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Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

((Isobel Waters is a witch, and a Slytherin alumnae. However, she currently lives alone in a large loft-style apartment in London occupying the entire upper floor of a rather posh house overlooking Holland Park. It is a convoluted story, but essentially she was adopted by the squib Marius Black and his wife when she was nine years old. More background history on her profile.))

Usually, Isobel’s place is rather a mess of cigarettes, papers, glasses, bottles, books, notebooks, newspapers, a laptop, three different phones, high heel shoes, leather pants, silk blouses and perfume bottles. Her loft has been warded by Gringotts' finest, but for Halloween Isobel decided she was pretty bored and therefore wanted a few guests. The wards were temporarily lifted, and her house is now open to any trick-or-treaters who may come her way. Because of this, she allowed her house elf to clean and organize everything thoroughly and is presently amusing herself with the witchy Halloween decorations, setting up baskets filled with sweets and spiked red velvet cupcakes which would turn people into a cute fluffy animal for a few minutes, and filling glasses with a red colored punch which looks like blood. Occasionally, she talks to Edgar, a large devil’s snare plant in her living room, admonishing him not to eat anyone.

Not that she expects many visitors in muggle London, but one never knows what may happen next. For the occasion, Isobel also decided to dress up, and has exchanged her typical leather attire to a more sophisticated look. Her purple hair is tied up in a French knot, with a few braids (Numerology is more useful than people may think!) and she wears a black velvet jacket over a form-fitting silk purple dress and high boots. She got a few amethysts especially out of the Gringotts vault for the evening and only the red lipstick is the same, her signature look. As she usually likes to say, she has quite a mouth on her.

The house itself is decorated on the outside and on the balcony as well with dozens of carved pumpkins and lit lanterns and candles, and impossible to miss. It’s not the only house in the neighborhood sporting such displays, and none of her neighbors batted an eye. Music plays in the background, and Isobel herself, in a good mood, is humming softly.
Levi Knotts found himself back on the streets of London after graduating from Hogwarts near the top of his class. There was a job he was hoping to get and was here for the interview. The interview was set in two days time and he booked a hotel for his stay. While he could have used a port key or apparated, he wanted to take in the sights of the city. He rather enjoyed seeing the city during the time of Halloween. It was always one of his favorite holidays growing up. His feet echoed off the sidewalk as his feet carried him around Holland Park.

Levi stood 5’11” with auburn colored hair. His blue eyes took in the surroundings that were bathed in the light from the streetlamps. The moon glistened off from the trees and buildings as he passed them by. His usual attire consisted of earthy colors or greens. However, tonight was special. He was decked out in a costume. While he was at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. He wanted a more appropriate costume for Halloween. The young man decided on an Oogie Boogie costume. Levi was familiar with the movie that the costume originated from. The costume did not fully cover his face so the head of the outfit acted more like a hood for him.

Off in the distance Levi saw the house he was looking for. Word was circling around the magical community that one of their own was giving out candy to those who decided to visit. He had nothing better to do tonight so he thought to check it out. His feet carried him closer and closer towards the door and the house. After a few more minutes, of skirting the park, he found himself heading up the pathway. Upon reaching the door, he knocked loudly on the frame and waited for an answer. He was not sure if the sound would reach the owner with the music playing in the background.
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

Isobel didn't hear the door, between her being upstairs and the music playing, but the house elf did (and for once at Halloween he was allowed to be visible in the presence of anyone, and had donned a Lurch costume which didn't hid his bulbous eyes and pointy ears at all), and so the stranger would be let in right away. "Welcome to the party! Mistress is upstairs." The voice was squeaky and funny, and the small creature was not scary in the slightest. Several children had passed by earlier and had left with their pockets filled of sweets and among gales of laughter.

The stranger would then make his way up a flight of stairs, not quite narrow but very creaky, to the upper floor, where the door to the apartment had been left wide open. Really, he just had to follow the sound of the music, and he would be there. Isobel herself had just finished arranging the last platter and was itching to lit a cigarette, But she had promised herself that she would be good tonight. Her own costume, in a way. Nice behavior.

But even with all her resolutions she wouldn't be able to prevent a small laugh when she saw him; the costume looked so ... funny? a tad ridiculous? She was trying to be nice, and so she settled on funny. "Why, hello there and welcome!" The young man's face was still visible, luckily, and so she focused on his blue eyes more than the costume to maintain her composure. "I am Isobel." Her smile was meant to be friendly, but actually came out as a mix of teasing and predatory. "Care for a cupcake or a drink? You're the first person to arrive."
Levi glanced down to see the house elf after the door swung open. He looked over the costume and traces of a smile played on his lips. His own family had their own house elf so he was quite familiar with them. He was more certain that he had the right house now and not one of the neighbors. The costume was oddly appropriate for the house elf. Levi gave a small nod of his head as he headed inside.

