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OOC thread:

*you see a tired looking guy with a black hoodie on looking at chocolate in a store*

DarkShadow (played by Slain)

All set!
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

*looks at you guys* what chu looking at
Cyler sat there with his pistol out, a gray steel masterpiece, and looked at the stranger. "Nothing much, my friend. What would you seem to be looking at?"
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

*look at the gun unthreatened* is that supposed to scare me
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

Cause this is a gun *his arm turn into a laser*
The man smirked. "It's not meant to scare people." He looked up and at the man as he put his pistol in it's holster and pulled down his hood to reveal his green skin. "I can do that on my own."
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

Heh so you're a skrull *arm turns back to normal*
The man shook his head. "Mutant. But, I can shapeshift like the Skrulls. I just have a couple extra abilities." As he finished his sentence, a devil tail emerged from behind him.
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

oh ok *he buys some chocolate and gives the mutant some*
He smiled as he took some of the chocolate that was offered. "Thank you kindly."
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

heh you're welcome why don't you come to my place and you meet some of my friends
The man shrugged. "Why not? I need to figure out why I'm here anyway."
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

Ok *he leads you to a big house with a porch swing* welcome to my home sweet home
He looked around the house. "Nice place."
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

*you then see gwenpool in a swimsuit on the couch*
The man didn't seem distracted by Gwenpool's choice of clothing. "Oh my, I've forgotten to introduce myself haven't I?" he chuckled before regaining composure. "My name's Cyler Yexam, codename Nightmare. Head of the Nightmare Corps and Master of the Undead Element, along with the Element Gem and the Way of the Chameleon."
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

Ok nice to know you're name I'm fell or im known by venom

Gwenpool:hm oh lala fell who's the cutie
Fell Marvel (played by Fell-san)

This is cyler

Gwenpool:ok so *she press her chest on your body* doing anything later

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