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Selkie Luna (played by Imthenaysayer)

So the idea has a school called Ravenwood High is full of people with powers like demons angels vampires maybe werewolves. The characters meet at school and become friends. After that they become chosen ones to fight the bad guys that come their way. The biggest enemy for them all to fight is Realm he made this thing called the Rhelm of Darkness. He controls and hypnotizes some others to become a strong army and those who are actually the only ones to save the world are the characters that go to Ravenwood.

Rp Rules:

1. Be nice to each other
2. Ask to join first and say what character you may use if I don’t like it I will ask you to change it
3. Talk to Skykitty, Imthenaysayer, or Sarlic
4. Everyone will be students ages 13-20
5. Every character starts as a freshman
6. No using powers on other students only bad guys please
7. Have fun
Taz (played by Taz)

Ooo this sounds amusing and good :) can i join?

as this character?? or you can choose one of mine in my profile there all shapeshifters/wolf
Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

I’m open to this, he’s an angel. :)
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

Ok we will be starting once we get more players.
Foxx (played by Foxx_Swiftpaw)

I’d like to join with a character Someone I don’t have a page for here yet. They would be a fox humanoid which is the son of the goddess of night and dreams & the god of chaos. His powers would be over the night and dreams of others as well as chaos. His night powers are mostly that he gainer energy and strength from moonlight. His dreamwalking also allows him to cause illusions and communicate through telepathy. As for his chaos powers he can alter almost anything depending on its willpower for a set amount of time. He is also a charming flirt and prankster but can also step up and become a strong leader. Any questions?
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

Ummm... I don’t think that character would work at least for me honestly.
Lea (played by Foxy_TheWarrior)

Could I be Lea?
I was just thinking of being Clyde if that's okay with you. I'll make up powers along the way
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

Ok anyone who would like to join up could dm me please
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

Also your characters would definitely work also talk to your friends about this Rp as well
I am interested in joining, may I?
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

Dm me please
Abel (played by Fell-san)

I'm in
Selkie Luna (played by Imthenaysayer) Topic Starter

((Thanks to everyone that’s been joining we’ll start soon))
Lea (played by Foxy_TheWarrior)

Taz (played by Taz)

Wow many have wanted to join this since I've posted it around xx
Adi Izzla (played by Skykitty)

How are you
Taz (played by Taz)

Depends on who your talking to there ?? Cuz I'm fine if your asking me

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