The young man took in the sights of the house as he made his way upstairs. The creaky stairs were a nice touch and he wondered if that was natural or caused by magic. He would make a simple mental note to ask the owner about them at some point during the party. It would not be long before his eyes landed on the woman in charge of the party. Levi heard a few passing stories about the woman but nothing overly concrete concerning her. He knew she was adopted by the squib but that was out of her control.

Levi was always punctual when it came to being places. He was not overly surprised to be the first to arrive. The young man held out a hand as Isobel introduced herself. He also gave a small nod of his head. Some cupcakes and punch would be good. It was quite the walk from his hotel and the smell of food was making his stomach growl in protest.

"Levi Knotts. Thank you. I can go for some punch and cupcakes. The decorations are really neat."
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

Levi Knotts. The name was vaguely familiar. Isobel frowned for a few moments, trying to place it, but not quite managing to. Maybe someone she knew at Hogwarts? But she wouldn't ask, in case it was only a coincidence and the young man in the ridiculous suit was just a muggle. Damn Marius Black and his lessons on morals, it would have been so easy just to use Legilimency on him. She smiled back. "Feel free to eat and drink whatever you like, but beware the cupcakes. They are magical." She winked at him, pleased that Halloween allowed her the opportunity to play a few tricks, as long as she was careful. The red velvet cupcakes would turn Levi into a fluffy animal which most resembled his inner self, and she was looking forward to it. The best thing, was that if the young man was a muggle, he would be completely unaware that something was different.

Herself, she abandoned the idea of smoking, and picked up a drink instead. It looked like blood, a rather spectacular effect she was proud of, but the taste of it depended on the cup. Some held tomato juice, others held cranberry mixed with dark cherries. The house elf had been very amused and Isobel suspected that other unusual combinations may be hidden on the various trays. She raised her glass to her first visitor, and smiled again before taking a mouthful. Wine. A rather simple wandless switching spell. Magic was great like that.

Taking a seat on the large sofa which occupied the center of the room, she leaned back, admiring the way her black boots looked with the purple dress for a moment, before using her free hand to pat the space next to her. "Why don't you take a seat next to me, Levi. Your name seems familiar somehow. Do you live in London?" Her voice was slightly laced with a mild compulsion spell. Not enough to subvert free will, not even for a muggle, but sufficient to make her sound more convincing. It wasn't done on purpose. Rather, it was a trick that Isobel used so often in her field of work, that she had started doing it unconsciously a few years ago.
Isobel was a little vague when it came to her name. The woman did not offer a last name with her introduction. She did seem a little familiar and he was trying to place where he could have seen her. The most likely place was at school. Levi knew a good chunk of the people in his house while at school but not all of them. She could have been one of the students in his house or even some of the other houses. The last option was less likely in his mind. The woman gave off a Slytherin vibe. He was more focused on getting good grades and excelling in his studies. Other people could often just get in the way of his ambitions.

Levi would grab a cupcake and some of the punch. At least it looked like punch. He would find out soon enough with a single taste. The young man was quite curious about the magical effect of the cupcake. He would sit down near the woman after he grabbed everything he wanted. No one else had arrived at the party yet. This would grant the two of them a little privacy with their conversation. He was willing to take a gamble and see how it paid off.

"I use to live in northern Norway where I went to Durmstrang before transferring here to Hogwarts during my Fifth year. That was a few years ago. It is my hope to move back if I get the job I am hoping for. Have you always lived here in London, Isobel?"

Levi had placed his cup nearby after taking a drink. It was a slightly odd combination but it works. His cup had cranberry flavor mixed with something else. He could not quite tell what it was. He set his cup down before taking a bite of the cupcake. The flavor hit him before he realized the magical effects. He had transformed into a fuzzy black bear which was also the form of his patronus.
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

Isobel smiled as her guest did exactly that, before his next words surprised her, a subtle widening of her eyes and twitch of her lips evidencing her amusement. "I use to live in northern Norway where I went to Durmstrang before transferring here to Hogwarts during my Fifth year." She feigned confusion, although her eyes were sparkling. "Hogwarts? What's a Hogwarts?" But it lasted very little. As Levi bit into the red velvet cupcake and promptly turned into a fuzzy black bear next to her, she burst out laughing, petting the bear. After all, when would she get the opportunity to get that close to a bear? She couldn't help herself.

