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Welcome to Swallow's Rest
Multi-para, Long-term, monster/monster hunter roleplay

The warm colors of Fall have come to the Monongahela Forest. Trees are lush with the colors of yellow, orange and red, setting the horizon ablaze in the most autumnal fire. Its flames licking up towards the sky, reaching the sun as it drifts down into its arms. It is late in this Monday evening and many of little Swallow’s Rest are closing up for the day. Rachel Skaggs steps back out of Swallow’s Sweet and locks the front door, her apron still tied nicely around her waist and ready for the work day. At Deirdre's Lodge, a Markus Doile leans against a clusterbox as he smokes his last cigarette while the sun’s still up. He’s watching the sunset beyond the trees, his black nails chipping at the worn blue paint of the mailbox.

Evan Glenn-Douglas smiles as he waits on a pair of familiar old women in their favorite booth at Pepper’s. He makes small talk and writes down orders for spaghetti and slow-cooked garlic-parmesan chicken. Evan smiles when Wilma tells him about her fourth grand-baby and laughs with Shana about something her son did last night. He saunters off and put the order in, then smiles again when he hears the bell ring above the door and sees another familiar come in.

A gaggle of teenagers sit at one of the big, white tables of the HunnyBee. Inside, the usual people make the best of the last two hours of open time the cafe has to offer. Outside, the boys and girls sip their coffee from ceramic mugs and to-go cups. They sit around a radio, the only radio station serving all of the National Quiet Zone humming out the same old tunes. Life is normal in Swallow’s Rest.

And then, something new happens - /someone/ new happens.

A dark blue coupe rolls down Blott’s Road. Emblazoned on its flank is a white circle boarded by a golden strip. Inside of it flies a black dove. It swoops downwards with its silver talons outstretched. As the car drives past, the teens watch in silence, Rachel Skaggs subtly takes an odd shortcut to her home, and a Makus Doile feels something sick bubble in the bottom of his stomach. He quickly stomps out his cigarette and decides it should be the last for the night. He ought to be quitting, anyways. The car slowly turns and prowls down Southwood Lane. Curtains are pulled shut, doors are locked, and the coupe and pulls into the parking lot in front of the small, white diner.

The people of Swallow’s Rest know what the car meant. An Agent of Black Dove had came to town. The figure stepp out of the vehicle. They were dressed well in the official Black Dove navy blue suit. They tighten their tie and walk into Pepper’s, their presence immediately dimming the hum of conversation. They take a seat and Evan comes by to hand them a polite smile and a menu.

“Hello! I’m Evan, I’ll be your waiter this evening. You’re new around here, aren’t you? We don’t get a lot of new people around here.” He’s a friendly young man. He wears an eye-patch, he’s tan but definitely could use a bit more sun, and the eye he has managed to keep is hazel. To him, the agent explains that they’re down in Swallow’s Rest investigating some reports of unusual activity, maybe hoping to weasel something out of him while he’s here. But, Evan just laughs. He takes down the agent’s order and wanders off to go pass it through a window going into the kitchen.

Other patrons in the dinner stare. Others obviously glance, but are trying their hardest not to make eye contact, and others manage not to look at all. The agent begins to feel like this might not be easy. The agent is relatively new to the Black Dove Monster Hunter company, hence the low-risk small town job. But, older agents have all warned about small towns. Monsters make themselves comfortable in small towns, they make the yokels think they know them, then people start going missing and cows have three holes in their necks and no blood. Freaky, freaky.

Pocahontas County and the little towns within it had a history of unusual reports. Most of these are false - a sighting of mothman that went nowhere, some sort of oni real far from home - that’s typical. Most reports are false. However, there was an uncomfortable amount of cases that were true. A dozen werewolves arrested while conspiring in Marlinton, a group of vampires in Hillsboro and a pseudo-angel shot dead near Snowshoe. Pocahontas had almost five times the amount of unregistered beasts and monsters than any other county.

