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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

I'm currently looking for new rp partners!

Lately I've burnt myself out and need something new and fresh. I've had to drop all roleplays in hopes of bringing something new and refreshing into my life. I've finally recovered my burnout and I'm ready to take on a whole new inbox full of plots and adventures! I'm currently interested in Most genres!

What am I looking for?
- Long term plots
- Experienced Roleplayers
- Paragraph+ Replies
- 16+ Roleplayers
- Character development

Currently most of my characters are underdeveloped and I'm hoping I can use roleplaying with them as a tool to develop them into more in-depth personas. Please bare with me.

Please, please, please ask me about any of my characters even if they don't have much info displayed. I can give you a FULL summary on them all ! I have male and female characters and I am very loose on their age, sexuality, and minor details like that. The only thing I will not sway on is their race.

What genres are welcomed?
- Fantasy
- Modern Fantasy
- Sci-Fi Fantasy
- Horror Fantasy

What genres are not welcomed?
- Slice of Life
- Erotica
- War
What am I comfortable with?
- Natural Romance
- Gore
- Swearing
- Violence/Action
- Fade to Black (FTB)

What am I not comfortable with?
- Self Harm
- Rape
Where would I like to roleplay?
- DMs

Age requirements?
- OOC 16+
- IC Any Age
- Romance? 18+ IC/OOC

- No
Please leave a comment if interested and I will DM you!

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.


Definitely interested. We can discuss characters as I'm making new ones, which are not yet on the site.
Nice column layout with those collapse tags!
I’m looking for some fantasy scenes myself and I’m trying to return to RPR after a long break but I haven’t had much time to sit down to rewrite some old profiles so we may be in a similar position, I know that would make me feel more comfortable RPing with you vs someone already in the swing of things. I guess I’ll wait for you to DM me? Can’t wait to hear about your characters.
Would love to get something going! ^^
You definitely caught my eye when you mentioned you were open to do a horror fantasy roleplay. The concept of that caught my eye, and I normally enjoy playing the evil, more sinister characters in a roleplay. I have a few who could fit that bill, honestly. I'm not really familiar with fantasy, but I've been wanting to get into it, so if you're interested then so am I! I am 17, but hopefully that doesn't cause a problem or anything.
I’m super interested! Please, do PM me. ^^ :)
I'd love to pick up some extra RPs! All my boys are either high fantasy or modern fantasy, and with the exception of one, are also in desperate need of some roleplay to flesh 'em out.

But yeah! My profiles are up to date-ish, so feel free to message me if somebody catches your eye. 💕
Hey! A couple friends and I are currently working on a world setting that is high fantasy that I'd love to invite you to! It's, and while it is a WIP, most of the races and such have been fleshed out enough to play (typical elves, human, etc. fantasy.) I'd love to talk to you more about it; we're excited for this pet project and would love love to meet you!

We could actually use another elf to kick around with us to befriend a bookworm librarian. We have a good range and cast of characters, we could make anything fit, really!
Would anthro characters be okay? I mean not like furry smut characters. I mean actual detailed anthro characters with backstories and whatnot.

I'm super interested in this~ I've only just joined this website but I've been rping for years so hopefully I'm experienced enough :)
I'm probably SUPER LATE to the party and fully understand if I'm too late to get in, but I'd love to try if you're looking for an additional 1 on 1 person! I'm looking to get back into things as well, and we seem to match up on a variety of things- including genre, fade to black (THANK YOU), and others! I only have 4 characters with pages on the site, but have many others if none of these four work out for you!
Hello! This is REALLY late, but I'd love to talk with you about a potential roleplay. My inbox is really empty at the moment, and I'd like to get back into the swing of things. I only have two characters on my account as of right now, but they both can be used in plenty of ways. PM me if you'd be interested at all!
Im interested in possibly starting something up with you! <3
If you want more info about my roleplaying you can go to this older forum post that has a bunch of info XD

Otherwise have a great day! and good luck searching!

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