Among the laughter, she answered his own questions, knowing that the bear could understand her. After all, the effect would only last for a few minutes. "Yes, Hogwarts also, and always lived in London. Not here", she gestured at the loft. But that was all the information she would give on herself and her past. She had few friends, since she didn't really trust people enough to let them close. "I wish you luck. London can be a lovely city, and offer plenty of opportunities, especially if you don't mind living on the muggle side."

Looking back at Levi, who in the meantime had turned back into his human self, complete with the ridiculous costume, Isobel pretended to pout. "I wish the effects of that would last longer. You make a cute bear." After that pronouncement, she took another mouthful of her wine and sighed happily. The red velvet cupcakes were not the only sweets which had been laced with stuff, and if Levi had a sweet tooth as she suspected, and a sense of humor, they would have lots of fun. Isobel herself didn't think of tasting any of those things, of course. After all, she was the host.
Evelyn had been struck with the wander lust as of late, and had decided to leave her home in the American South. She'd wanted to visit Britian, and had decided to go to London. The witch had gone to Ilvermorny, but she had heard many things about Hogwarts and was hoping to be allowed to see the place. As a foreign witch, she was here to sight see. She had many curiosities about what witches and wizards 'over the pond' had brewed up. Would they have new and interesting spells?

The young woman had only recently arrived, and she was giving herself something of a tour. She'd wandered away from the shops and restaurants, toward a more residential area. Evelyn was dressed up like a cat. Her hair was currently purple and her eyes green. She had cat ears on her head, and a tail that appeared to be coming out through a hole in her skirt. It looked like she'd used make up to give her face the illusion of being more feline, and she wore a black and white dress. Practical as ever, she wore sneakers.

She was quite pleased to see that many of the people here were celebrating Halloween, and she stopped at one house where she could hear laughter. More importantly, she could also feel magic drifting from the place. Evelyn walked up, hoping she might be welcomed because of the decorations. Arriving at the door, she'd give it a light knock even if it was open. "Greetings," she said, an excited smile on her face. She hesitated before crossing the threshold, having always been taught not to just invite herself into a house.
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

A knock drew Isobel's attention away from Levi for a moment, and she stood and turned with a smile to greet her second visitor of the evening. A petite woman in a cat costume hovered by the threshold, as if waiting for an invitation to come in. Attention immediately drawn to the purple hair, Isobel's smile widened. More people meant more fun. "Welcome to the party! Come right in, and make yourself comfortable. I am Isobel, your host, and this is Levi." She gestured to the young man who was partially hid by the sofa still. "We were just getting started."

It was at that precise moment that the house elf, who had been busy preparing more treats in the kitchen, chose to pop over quietly behind Isobel with a platter of treacle tart with brown butter, rosemary and lemon. His mistress loved it, and the little elf in his Lurch costume rather thought that others may enjoy it as well. Depositing the platter on a side table, he made more trips to the kitchen to bring other goodies. Now, that more guests had arrived, it was time for more food. Pop! Pop! Pop! In quick succession, the table filled with chocolate cauldron cakes who would cause one to speak in rhymes for five whole minutes, butterbeer cupcakes giving an uncontrolled case of giggling, and pumpkin pasties which were totally safe to eat, as long as your hair wasn't purple. The naughty elf (Isobel clearly didn't order him to punish himself enough) left that last tray with a giggle and popped out again.

Isobel was undisturbed by the new additions, however, and she didn't even turn, but continued to face her new visitor, hoping she would come in. Was the woman a muggle or a witch? Her reaction to the house elf would be telling.
Levi quirked an eyebrow hearing her play innocent at first. It appeared to him like she was a cautious sort. That was a good trait to possess. She did eventually relent to his questioning after a brief moment. It was quite interesting to learn a little more about a fellow witch. He made a mental note about her advice on the city. Levi was opening up to the idea of muggles but they were not high on his list of allies. He was more cautious around them. Levi had not fully committed on a form for his animagus. A bear was entirely possible although it was not the most practical choice. Perhaps he could research a spell to work on. Bears could be useful while in the wild or on a mission.

The young man thought to protest the petting of his head, but he could not fault her for her actions. Bears were not common in London and were more prone to make people want to approach one they knew would be safe to touch. He did not want to be treated like a young child by her actions. However, there was better ways of going about it. Ideas were swimming around in his mind. All he needed to do was figure out the best option. Isobel seemed to enjoy pranks so that was the route he was choosing to go.