This week’s headliner was about a Grimm, which on paper was just some formerly dead loser who could turn into a dog and talk to ghosts. It should be easy. Grimms were just werewolves with less steps and a weirder connection to death, right? Some light abilities to control room temperature here and mild telepathic capabilities there aside, it should be easy! Unless the guy had a gun, he shouldn’t be too hard to bring in. What was a few degrees shift in room temp do other than make the agent reach for their cool blazer with the Black Dove emblem on it? A few tossed books versus the box of band-aids they in their suitcase in the back of their car? No, the trick was finding the sucker, and the agency had already pinned the Grimm down to this little nowhere town.

So, now the agent was here in this little nowhere town. They had a few busts under their belt, but this was their first mission alone. Alone, in the National Radio Quiet Zone, where their phone wouldn’t work, where there was no WiFi for their laptop, where there was no way to connect to their agency laptop. They’d have to drive over an hour out of the county through the mountains and all this forest to find somewhere to find WiFi so they’d be able to file their weekly report that made sure they weren’t just screwing around down here. But, with how cold the locals were already treating this decidedly outsider unfamiliar, and their phone’s lack of service, this was going to be a lonely mission for the little nobody agent.

.....Alrighty! So, what I'm looking for is someone to play (at least - multi-musing is allowed!) an agent for the Black Dove company. The Black Dove company is the official unofficial monster hunting agency of the U.S.A. It's goal is to hunt down all unregistered and 'dangerous' monsters in America. Supernatural entities and those who can otherwise do magic - sometimes known as simply monsters or odd creatures, or odd folk - are known to this world and are considered dangerous to 'normal' people and are required to register themselves so the American government can keep an eye on them. Your agent has been sent on a mission to Swallow's Rest, West Virginia on the search of a Grimm, a person who died and came back with the ability to shift into a large, black dog and the ability to commune with ghosts and move things telepathically.

.....Swallow's Rest, however, is located in the National Radio Quiet Zone, which means there is no wifi, cellphones and certain types of extra special microwaves and cars to be found. It's effectively the 1970s technologically. It'd be a little bit of a benefit to you to look up The national radio quiet zone, but I won't require it. This is also tacked onto the fact that this is the agent's first solo mission. The mission shouldn't be dangerous, but with how quickly the agent has been ostracized by this remote town, it does not look easy.

What I'm Hoping for
I'm hoping for a chance to basically explore Swallow's Rest and its people. I want to do relationship building and character growth especially. I want to see how possible relationships with the supernatural entities in the town affect relationships within the organization. (I'm super planning to play a few agents here and there as time goes on so don't worry about playing all of Black Dove if you dont wanna.) Basically, it's slice of life with weirder drama.

Player & Character Requirements
Player -
-I need at least three paragraphs consistently. I prefer third-person, but first person is fine. I will not accept second (you/your) person. I am not my characters and I play way too many for you/your to work.
-I want you to play the agent, but it does not have to be your only character. You might decide you actually want to play a pair of agents coming in instead of just one, that's fine. You might wanna play some people in Swallow's, that's fine. Basically, multi-musing is fine, as well as mono-musing.
-I need patience, I don't respond fast.
-No godmodding/metagaming.

Character: Agent -
-Over the age of 20
-Human or very well hidden supernatural creature
-They have gone on a few successful missions before as was stated, so preferably they aren't on a secret hero's quest to free all monsters and this random town is when they decide to finally act on that. Preferably. If you super diehard want to, I would like to discuss that.

Character: Any other
- none
Magic 70%
Magic is fairly common. Players and NPCs important to the tale may have it. Mistborn.
Technology 50%
Combat 60%
Combat is woven into the storyline and could come to the forefront if the characters seek it out.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

I’m interested
Alright! Sent you a message!!
I have made Large Edits about character and whatnot
please read the full post before messaging me <:^)
okay fdsfdf i didn't realize i need to make this clear but facebook rp groups have proven me Otherwise
- Magical / Sci-fi weapons are not allowed! This is an urban fantasy roleplay set in 2k19 in an area thats technologically about the 70s in a world where magic is extremely distrusted
- And please don't guilt trip me??? I will report you????
Also this has a profile! I'm still working out the details since I want the profile to be a complete map to the town and whatnot but its not going well woops

This seem like a fun ride, I’m in for this.
I'll send you a message!!
Is it too late to join in?
Nope! Just give me a minute

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