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We all have heard the tales, the legends...Of when the world comes to ruins, where civilizations collapse and humanity breaks, and the very fabric of creation rumbles with distraught. It has been said throughout ages of how the world shall come to a stop. The gods battling in a waging war, that causes the very world to shatter, The apocalypse shall come by four men riding horses, each representing the sins of humanity, and even something so far as "The sky shall set aflame while the very earth becomes frozen, and the fabrics of midgard shall tear. Our story begins with a man, a man who already has faced the end of his world, a man who has nothing left but his life. What is a man without his soul? A walking husk? A lifeless corpse? The answer, is a man that now faces the very beasts of death without hesitation. A man who will throw himself in the depths of hell without a second guess. A man, that could face gods. Lokar sat in the tavern, drinking as he usually would, fighting internal battles that no sword or shield could best, when someone sits next to him, offering him a drink, and a job. What better a man for a job than a man that no longer holds fear. Lokar faces the person and accepts their job

(Heya! I am new to this sight but experienced in RP. This here is just a small story I wanted to introduce of either an Individual person or possible group if enough people are interested! The story goes pretty much anywhere from here, Whoever may be interested will be introduced waiting at a table at the same Inn where this man introduces Lokar to him and talks about the job. Generic stuff really but I hope somebody takes interest! All I am looking for is a semi to fully detailed Roleplay that is long-term fantasy! There will be NO Romance, but gore and swearing is A-Okay. This will be primarily fantasy based, so no laser guns or spaceships, but more wizards and dragons! This doesn't require any specific characters, just make sure you aren't god please and Thank you!)
((I am interested!))
((I have a wide variety of characters that I can use for this roleplay. I can use any of my 5 teams of ten or a couple of my Honoraries. I do believe that most of my Savage War Veterans would be a perfect choice for this situation.))
Mosquito (played by Lumaslily)

((May I join?))

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