Levi saw the snacks that were being brought out. He enjoyed sweets from time to time. Nights such as tonight were a treat for him. He could allow his discipline to go lax for one night and indulge on sweets and fun. His hands grabbed a butterbeer cupcake and he bit into the delectable treat. He burst out laughing as another person joined them. It took a moment for him to regain his composure enough to apologize to the newcomer.

"Sorry about that. I'm Levi. Who are you?" he asked the new woman who joined them.

Levi glanced towards Isobel and then towards her glass. A quick wordless spell and his revenge would begin. The spell was also a wandless spell. He cast a simple spell to turn her skin colors once she consumed the beverage. Each sip would turn her skin a different color. Levi could not wait to see what color she turned first.
Evelyn's cautious smile widened and became more genuine as she entered the house, "Thanks so much for your hospitality," she said, clearly impressed with the arrangements. Her eyes got a little bigger when she saw the house elf. Her own family did not have one, but she had seen them before. Recognition and surprise was evident in her features for a few moments.

"My name is Evelyn. You're a very gracious host. Hello, Levi," she said, finding the giggling to be contagious. She looked at the butterbeer cupcake, wondering if something like giggle water was in it. Or was he laughing at her? She looked down at herself, inspecting to see if anything was out of place. "Nice to meet you, Levi."

She almost took a chocolate cauldron before deciding on a pumpkin pasty. The witch suspected there would be some effects, though she knew they'd be funny. Such pranks and jokes were common enough at parties held by witches and wizards. "I'm here visiting London," her accent probably made that obvious enough. "It's so good to see that y'all are so enthusiastic about celebrating Halloween. It's my favorite holiday."
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

Isobel turned and arched a brow at the display of giggles, but the man was quick to apologize. While she was aware that certain of the sweets had been pranked, she had been focused on her new guest and she hadn't seen Levi bite into the butterbeer cupcake. On the other hand, Evelyn's reaction to the house elf had been exactly the one she had been hoping for. The woman was clearly a witch, and there was no need to hide. "I'm partial to it as well; a night of freedom, wouldn't you say, Levi? Of course, my party doesn't compare to the festivities at Hogwarts." She could tell that the other woman was not from England, and her words only confirmed what her accent had betrayed, so Isobel felt compelled to add "that's our old school up in Scotland, if you've heard of it."

Rather than retake her seat on the sofa, Isobel chose to lean against a wall, next to the table filled with sweets. They were all so tempting. "Pumpkin pasties, for example, were a classic of the annual train trip to school", she chuckled in remembrance, seeing that Evelyn had picked up one. Maybe she should as well? Or maybe the treacle tart? Debating between the two, she took a mouthful of wine, and then another one, emptying the glass before placing it back on the table. Unbeknownst to her, her skin had turned a violent shade of purple which made her normally vivid hair seem pale in comparison. She ended up selecting the pasty, and bit into it, enjoying the flavor of the baked sweet pumpkin. There was nothing quite like it, for Halloween.

Now, if Isobel hadn't already been pranked, the pasty would have simply turned her skin into a variety of leopard fur, complete with spots. The effects were random depending on the person - various types of animal skin or fur - and, because the house elf had been generous with the potion, lasting about two or three minutes for a pasty. However, because of Levi, Isobel was now partially resembling a purple leopard, and as she noticed her hand covered in purple spotted fur, the color sudden turned orange. An outraged shriek followed, and Isobel hurried (as much as her high heeled boots allowed) to the bathroom to examine the damage, momentarily forgetting about her two guests.
Levi was rather fond of Halloween and he gave a silent nod of agreement. It was one of the few times when his family all got together to exchange stories. All of his siblings were grown adult with lives of their own. Levi was the youngest one having just recently graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was something he looked forward each year. His eyes watched as Isobel's skin turned a violent purple in color. The effect was stronger than he realized. It took almost all of his willpower not to burst out laughing straight away. He waited until she dashed of before giving a hearty laugh.

"The food is magical and the drinks. The effects don't last long so enjoy having some fun," Levi said giving a wink towards Evelyn.

The spell Levi cast on all of the drinks would only last for about 5 minutes. It was harmless fun to him and something to spice up the party. He doubted that Isobel would trace the effects back to him. There was numerous other magical delights to prank the unsuspecting guest. Levi had spent quite a bit of time at the party already and he was really enjoying himself. He glanced down the hallway where he saw Isobel disappear to.

