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Dear online friends,

As of August 29th 2019, my state (Florida) has declared it is in a state of emergency. A very strong hurricane is going to hit the shore right by my home and I am living in the flood zone.

I will be busy. Still here. Just very... Spotty.

Please, don't get mad at me. I love you guys.
Stay safe!
I don't know you but this seems like a bad thing.
Make sure to pack plenty of food and water for emergencies.
Stay safe! Very very safe!
Be safe! Look after yourself.
I don't know you but stay safe :/
Update: We have been forced to evacuate to higher land.

After arguing with the mayport commanding officers for the last two days my significant other finally received permission to leave the major flood zone.

They nearly forced us to stay in the expected impact area. We finally got free and have taken up shelter in-land! Hoping we're finally safe.

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