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Two glasses of tea. A half gallon of milk.
Huge thing of water, a shot of whiskey, and a lime soda.
I drank my own blood after a papercut
LakotaSiouxWarrior Topic Starter

My fiance and I drank henikens🍻🍺ummm beer

Two cups of coffee and a half a bottle of water.
Stomping Ground IPA in hand.

i had a Martini last night
4 20 ounce bottles of water and a 12 ounce bottle of lemonade
Morning coffee
LakotaSiouxWarrior Topic Starter

2 glasses of tea.
Water and coffee this morning.

3 Energy drinks, 5 cups of tea, then a cup of choco all today , then a cup currently drinking milk 😂😂
LakotaSiouxWarrior Topic Starter

A bottle of charodonny 🍾🍾

chocolate milk
and vampire potion lol joking about the last part..or am I?
2 gallons of water... Sports have strict regulations. XD Don’t ask me how I’m feelin’ though
A glass of tea, some water, and orange soda. :p
LakotaSiouxWarrior Topic Starter

A bottle of charodonny.

Jasmin Tea and a glass of milk :)
LakotaSiouxWarrior Topic Starter

Tonight I had a bottle of wine 🍾☺

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