"Everything alright?" he asked feigning cluelessness.
Evelyn recognized the name 'Hogwarts.' She had never been there, but she had read about it. The witch had taken an interest in reading about all the other magical schools. "It's a night when people like us can blend in," she agreed. "I've read that Hogwarts celebrates Christmas like no one else as well," she said, some enthusiasm evident in her voice. She paid closed attention as Isobel spoke of riding on the train and the pumpkin pasties there. "I have read of it, and heard of it from wizards travelling in my country."

She straightened and gave Isobel an odd look whenever she turned a different color. The young woman was startled but not taken aback. She had a look on her face as if someone had performed an unexpected trick. Once she had taken a bite of the pumpkin pasty, she looked down. The witch held her breath as she did, wondering just what would happen. She inhaled sharply as she saw her skin growing fur, a white shade with black spots much like a snow leopard. "Ooooh," it seemed that she enjoyed the effects. So much so, that she took a wand from a pocket of her costume and flourished it over her head. The ears and tail of her costume turned colors to match.

Evelyn was surprised whenever Isobel ran out of the room after noticing the prank. She looked over at Levi, perceptive enough to realize that he had been the cause. The witch wondered if he had done this to all the drinks. It seemed harmless, anyway. "Will all of the drinks cause me to change color?" she asked Levi. She made a mental note to keep an eye on him. "Do you live here in London?" she inquired afterward, wanting to keep the conversation going. Evelyn thought it would be prudent to go and check on Isobel. She took a few tentative steps down the hallway, "Isobel, are you alright? Do you need assistance?"
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

When Isobel arrived to the bathroom, she watched herself in horrified realization. She had been somehow pranked to be orange. It wasn't the leopard fur and spots, it was the damned color that made her look like a pumpkin. The mirror, always helpful, commented. "You poor thing. I'm sorry to say that you look like a Weasley animagus experiment which went wrong, dear." Isobel was about to curse the mirror something terrible when the color changed to green, and she sighed in relief. Short-term pranks, she could deal with, although if she found the culprit, she would force-feed them one of every and each sweet before the night was over.

She went back to her guests with a predatory smile which made her look like a cross between a crocodile and a leopard. "I'm fine, just a harmless prank. Or should I say more than one?" She arched an eyebrow, clearly not aware of how ridiculous she looked at the moment. Noticing Evelyn, she nodded approvingly. "I am glad at least one of us is enjoying this." She looked suspiciously at Levi, but there was nothing proving that he had been the culprit. Maybe she hadn't been paying enough attention, or maybe that wicked house elf was getting ideas above his station. "But green is much more my color, don't you think?" It was true; however, unfortunately for Isobel, it was at that very precise moment that she turned yellow.
Levi watched as Evelyn bit into her own pastry. She also sported some spots. It seemed like an interest effect for the food. Levi may need to ask the house elf about the spell later. He wondered what some others would think of the spell. Even if the effects did not last very long. The young man gave a firm nod of his head to confirm that he was enjoying himself. Levi took another butterbeer cupcake and placed it into his mouth. Levi burst into laughter again as the cupcake slid down his throat.

"Where did you go to school Evelyn? You obviously have some magical training given the spell you just performed. The effects only last for a few minutes but I would suspect that all the cups were affected."

Levi had not seen her around Hogwarts. He felt like she mentioned that during their conversation. However, it could just be the words she used that made her seem more like a foreigner. Levi had forgotten to answer the question that she posed to him. He took a brief moment to collect and gather his thoughts. The young man had already told Isobel about himself. Now, he would be more than willing to tell Evelyn about himself.

"I'm originally from Northern Norway. I am job hunting here in London and will find a place after that," Levi said to Evelyn.

Levi looked over the different colors. The green rather suited her complexion and fit with her personality. He gave a simple nod of his head looking towards both of the women in the room.

"The green suits you. The purple was rather nice as well."
Evelyn had been worried about Isobel, smiling with relief when the other woman emerged. She paid enough attention to see the predatory smile and the suspicious look toward Levi, taking note not to get on the other witch's bad side. There was no proof, but there had been times where she had acted on belief rather than proof. "I like the green," she nodded, getting a pained expression when she saw Isobel turn yellow. "Well, damn . . . " she said, putting a hand to her hip. "So bright . . . you're yellow, now."

She finished the pumpkin pasty, and stopped resisting her temptation to have a drink. The witch didn't want the bread to stick in her throat, and the walk had left her thirsty after all. Evelyn could deal with just turning colors. She ran a hand along her arm, very inquisitive about how the fur felt. "It's got a certain aesthetic to it, but having this day in and day out? That would require a trip to St. Mungo's," she told Isobel.

