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So basically why I am posting this? So I am curious which is most preferred genre and also this way I can find someone who prefer the same genre as me? Maybe any of you also can just look through above replies and maybe you find someone with similar replies?

My 'VIMP' genre would be Romance, I am open to many genres but you need to have romance in it if you want to do it with me.

My most preferred would be Realistic once than may it be some love/hate type, any school/college/university type, married life type or whatever I am okay with it.

Then comes Mature (Like the fifty shades type), Fantasy (magical like harry potter), Supernatural (werewolf/vampire types), Adventure, Greek Mythology, Suspense and Horror.

Now what about you?
Science Fiction is my current obsession, because the possibilities are endless.

My second favorite is Western.

I really enjoy RPing comedy, drama, action/adventure, and sometimes romance. Emotional scenes are also fun. I really put my characters through the wringer.
My genre preferences always change depending on what I want to do with my characters, like fantasy lends itself to good old adventuring and combat, but sometimes I want to relax with a modern, maybe slice-of-life setting which is less effort to set up so I can get right into it.

I like horror settings and fandoms but in my experience they’ve been the hardest to write for, I’m just not easily scared when it’s only text and I’m too distracted thinking about how to reply to a post on top of that.

Romance is a genre I’d love to try out because it’s so popular here and everyone always talks about how it’s their favourite but it’s never quite stuck with me. I guess I’ll... practice it some time? It’s like planning to ship two characters before I think they look good together and I’m really not a shipper to begin with. I also feel kind of awkward typing out the fluffy bits, how do you get over that???
I still don't believe that slice of life, romance and adventure are genres, but rather aspects of all genres. xD

I used to ONLY do Fantasy as it was my prefered, but i have since expanded my horizons.

I honestly do a bit of everything, Fantasy, historial, sci-fi, modern, horror and combos between them all.
I cant say any ONE is my favorite, I think I lean more towards campaigns within them. I love them all so long as they are not dull, monotonous day to day activities.. I like my campaigns exciting, full of depth, twists and tensions.
At the moment I do almost exclusively sci-fi! It varies from 'Modern Day+a bit' to Cyberpunk all the way to space-faring adventures. I also particually like mixing magic and religion into my settings :D

I used to RP almost exclusively fantasy, but I've actually soured a bit on the genre. I won't say I'd NEVER do it again, but there sure are a lot of tropes I'd like to avoid.

And things are generally better with cool cars anyway :D
What defines a genre is really hard to pin down though, and it was late so when I wrote that I thought "yeah somebody called that a genre at some point" LOL
I do mainly fantasy ATM. However, I have no set favorites when it comes to genres. That said what interests me the most is the lore behind an RP or the story that is getting played out no matter the genre.
Sci fi is my all time love, mostly anything in space or relating to space or at some point we get to go to space and I'm in. I also very much enjoy fantasy rps particularly darker ones revolving around demons and evil and such and the struggles that come with surviving in such a world. I enjoy fantasy that isn't like that too, btw, just the whole 'Diablo' setting really appeals to me.
My fave would be fantasy or sci-fi mixed with fantasy.

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