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((Ah, rip. It's fine.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

May got ready as well.

“Begin.” The teacher instructed.

May immediately flew up and went to Karma. Her kind was known for being guardians. Which in that case meant she wasn’t one to give up easily.
((Oh, good morning Sky!))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((Morning I just figured I might as well since tomorrow is my birthday so I’ll be busy tomorrow of course 😁))
((Oh, I had no idea! Congratulations!))
((Oh, nice! Happy early birthday!))
Karma (played by Serpentina_Winter)

she smiles, enjoying her opponent coming right at her
((Hm.. Would there be any way we could set something up for the people not in the arena?))
((I'd like to if that's a possibility.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((I mean we could skip to later that night and you’re all in bed or getting to know roommates if you’d like. Just so you don’t have to wait up for me. Reminder:First floor- Celestria w/ Dion and Skylar

Mavis w/ Karma

Second- Kodoku w/ Kai and Scam

Adi w/ Krillian))
((I don't mean a skip, the fights seem very relevant and only me and Jai got a chance to fight. The only issue was, as they're all 1v1s, 3 people will be left out at all times. I was more thinking a little side activity? We could probably set it up ourselves, we would just need your permission. Also, I couldn't help but notice two of my characters aren't listed on the sleeping arrangements? Probably just a mistake, but one I thought I might point out.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((Oh ya scam and Exile and what was that other one?))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((Lemon not needed me and Icy are talking right now please bud out))
((Exile and Garenata.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((scam and Exile

And who would you like Garenata to bunk with?))
((I think Dion would be fun, if she's available- the formatting is a little hard for me to decipher.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)

((She actually is not but it’s either May and Karma or Adi and Krillian))
((Right, that makes sense- I don't want to get in the way of the little thing you two have going with May and Karma, so Adi and Krillian it is.))
Mavis Aldavir (played by Skykitty)


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