Responding to Levi, she said, "I went to Ilvermorny, in America. I was in the Horned Serpent," referring to her House. "I graduated several years ago. I intend on making some visits to other schools, if they'll accept me. Might try to take up a bit of work, and see if I can pick up anything new in the mean time. Did you go to Durmstrang?"
Isobel Waters (played anonymously)

Isobel rolled her eyes, still a little more than annoyed at the prank. But she was a witch; with a discreet gesture, she turned herself (or rather her temporary leopard fur) purple again. That little feat of wandless magic accomplished, she proceeded to pick and eat another pumpkin pasty, secure in the knowledge that her appearance will remain unchanged. Being a little furry did not annoy her, as long as the colors looked good. Picking another glass, and changing the contents to wine (the importance of switching spells could not be overstated in everyday life), she took another mouthful and plopped herself back on the sofa, head slightly back and looking at her two guests. "I am very curious about both Ilvermorny and Durmstrang. I only know Hogwarts myself, and to be frank I have found the entire experience extremely disappointing. Other than living in a castle, of course. Food was not bad either."

Calling the house elf, who appeared with a silent pop followed by a loud "You rang, Mistress?" which had Isobel rolling her eyes, she ordered some real food to go with the wine. "Do any of you want something to eat other than sweets? We have mini steak-and-kidney pies and mini-Yorkshire puddings, I think."

Once both Evelyn and Levi had responded on the addition food offerings (guaranteed not pranked!), the now all-purple witch continued. "At least in my time, Hogwarts focused on wand-based magics, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Even for Potions, they would have us use the Ministry-tracked wands, to the extent that many of the students would slowly start to loose whatever ability they had without one. Always seemed suspicious to me."
Levi did not feel the need to mention the other colors. They did not leave quite the impression as the green or the purple in his mind. The yellow was bright to behold but it was quickly replaced with the purple again. His eyes narrowed lightly knowing that she must have cast another spell. He was hoping to catch her muttering an incantation but was pleasantly surprised it was wordless and a wandless spell.

Levi looked towards both of the women as they asked about Durmstrang. He was rather fond of his old school. The young man would even say that he preferred how Durmstrang went about their education. He gave a small nod of his head as he took a drink of his cider. For a brief moment, he forgot he used his spell on all of the cups within the room. His skin turned a deep shade of green as the liquid washed down his throat.

"I went to Durmstrang for most of my schooling. Transferred to Hogwarts during Fifth year. I graduated top of my class last year. Durmstrang will always be school of choice. It is more hands on and focused on practical application of magic. Most classes take hands on approach to teaching. You learn to defend against spells by having them cast against you. Most of the spells learned are used for combat so they hold value. Less reading books and more gaining experience and learning control with discipline. Wandless and Wordless magic more common there. Helps to keep you safe and catch your adversary unawares."

Levi looked between the two woman as he explained a little more about the school. It was very militaristic in its approach. He missed it some. Hogwarts was not bad but he felt a little disappointed with how magic was taught to the students. There was so much potential at the school but it was being squandered by the practices of the teachers and rules.
A light frown creased Evelyn's features as Isobel spoke of how disappointing the place was. She'd heard and read quite grandiose things about the castle, though it had occurred to her some of it might be embellished to make the place sound more appealing. Being well-learned, she knew that many societies glossed over bad aspects of their history or practices. Or left out those nasty facts altogether.

"Ministry tracked . . . only wands . . . I could see why that might prove to be limiting. At Ilvermorny, we were sorted and then guided to be picked by a wand. We had to leave the wand at school during breaks, and we were only permitted to take them from the school when we had graduated. Many students complained about it, but the practice did keep order. Not all students go home to a place where their parents properly supervise them." She smiled at the offer, "I'd be happy to try a steak-and-kidney pie." Kidneys didn't sound appealing at all. But she'd been taught not to be rude, and she was inquisitive. That, and having too many sweets on an empty stomach might give her indigestion.

Addressing Levi, "Is it true that Durmstrang teaches that Dark Magic is another aspect of magic? That they don't bias their students against that kind of training, but teach it to them freely? There are many rumors about all the schools," she said, not wanting to give the wrong impression. "My wand is one of Dogwood, and they don't do well with wordless spells. Under duress, I can use magic without a wand," it was a less efficient use of her magic and drained her considerably, but she wasn't going to give all her weaknesses away.

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