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It's Ace Week! Or a week of recognizing and celebrating being asexual or aromantic. Asexual and aromantic both stands for someone who experiences no sexual and/or no romantic attraction and is the umbrella term for the asexual or aromantic spectrum that covers many sexualities (and romantic) including(but not limited to):

demisexual (dis me)



So, let's get on with this! Show me your ace spectrum characters! Tell me a little about them. :) Here are mine below.

Cherry: Cherry is very demisexual! She's an exotic dancer, among other things, and is the last person most people 'think' could be on the ace spectrum. She's a living breathing breaker of the stereotype that ace spec people can't be sensual.

Frankie: Frankie is undoubtedly demiromantic though I didn't realize it for a while! She's a vagabond reaper who struggles with mental illness and for the longest time thought she was just heartless because of having a hard time connecting romantically to people - but I plan on writing some journal entries where she figures out she's demiromantic and there's nothing wrong with that. :)

Keith: Keith is demisexual! He's a bit of a introverted, shy, sweet little bean who works at a manga/graphic novel store and recently rekindled with his childhood/teenhood best friend who he absolutely adores. <3

Seraphina: Sera here is very demisexual! She is a half demon half angel who had her demon half stolen from her and memories erased, and recently went through a bucket of drama with her love Chanda. <3

Sterling: This western boy here is definitely greyromantic I'm realizing. He's a rough around the edge cowboy of sorts who causes all kinds of trouble and frankly likes it.
West is on the ace spectrum. He doesn't have a more specific label than that. He's not really clued into LGBTQIA culture and wouldn't know the more specific terms like demi- and grey-. He secretive about his personal life and if he were directly asked his sexual orientation he'd say straight to shut that conversation down. Overall, he's a confident and social person, but is grappling with the past and his place in the world.
Mmmm, lessee...

Ash is a panromantic ace who likes to think he's beyond relationships in general.

Jackson is ace, but also not human, so...

Loki is demisexual and has a preference for cute and femme.

Taryn is ace, but also an inhuman creature with an incomplete psyche, sooo...

This profile is a mess right now, but Shanique is aro ace and Laluli is demisexual.

I also have another inhuman character who's ace, but that's about as meaningful there as it would be for a robot.

Oh I love this inclusion!
Zehi (played anonymously)

This girl got married, but she's really not interested in sex on the whole and is perfectly fine just letting people do whatever they want to do.
Matthew and Daxx are two of my main boys and are largely ace ☺️ both for different reasons and treat it with different views
Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing characters so far <3 Representation matters even on RPR!
Wholesome topic! Let me see who I have in my bag of tricks:

Mallory is an alchemist who can only make potions that explode. He's grey-rom ace and his best friend is a type of incubus. Since this leads to a lot of superficial relationships, he was pretty lonely before Mal came along.

Kazimir is a gay ace vampire with a blood phobia. He got jumped and bitten behind the nearby convenience store and he's not coping with it very well. Someone help him.

Myrrdin is a grey-ace four hundred year old magic crow. His hobbies include preening and swindling arcane artifacts from humans.

Alistair is my crotchety old aro/ace gravedigger turned graverobber. It's a hard knock life in Victorian England and frankly he has other things to worry about.

Cecilia is a doctor and monster hunter. Aro/ace. She shares her cottage with a sentient bog mummy named Pete.

Wysteria is one of my Stardew Valley characters (lmao) and an ace lesbian. She loves crystals and her wife. They're both handy with machines and like to make dumb inventions for laughs.

I'll edit in links when I'm not on mobile ig
Casper is a homoromantic ace. He has a corpse-like complexion most likely from messing about with magic without any training as a kid or a heath thing (depends if the RP allows magic). He's overly friendly to most everyone and assumes the best of even clearly evil people. This naturally ends up with him tied up to be cooked by some monster. When he's not getting into awkward situations he earns his daily bread entertaining people as a magician, a magician that uses real magic as he was for a time apprenticed to a wizard in his youth. In modern settings he's just a regular magician with oddly colored skin.
Cecille Gadhavi (played by AJ_89)

I keep missing these Ace-Week topics. Sliding in late. It's been a tiring week.

Cecille's a (wibbly-hand-motion) aromantic asexual and really only concerned with their projects. I kept it on the down-low until one player guessed it outright, though I don't think they've ever been very subtle.

That said, they're currently dating a cranky space-cat scientist. Couldn't say how well it's going. Cecille's emotionally closed off on the best of days and with that typical 'mysterious past' leaving them with a couple of screws loose and the attention span of a gnat. As friendly as they are, they're difficult to get close to, and they've only very recently started putting any kind of stock in friendships. They definitely put a lot more weight on them than romance; that'd probably put them somewhere in a demi category (maybe grey? That's a new one to me). They're tricky and I think about these little aspects of their personality a lot.

They're not a character I thought I'd end up RPing in a relationship, so it's been a trip.

Technically most of my characters end up somewhere on the ace spectrum, but that's pretty much just the result of me being an ace myself. Maybe throw in a bit of bad blood with past romance RPers.
Yeah i'm late, what of it?

Okay so... Asher is Asexual but panromantic and was long before he became immortal. He doesn't really consider it particularly interesting or important though, he's got bigger fish to fry and more important things to talk about. He's a real people person.

Technically Mitchell is also Ace but that's more a side effect of his vampirism than anything else. So not sure it really counts. He's a vampire cop, he's married to his job.

Mourn (who doesn't have a bio here atm) is not only Asexual but aromantic and repulsed by the whole thing. He'd far rather be hacking a computer system or something. He's a gleeful little nutter who loves machines, loves coding and loves blowing stuff up. He seems to be unable to actually feel fear and he really likes canned tuna (He IS a cat person)

Jarral is ace too, he understands the mechanics and all that he just has zero interest and doesn't really understand why people are so obsessed with it. He struggles with romantic connections as well, but has managed them before now so er... demiromantic? I don't know how you even label that one. He prefers to be left alone with his books. He's not a people person and he likes translating old texts. He's generally referred to as "the creepy kid". He doesn't seem to much care.

Hewitt is ace but his whole species is because they're plant people so much like Mitchell, not sure it counts. He's a crotchity old astrophysicist who thinks "meat creatures" are beneath him and makes absolutely no attempt to conceal his disdain for animal species. He's a jerk.

Saira doesn't want to be touched, just go away.
Seriously, go away. She's a technopath, she'd rather talk to a computer than have to endure human conversation. People just flat out annoy her.

Toby hates men and isn't too fond of women either and much like Saira would rather like to just be left alone thanks. She has more important things to be doing, though unlike Saira who's just a bit frosty, she DOES get stabby if you don't go away when she tells you to. Her people skills are... not great but generally she gets on better with females because they tend not to come onto her so often. She is asexual and absolutely totally aromantic. She works as a gun for hire and quite enjoys it. It lets her get out a lot of that aggression.

Ronan I think is Demisexual and Biromantic. He's the son of a Selkie and generally absolutely useless at cooking, sewing or anything like that. In fact the only creative pursuit he's any good at is building model ships. He's a bit awkward, a bit rubbish at reading social cues but quite friendly to most. He's also though, massively oblivious to his own feelings because he's a moron.

I suspect Arvel is/was also on the ace spectrum too but not sure precisely where he fell. He was in love with his best friend making him homoromantic at least.

Sadly a fair few of these characters I don't get much chance to play. Bah.

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