly, he seemed to try and look for a way to get out. His memories were blurry, he was unable to recall much of anything. He looked around again, seeing some Medical Equipment outside the tube. "L-Let me go..." Kamura wasn't quite sure if anyone was there, or if he was alone. Regardless, it felt slightly cold and dark. The only light he could see were the ones from the computers on the outside.

Ember raised his paws, balling them up into fists. "Here goes..." Ember said, quickly throwing a punch towards the glass. He pulled his paw back, seeing if it had any effect on the Glass.

Ember was one of the newer subjects, having little knowledge on what was going on
What was it now?

Victi flicked the small alert that had popped into the corner of her vision, AR was a wonderful thing, to see what the problem was.

The new acquisition was getting uppity. Well, unless he was literally hitting like a truck, and likely even then, it wouldn't likely be very effective; half the thickness of that cell was graphene! Made her wonder why they thought it was necessary, and by extension what she could learn from him once she got to play with him. Lots of possibilities....

Well, if he broke out it would be the bots' problem. The wonders of delegating tasks so she could work on the interesting stuff. Just to wait for the twins to answer her...
The Twins (played by Eight-Ball)

The twins looked less than happy to be called that, but they were in no position to complain.

"Subject 831?" They asked in unison, but they both knew fully well that that was the subject to be subdued.

Almost immediately, they start heading towards the subject's room, opening the door to it and stepping inside. The door closes behind them, and for a moment, they're eerily silent. Watching, inspecting their prey.

Yachi, the little girl, takes a step forward. This was the easier job for her, and with her small wand, she begins to make a circle motion with it, her gaze remaining on Liliath. Slowly, but surely, the room begins to contort itself; but Yachi and Liliath are safe. A dome is set over the two of them, and Yachi holds out her hand.

"Come quietly, so that we don't have to use force." She says. It was always best to give them the option first.
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

Ember growled slightly, seemingly unaware of what was happening. "Hello?! Is anyone here?!" Ember wasn't too sure what was going on, thinking that he was trapped by accident. "Are you telling me that I'm alone..." Ember wimpered, he eventually sat down, trying to keep himself calm. The thought that he could starve to death wasn't really an issue, Kamura didn't really fear death. However, being confined like this was getting on his nerves.

He tried to punch the Glass again. Ember knew it was durable, but enough hits may just degrade it over time. At least, that's what he had hoped. "Why am I even here..." he said, sitting down on his tail.

It was relatively quiet in here, so Kamura had the chance to relax a little. Although he still looked for a way to escape.
Ah, good kids. They freaked her the hell out.

She walked back toward her office. Was there a coms system to that containment chamber? Huh, okay, there was. They really must have thought he was dangerous if they wanted to make him that detached, not that they'd made a file she could access to find out why yet.

She began to transmit to it.

"Hey, do you mind not doing that? You're not going to bust out of there, and you keep putting 'subject is performing belligerent actions' alerts onto my HUD when you try. Small, but surprisingly distracting," she snips at Ember, "Be agreeable and they might actually let you play outside after they've finished working on you."
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

Ember would attempt to hit the glass again, although he stopped when he heard this."H-Hello?" Ember said in a suprised tone, thinking he would be fine. "T-Tell me what's going on, I want to know why I'm here..." Ember asked, the thought of getting some Sunshine wasn't too easy to give up.

Kamura shook slightly, as he wasn't too sure what they meant by that last part.

Embers stomach grumbled, he felt hungry, having not been given much to Eat. "Everything is just a Haze, I can't remember anything..." Ember said quietly, he had little memories of how he even got here.

He wasn't sure if this was intentional, or something else.
"Huh, either you're trying to play me for some reason, or you legitimately have no idea what's going on here. Either way, it's pretty simple. You're in some way capable of un-natural seeming feats, this means you could end up as a hazard to the proper authorities," she explains, mentally adding quotation marks around the word 'proper', "By the time you're done here, you'll be a good little ghost... assuming you survive. We don't get many older ones, but their brains just.... usually don't hold up as well. Anyway, solitary confinement is probably part of the process, so I should ignore you. Ta!"

She doesn't actually close the transmission, just mutes herself so she can still hear him. Never knew what they might reveal or say that might be interesting.
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

((Working on a reply, currently.))
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

Ember seemed to be quite confised, although he did Express anger at what was going on. "Let me go, now..." however, he started to wimper once the comms went silent, leaving the wolf alone again. "Shouldn't have killed those humans, then..." he said to himself, almost regretting it to an extent. "S-Solitary?!"

He shuddered nervously, not knowing what they meant by 'Ghost', he didn't really want to know. "How long am I going to be confined like this... W-What process..." he eventually growled, trying to break the glass again. "This is because I killed those humans, isn't it..." he said to himself, unaware that they could hear him.

Ember was getting hungry... He eventually stopped punching the glass, although it was obvious that he was presistent. "Because what? Because I just happen to be Resilient?"

Ember felt a sharp pain in his furred arm, it may have been a Needle of some sort, or perhaps just his imagination.

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